The Boyfriend Tag

"Kimmy, is it on yet?" Allen said looking at the video camera with confusion.

Kim hit Allen for the millionth time that day.

"Oww, what was that for?" Allen said looking somewhat innocent.

"You know I hate being called Kimmy!" Kim rolled her eyes.

"Well excuse me for trying to be a cute boyfriend." Allen showed her a derp face and shoved her to the side.

"Okay, well we should start." Kim said before regaining her seat next to Allen.

"Hello people of the internet." Kim said awkwardly.

"I'm Kim and beside me sits my idiot of a boyfriend Allen."

"Well," Allen interrupted. "What a nice girlfriend you are." He said before shoving her onto the ground once again.

Kim immediately got up and went to sit on her boyfriend's lap. She slid off right after seeing his face.

"This is the Boyfriend Tag. My friends dared us to do this so here we are. Enjoy!"

'She forced me to do this." Allen said with a bored tone.

Kim ignored him and continued on with the first question.

"Where did we meet?"

So Allen, where did we meet?

"On the roof of Noah's house, during his party."

"Aww, you remember."

"Of course I remember."

"Well maybe, just maybe, you're not that bad of a boyfriend."

"Whatever loser." Allen said imitating Kim when she rolled her eyes.

"Question number 2, Where was our first date Kimmy?"

"Ow!" Allen exclaimed.

He looked right into the camera saying "I have such an abusive girlfriend."

Kim shoved her boyfriend to the side answering the question.

"Our first date was at Ice Palace, when my jerk of an ex broke up with me."

Allen smiled remembering when Kim fell and took him down with her. The position they ended up in was quite intimate for a first date.

"Why are you smiling like an idiot?" Kim said waving her hand in front of her boyfriend's face trying to get his attention.

"Well, question 3. What's one thing you don't like about each other?"

"What kind of question is that?" Kim said thinking.

'Well then Allen, what don't you like about me?" Kim said looking at her boyfriend while her boyfriend was looking quite intimidated by his tiny girlfriend.

"I love everything about you, you're perfect." Allen answered.

"That's the correct answer but we're looking for reality here."

A wash of relief swept through his head.

"Well in that case, you're so needy."


"You need to be constantly reminded that I love you cause your insanely and utterly jealous."


"I guess I deserved that one." Allen said rubbing his arm from yet another hit from Kim.

"And you hit me!" Allen burst out laughing.

"Love hurts." Kim simply said smirking.

"So Kimmy, what don't you like about me?"

"I don't like that I can never get mad at you."

"Oh really? I do have that irresistibility."


"There you go with the hitting again!"

"But seriously, you can irritate me like crazy but then you look at me with your big brown eyes, and I just can't be mad at you."

"You're cute babe. And it's nice to know I can irritate you all the time now."

Before Kim could punch him again, Allen interrupted with a kiss on the cheek.

Kim blushed remembering this was on camera.

"Number 4. How long have you been together and when is your anniversary?"

"Five months when the 21st comes along."

'Good boy." Kim said patting her boyfriend on the head.

"Watch the hair!" Allen said instinctively moving his hands to smooth out his hair.

"My boyfriend's such a girl." Kim said bluntly.

"Next question" Kim moved on. "What's your favorite thing about your partner?"

"I like the fact she can be herself and not change just to please the society."

"Mmhmm, of course you play the personality card."

"Fine, and she's smoking hot."

"That's better." Kim said with a big grin on her face.

"Anyways, I love his smile. It's contagious."


"Quit it!"


"Allen Jay Acorda! Stop smiling at me!"

"Fine." Allen said giving her one more smile."

"Number 6, who said "I love you" first?

"I did." Allen answered. 'It took her a while to say it to me though."

"Oh, you know I love you." Kim said seeing the look on her boyfriend's face.

Allen covered up his eyes like a little kid.

"Why did you cover your eyes?" Kim said with the confusion.

"WHAT'S MY EYE COLOR?" Allen yelled imitating the voice of a little kid.

"Chocolate brown." Kim answered confidently, smiling at her boyfriend's childish antics.

"Aww, I'm proud of you Kimmy."

Kim let that one slide deciding her boyfriend is being too cute right now.

"Number 8. You're out on a dinner date, what do they order?"

"He'd order a cheeseburger, and a salad." Kim said. "Health nut."

"Hey! There is nothing wrong with salad. She'd order a bacon cheeseburger, large fries, and a chocolate shake." Allen said smiling. "Fatty." He continued, poking her stomach.

Allen closed his eyes waiting for the impact on his arm. It didn't come.

He opened up one eye. "Aren't you gonna hit me?"

"You'll have it coming."

Allen knew his girlfriend was probably the cutest yet scariest thing ever.

"Number 9, Who is their best friend?"

"I am." Allen said quickly. "She's a loner without me."

"Honestly, you're just asking to get killed." Kim said smiling.

"And last but not least, number 10. What is your favorite thing about your relationship?"

Kim went first.

"I like how we know how to turn it off. We're not lovey-dovey and over do it around our friends but I like how he can hold my hand in public like he's not ashamed of me." Kim ended with a goofy smile.

"I could never be ashamed of you." Allen said grabbing his girlfriend's hand a kissing it.

He looked at the camera once again. "My girlfriend can kick butt like it's nobody's business."

Kim blushed after hearing his compliment.

Allen then said his answer.

"Relating to the last question, she's my best friend. I can talk to her, and be goofy with her. I can play video games without her getting annoyed. She would just join in. Not many guys can call their girlfriend their best friend. And no matter what is ahead of us, we're still gonna be friends and she'll be apart of my life no matter what happens."

"What are you implying?" Kim said suspiciously.

"Stop being so paranoid weirdo. You know I love you."

Kim smiled before leaning in to kiss her boyfriend.

But not before covering up the camera first.