A/N: A dark, somewhat more-than-usual metaphoric poem: I'm not very sure if I want to post this, but if it's here then I decided I would. Inspired by Marilyn Manson's Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms; a really good song for anyone interested. I think I lost my non-existent plot with this one, but let me know what you think. Yet another free-form poem.

Lay Down Your Arms

Day after day, you come with your frozen blades
Glinting in lust for the blood shed between us.
Night after night, I defend my fortress with blazing fires
Burning bright to ward away our combined demons.

The battles cannot last longer, I can tell we both loose the will
But on we fight, Pride whispering his lies, spreading the malice
And desire to win no matter the costs we pay.
I wonder if you see this loosing war the sameā€¦.

Your mace will strike at my door, just as my arrows will pierce
Your defenses. There is nothing you can use on me to stop, nothing
I can turn against you. Lay down your arms, I weary of this
Hate, this Book of War whose pages and words neither of us can read.

I want to love, to feel you and maybe die trying your love,
But this battle for who comes out on top is destroying my will:
I cannot fight you anymore, my wounds dragging me down
Just as yours flood your vision will blood.

I see your limbs grow weak, feel my strength drain
Our blows getting less and less passionate.
Ragged breaths fill our battlefield, and I can't help but wonder
At all the destruction and death lying around us,

Everything we wrought and for what, really?
The battle was neither won nor lost,
Ice didn't smother Fire, and Fire surely didn't touch Water.
Lay down your arms! See what we have done: we have lost
Our people, our will, our dignity.

Set it all to fire, turn it all to ash and maybe, just maybe,
We try our companionship, and die trying our love
For nothing can be used on you, and nothing can be turned against