Quite a cool colour

It's the colour of the sea and sky

It's the colour of forget-me-nots

I love bluebells but not blueberries

I like to lie down and stare at the clear blue sky

Blue makes me think of water

I especially love watching blue fish whilst scuba diving

My hands are messy with blue ink

I like listening to bluebirds while I'm in bed with my blue silk pyjamas on

I often write about people with blue hair

The blue neon lights at night are pretty to see

Whenever we go into teams, I pick the blue one

That's because blue gives me confidence

Saphira makes me think of blue

Because it sounds so similar to sapphires

Cerulean and azure are wonderful colours

But you can't compare them to blue

When I close my eyes to go to sleep

I imagine that I'm in a boat on the blue sea

That gently rocks me to sleep