I am everybody's fool,

it feels wrong to pretend to be cool.

Life is short, blah, who cares?

I'll never change unless a tragedy happens.

Repetitive endless misery, old bad habits

put me in a hole that I can't get out of.

I carry a cross until I graduate from the school

of hard knocks. Struggling with staying

wide awake, my smile is fake. The state

of the union is broken beyond repair.

What will it take for me to open

my eyes and know the error of

my ways? I hide behind my

pride, corpse bride. I crossover

to the dark side where I can't

decide between love or hate.

I reach my breaking point and

develop a guilty conscience.

Suicide awaits me on the other side

of the great divide. Suicide is never

the answer even if I don't have a

prayer left in me. Something is

always holding me back from going

over the edge. I acknowledge

this saving amazing divine grace

to be God's protection. Delicate,

God's love touches me before I

can embrace fate. God cares

enough to forgive me and

revive my dead soul. Without

correction, there is no room for

self improvement, change or growth.