Hi! MockingjayJack here, and (hopefully) you may have read the first two chapters of 'Wunderlande chronicles - Light of day' which was also by me. I'm taking a break from Wunderlande to try a new concept based around something huge which I know LOADS about. anyway, here's the first chapter of 'OMG'

My name is Tina Athenia, and I'm 14 years old. I live in a small to medium-sized town named Pylon Tommu'us (its pronounced pie-lon-tom-oos, by the way), which is nestled down south-west of Geelong (you know, near Melbourne? Victoria? Australia? No? nevermind).

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that notices, but I think that my town is Quite strange. actually, not quite, It's a really strange Town. Strange in a way were no strangers have EVER come in. all the towns people know each other, but we have no memory of meeting each other. And as if things couldn't get any weirder, if your lucky enough you'll see arrows shooting through the sky and coming out of nowhere in the Horse Paddock next to my house.

Does that say 'Normal' to you?

Well, I don't have to worry about those unidentified flying arrows for ten weeks. Today was the first day of year eight for me. I was looking forward to the new lessons for the year. Drama, 3D art, Music... and maths and english and History Particularly Greek Mythology. That's something else that's strange. I LOVE history. The more I know, the more confident I feel. so, don't feel intimidated if you get BOMBARDED with questions if you ever meet me. I like to know who I'm talking to. I was also looking forward to the boarding school thing that Pylon Prep (yeah, that's the name of the school) introduced. They built a whole new wing for the students to sleep in! So, assuming that Professor chirie (Pronounced Kai-ree. He gets VERY cranky when you pronounce his name chee-ree) let us choose were we sleep, I can be with Niki the whole time!

I walk up the ancient cobblestone path, admiring the huge elegant oak and bronze doors, then stare up at the carving in the marble door frame above them. Aièn aristeúein. Funny, I'm sure that wasn't there last time I came here. I look at it again, and then, scarilly, I realize what it means. Aièn aristeúein... Ever to Exell. How did I know that? We never learnt it in Greek Mythology class... And I'm sure of that. of all the people in my class last year, I was the only one that paid attention... so I should remember learning it...

I take a deep breath, close my eyes... and walk straight into the doors of the school. Another weird moment! These doors are usually automatic. I groan and rub my fore-head. Great, I think to myself. What an awesome way to start the school year. with an ugly grey lump on my head. I pick up my bags and try to shove the huge doors open.

I walk in to the crazily busy corridor, and close the doors behind me. They are the heaviest frieking doors I have ever opened. Just from pushing for ten seconds my arms were tired! I turn around look at the hall. It had rows of detailed oak lockers in sets of eight along both sides of the room. between each locker was a door into a room, most of which were class rooms. Some, Offices. I look at the students and cannot believe what was happening in the corridor.

Umm, the first words that came to my mind? Oh. My. God. most of the boys that were in my year were running around, screaming, and just being plain idiots. another group of boys were playing indoor cricket, using large paper balls as the cricket balls. On the far side I could see Carey beating up two smart boys in the school, while all his friends were making a ring around them, so they couldn't escape. The Girls were just as bad.

They were walking in clans, sneaking up on unsuspecting smart kids, and bombarding them, applying un-necesary amounts of makeup on the girls, and making the boys look plain ridiculous. Another group of girls were gossiping loudly about some party that happened two weeks ago. another was complaining about how boring the lessons are going to be. The last group (I think they are the worst), was standing and watching the Carey gang beat up the kids occasionaly throwing in flirts and encouragements, but most commonly flirts.

Oh yeah, I never said this school was a well behaved school. most of the time the students are. But take away adult supervision, and they act like a herd of wild animals. Rabid, wild animals.I take another deep breath, and I start shoving my way through the crowd. On a usual day, I'm used to people being idiots and bullies. Today, I got lots of "Move it!"s, "Get going, loser!"'s and extra special "back so soon"'s and "go away, freak!"'s.

I Push through the end of the corridor and into a much more familliar (and more comfortable and quiet, too) room. Two storys of shelves and shelves of books! The shelves made several small U shapes around ornate oak (we have alot of oak at our school) tables, which had plush chairs around them and were decorated with crystal vases of red and white roses, and gold desk lamps. All the books seemed to be calling out to me: 'Tina! Come to us! Read us! Be lost in us!'. I push that thought aside. Ah. I LOVE being in the library.

I smile and say 'Hi' to all the people like me that were in the library as I walk down the middle. They were the people that were smart, but didn't like super strict rules. Liked having fun, but not the type of fun that made you look like a total fool when you were having fun, like the idiots in the student entrance corridor.

I keep walking to the part of the library that had the older, more difficult to read books, which was nestled away at the back. Ithad plush, squashy armchairs infront of a marble fireplace, which I just noticed, had aièn aristeúein. Ever to exel, now engraved at the top. It was starting to get on my nerves, I mean, I know for a FACT that the words weren't there last year.

I flop down on the chair, dropping my bags by my side, and close my eyes.

That was the first chapter of OMG!. I'm sorry if it was a bit boring, but I promise it wil get more interesting as the story trots along! Ill post a character list of the people and who they are meant to be abit later in the story. dont forget to review!