Part Time Assassin


I was walking hastily towards a huge building. I'm in a middle of a city, perhaps you can call it the center of trade and industry. A vexing sight, full of busy people, stoned faces... whatever.

I hurriedly got into my desired location, an office tower, or it may seem so. I got passed the automated entrance, the heavy inspection of belongings, like what most companies are like. Again, passed a bunch of normal-looking employees, who know nothing of the real identity of this workplace.. haah, I sighed at the thought.

It may seem like an ordinary office with normal transactions or what... this is just a facade. The purpose, ofcourse, is to hide whatever shady business we are having underneath.

When I said underneath, I meant it literally. Under this classy place, is our base operation. I'm not doing anything illegal, if that's what you're worried about. Though I honestly don't need your concern, I have no interest in it.

By the way, I'm Kuroyuri Tsukino, age 15, height and weight and others are all classified. Don't ask any further questions. Now let's get to the main point...

I'm an Assassin.


A/N: nothing important to say, uhh.. hi? ... another story from me :))