Hi! My name is Rachel but my friends call me Ruby because of I always wear red lipstick no matter where i'm going or what i'm doing. I'm not a normal square, or a square at all. I am a rectangle and have four right angles that are exactly 90°. I also have two pairs of parallel sides. It may (or may not) seem like a good life for me but sometimes I have really tough time doing normal things normal squares do like fit through a square door or play drums and things like that. Usually I just wake up and do what I feel content doing. Being a rectangle doesn't stop me from doing the things I absolutely love. Some of the things I love doing are playing guitar, playing with puppy, and taking long walks around the park near my house. One of the toughest parts of my day is probably doing y hair and getting ready to do something with friends. Usually I don't have plans unless I have very important plans that day or if my band and I have to perform that night or something along those lines. Other than that if nothing important is going on I just do what I feel like doing that day. Sometimes I'll practice my guitar or singing skills, text, play games on y iPhone, nothing really interesting to do in a boring town like mine. The only exciting thing to do is going to concerts or going to the mall which are both about five miles away fro my house and buy the time I get there, usually, the mall is already closed and I just end up walking all the way back up to my boring apartment.

Yes I do live in an apartment because even when my band and I perform shows and things we usually perform in the smallest places in town and we don't get a bunch of money to make us rich and wealthy and be able to buy all the finest things in life, but it's enough to get by. That is also the reason I don't own a car. The rest of my band mates live together in a small house down the street from me. I know it would be a good idea to live with them instead of on my own with little money, but sometimes they just get way to loud and its already too crowded there. I cant imagine if there was the five of us living in the same small house, so I got my own small apartment after a few months of living with them.

Playing guitar in a small town band isn't my only job. I work down the street at a comic book shop that'some of the best in town and sometimes a big time comic artist will stop in looking for directions or something like that. One time it was Grant Morrison and I almost fell where I stood, another time it was Gerard Way who not only wrote my favorite comic but also is the lead singer in my favorite band! Needless to say, I got both of their autographs and a picture with them. It's because of our alternate jobs that we have money to live off of and keep us going on what we love doing. If we cant make a show its only because our jobs or family. Sickness never stops us. We play whenever we can.

My life is hectic, strange, exciting, and unpredictable, but I love everything about it. Hectic, strange, exciting, and unpredictable is my life., it's the way I'm used to living. Maybe one day things for me and my band will change for the better, but all I can really do is practice notes and meet comic book heroes.

Right now I leave you with just this as my story, only because it's due tomorrow and I have a show to get ready for.