'I'm awake! I'm awake!' I shout, my voice strained from still being half asleep. 'Umm, question?'
'Yup?' Niki asks curiously. Niki was going into year eight, like me, and she'd been my best mate since year one. I saved her from a group of the now known Glamour girls almost broke her leg, because she accidentally kicked a soccer ball into a puddle of mud, and it landed all over them. Ha! You should have seen the looks on their faces! But anyway, she was always playing a sport. Oh, she is ALWAYS winning. She's weird that way. She would even win in a talent quest… if she was ever brave enough to enter. Because of the weird victorious, always winning thing, she has a big head, no, sorry, MASSIVE head. She tends to count her chickens before they hatch, which would be very annoying for her if she was ever wrong. As I keep saying, she's weird 'cause she wins whenever she brags.

'WHY DID YOU HAVE TO WAKE ME UP?' I shout in annoyance. I wanted to see more of my vision of Olympus. If she didn't wake me up, I could have seen the Muses party… or even better, seen Apollo. The legends say he was good looking…
'Hello, earth to planet Tina!' Niki shouts again. I swear to God, Mr. June (the librarian, and a good one at that) is going to kick me and Niki out. 'Uh, stupid question?'
'Hey, you could have just left me, tried to survive the savage beasts out there yourself!' I laugh
'I'm sorry; It's sort of a "No Dah!" moment. But anyway, I wanted to find the dorms with you! There is noo way I'm going through that crowd alone. The Glamour girls will reach me. Or worse, the Carey gang will get me. But with you with me, I'm safe!' Niki says.
'Why does Carey want you beaten up?' I ask.
'Ah, funny story, actually!' Niki laughs
'Ah, yes. And how DOES this "funny story" go, then?' I say, grinning.
'Hmmph. If I must -'
'Yes, you do,' I laugh
'Fine! Keep your coat on!' Niki sighs. 'And do keep your coat on, it's chilly in here.' She adds.
'I'll be sure of that, Trust me,' I say. I stare at the fireplace, and then add, 'If you're so cold, why don't you start the fire? Just ask Mr. June for a match-'
'Ppht. He'd have a match in a library highly packed with old and highly flammable books? I think he's going round the twist,' Niki says, humorously.
'The lamps in here are match-lit,' I say bluntly.
'Good point,' Niki says, and then walks off.

My headache has left, which gives me time to think about that dream. It's weird… I've never pictured the gods like that… well; I've never pictured Olympus like that, so really, it's not my imagination. It seemed like it was a vision, like one of the gods was showing me something important… No, that was impossible. They were just myths to explain lightning, why humanity has fire, why we have famine, despair, and all those other things Pandora's Box was meant to hold. But I think this dream is important, like something I'm meant to know…

'I got one!' shouts Niki waving a match as she comes around the corner. She stumbles over to the fire (knocking and stumbling over my bags, in the process) and lights one of the logs that Mr. June always keeps on the fire for decoration. It lit quickly, and after the orange glow gave off warmth, Niki sat in the armchair next to mine.
We sit in silence, when I eventually ask, 'So… this, story, how does it go?' for the third time
'You're really desperate to hear it, aren't you?' Niki groans.
'Yeah, you could say I am,' I giggle.
For a while longer, we sat in more silence. I've always, as a BFF, of course, thought she was pretty. But it was pretty in an impish sort of way. With playful blue eyes, black messy choppy hair, and a smile that almost seemed to say heehee! Better hide anything valuable! Which got her kicked out of a few stores; she had a very cute face that I was sure the glamour girls were jealous of. She was about seven, eight, (maybe?) centimeters taller than me, making her tallest girl in her year, Carey taking the record for boys. It certainly didn't help that she didn't really care for trying to look perfect (unless it was really important, hmm, like Dane Lance, for example [her boyfriend… oh, don't tell her I said that… she'll kill me!]). In fact, she loves mud and being messy (almost as much as she loves Dane!). Oh, I forgot. She is the least patient person you could ever meet. It's a wonder how she wins all her games.

In the firelight, I realize her face is actually very intimidating (If she doesn't win because of luck, she wins because she scares her opponent). With the orange light dancing in her eyes, they glowed with intelligence. They looked like she was working out a game plan. Not only that, she seemed to radiate confidence, and, strangely, power. Why hadn't I noticed that before?
'You know that soccer match you said to take easy, and let the other team win?' Niki sighed, finally.
I thought for a moment, then said, 'Yeah, I remember.'
'Well, I -'
'You didn't,' I sigh.
'Well… yeah. I didn't. Anyway, I was playing against the Pylon Tommu'us Moose's, and you know, th-'
'that's Careys team.'
'Well, our team is the Pylon Pythons, and it's an all girls team. We won the match by 2 - 7, and Carey didn't like losing to an all girls team… for the tenth time in a row,' Niki said, sinking into her chair. 'After the game finished, both teams went to tea at Gods of Olympus -'
'Oh, I love that place!' I interrupt again.
'Yes, anyway, he got me alone, and said to me, "you better watch your back, 'cause my gangs gonna come and get cha!"' Niki said, Imitating Careys deep, strong voice. It didn't work so well.
'How rude! He knows it's against the school rules, against the law, in fact, to hurt a girl…' I say, shocked. Oh, he's going to get what's coming to him.
Niki sighed heavily, and she said, 'I know. But knowing him, he'll try and get at me at every chance he has.'
'Not if I'm around,' I say.
'I doubt that would stop him,' Niki said softly.

'Well, on a completely off topic, I think I just had the weirdest dream of my life,' I say, suddenly brightly.
'Oh-Kay, what happened in this dream?' Niki says, with a hint of sarcasm, as if my dream wouldn't be weird or unnaturally informative at all. I describe how I saw the mountain, the party in the gold pavilion, then what happened in the throne room. Truth be told, Niki is a terrible listener. She simply doesn't have the patience for it. But my story must've been very interesting, because not one word came out of her mouth.

When I finished, we sat in silence for even longer. When she thought for long enough, she finally said, 'Well, that's… Disturbing…'
I sigh deeply, then reply, 'I know, but that's what I saw. I don't understand it, I've never pictured Olympus - or the gods, for that matter - like that.'
'I'm not sure what to make of it, Tina… I mean, it's probably the weirdest dream I've ever heard. Trust me, I've seen A LOT of weird dreams,' Said Niki grimly. She sits stiffly for a while, then says, 'We should go put our bags away, then go tell Professor Chirie.

The School bell chimes and it literally chimes, because the bell in our school is a real bell. 'God, it's almost five! Dinners in an hour!' I cry in shock. Behind the shelves, I could hear all the people gathering their things. They obviously had the same idea.
'Yeah, good thing, too. I'm starving!' Niki says, absently. She suddenly turns serious, and says, 'We'll put our bags in our dorm, then go to Chirie after Tea. Good Idea?'
'Yup, sounds like a plan to me,' I say.

We both stand at the same time, and gather our bags. I was about to head out the library doors when Mr. June said, 'Umm, Girls?'
'Yeah?' Me and Niki say at the same time.
'Could you please be a little quieter next time?' June says
'Oh, Sorry! Yea, sure thing, Mr. June' Niki says and leaves the library.
I was about to leave too, then Mr. June says, 'And Tina, I was listening to your conversation about your dream. I'm going to tell you that sometimes strange things happen for a reason. Don't ever forget that dream, you may need it.'
'Uh… Okay, thanks. Bye,' I say.
'You're welcome,' He says as I open the door. As I leave, I swear he said afterwards, ' She's Just like her mother.'