Hey people!

I wanted to see if I could write a poem where every line rhymes in a similar way to the first. So, this was the result! Hope you like it.

All Things Considered

When the roses have withered,
Eyes have watered, lips have quivered,
And my energy has frittered,
On love letters that return undelivered.

I find my memories are littered,
With the lies you admitted,
I've tried to have them omitted,
But they remain there, leave me embittered.

I know what people have whispered,
Yet my heart wants you to be acquitted,
A flame inside still burns and it's flickered,
A battle waging inward, has been triggered.

Despite it all, those feelings have lingered,
So, I'll write you another letter, bewildered,
Because I still love you...
All things considered.