See that horse galloping across the meadow? I want to be that horse. He looks free. He looks happy. I'm sort of free but I'm not happy. Sitting down by the edge of the wood, I let the summer breeze blow into me. My worn brown dress tickled my thighs as I closed my eyes. I only had two dresses. This patched up brown one and a patched up green one which is in my room at the inn that I work at. I had been there for five years until I ran away to avoid a marriage. I'm sixteen now, a person living in nature and managing her way without being seen in these woods. It's been two weeks and I'm already losing a fair bit of weight. I've only gotten around in the village, scavenging off what the kitchens in the village threw out. Living in the woods has been much more difficult and more different but it was still fun. But if I continued to live here, what would I do for the winter? England's winters were not very friendly. I wrapped my curly golden hair around my neck and tried to claw out some of the knots. I sniffed back my tears and stared at the horses as they galloped across the plains. I wish I had real parents.