I Kissed A Boy

Rated: T

Introduction: Blake being the only gay guy at his school has a hard time finding someone to love. He has his friends that support him every time someone decides to pick on him but to him it isn't enough. He wants to feel loved, but by they right guy. For once he wished the world wasn't against gays...but his wait may soon be over.

Chapter 1: Just a dream

I remember his long, chestnut hair, straight as cardboard, with side-cut bangs covering the most beautiful eyes you could ever even dream of. They were a hypnotizing jewel green, reminding me of the skies. Even though they were a dream I felt like they were real as I stared deep in them, lost forever inside them. I didn't want to wake up, never again. I would sleep forever if it meant I could stay here with him. He was tall and thin, his handsome face adorned with snake bite piercings and a septum. He wore skinny jeans with a band shirt and a bunch of bracelets covering his wrist. He wore black Converse, but then, everything he wore was black except for the studded silver belts. His shirt read "Bring Me The Horizon" in big red letters with the members in the background. Even with all these accessories on, his face still had a boyish semblance that made me fall in love in an instant. His skin was smooth, flawless, and pale. He looked a little anorexic, but I was too mesmerized by his perfection to even notice.

The world blurred around us as he grabbed my arm, pulling me along through what looked like our school building. I recognized the back where my friends were constantly saving me from the daily beating the bullies had for me. I couldn't recognize much of anything else because the more I went into the dream the more things started to blur. I didn't realize that I was pinned against the wall until I looked over at him again. He gave me a wicked grin and without realizing it, leaned in. With him just inches from my lips, I woke up...again.

"Blake, time to get up or your going to be late for school!" my mom called up. I let out a disappointed yawn and fumbled with my blankets, tangled from me moving around in my sleep, fighting till I just ended up falling out.

I walked over drearily to my closet, picking out the closest thing to me and matching it up with whatever else I could find in my closet. I ended up wearing my gray skinny jeans with a black BVB t-shirt. On my wrist were a bunch of bracelets my friends have given me. And under all those bracelet were scars from when I first started cutting myself to see if I would just die. I slipped on my lime green Converse (practically the only color I was wearing) and went over to the mirror. With a straightener I styled my black hair making it point out past my face (normal emo boy black hair look). When I was finished I grabbed everything, packing it back into my bag and skipped tiredly downstairs to my mom.

"Hey honey, what would you like for breakfast?" asked my mom sweetly.

"I'm not very hungry. I had another dream," I mumbled and added "It left me with butterflies...I think I am just going to head off to school."

"Ok, have a good day. And tell you friends I said hi!" she said as I hurried out the door. Just before I bounced out of earshot she shouted "Your father will need your help when you get home to move some furniture so we can repaint!"

I let out and exasperated sigh and kept running, pretending I didn't hear her. Maybe Jade would let me come to her house tonight so I wouldn't have to deal with my dad. Ever since I told them I was gay things were never the same with him or my mom. Of course my mom supported me because she loved me. She was very understanding, but my father was a different story. He thought I was a failure of a son, white trash, and he even supported the bullies that messed with me. Before we had moved here my life was so bad I had gotten into things I shouldn't have and soon I had enough with the horrors in my life. That was when I used the knife and cut myself. I would have bled out but at the last minute my mom found me and called an ambulance. Bad rumors started up about our family soon after that, forcing us to move away into this small little town.

"Hey, look what we got here," came that familiar voice.

"This time he is all alone, with no protection from his little group of girls," taunted the other voice. Right then I was comforted by the sounds of my friends.

"Davy, I know you missed me but don't get your panties in a twist. You and your nerd herd don't have to get all hot over me," said Dona and I couldn't help but let out a little giggle.

"You think something is funny, fagot?!" Said Aces

"Of course he does, look in the mirror and you will see why," Jade commented, coming up from the other side of me. "Oh wait," she corrected herself, "that's right your ugly asses breaks it every time"

"Oh, its on, little girl," growled Davy but I heard a smirk from Jade and Dona as the two bullies came to them.

"Do we have a problem?" asked Zane, stepping in front of us with his buddy Dave by his side. Zane was Jade's boyfriend, and Dave was Dona's.

I looked back to see the bullies had stopped in their tracks and started backing away, shaking their heads nervously. Dave and his group, including Zane, were the bad-asses of the school, otherwise known as "the jocks". They pretty much ran the place, but, of course, with the help of all my girl friends. They were the only reason I had made it in this school, because the popular kids had accepted me in even if it had brought their reputation down.

"Now, Blake, don't let them momma's boys get to you," said Yasmine, placing a hand on my shoulder, making me have to look up at her. She looked down giving me a warm smile before turning back to the stairs of the school.

I gave her a quick nod before looking around to see that the whole gang was here. Both the girls, Dona, Jade, Silver, Yasmine, Jessica, and Jasmine, and the boys, Dave, Zane, Jaeger, Jacob, Paul, and Quill. They were all coupled together (respectively) and then there was me, their little tag-along with no one to love me...but they didn't see me as that.

It was the fourth quarter of the school year as we made our way up to those familiar double doors. There was a long hallway filled with kids running to class, and soon enough I was being shuffled around to get to my class. My first class was band which went pretty well when the band teacher didn't yell at the trumpets or the bass drummer didn't decide to be cocky and attack us. Second hour was reading, where the teacher was way too strict and I got a back ache from sitting up straight in her class for so long. Third hour, math, was one of the best hours, because as long as you could take a joke and still behave you could have a blast with the teacher. Fourth hour, I hated the subject but the teacher was kind of funny when it wasn't you he was picking on. That class was social studies/history. After that was lunch, where me and my friends sat at the same two tables. I know, but...considering the size of this group...

"Stupid social studies teacher is going to make us memorize the preamble," complained Dona, laying over the lunch table and taking up as much space as she could, stretching her legs out.

"If you just memorize it then I bet you would be fine," said Yasmine, rolling her eyes with that one single movement.

"But that's too hard," whined Dona, making us all laugh. She grinned and then said "But no worries my brain works the best"

We all laughed again but that was cut short when the lunch bell rang and we gave a big groan as we hurried to our next classes. My next class was gym and if it wasn't for Dave being there and always saving me, those bullies would be picking on me 24/7 for probably being the weakest. After gym was than followed by science where we didn't learn a thing and finally my last class writing. The last class wasn't the worst but the teacher was terrible and was finally going to resign because she knew our plan of us failing the test to get her kicked off. When the finally bell rang I ran off to my locker than hurried out the door remembering that I needed to ask Jade and see if I could come over. I looked around the front of the school and soon found her coming out the building.

"Hey Blake...is something wrong?" She asked reading my expression

"Well I was wondering if I could come over again, my mom is expecting me to paint with my dad and well" I said scratching my head but before I could look up for and answer she had grabbed my arm and was dragging me into the direction of her house. "T-...thanks"

"Don't worry about it, I told you that you could come over time and I mean it" She gave me a pointedly finger before racing off to her house forcing me to run with her hold on my arm.

By the time we had gotten to her house I was already out of breath and she was just getting pumped. Unlike her I was out of shape and preferred to starve myself from getting fat. Yes I would have liked to have a six pack one day but I knew it wasn't going to happen anytime soon with the family I lived in. She looked at me and patted my back before walking me back into the house tossing me a bottle of water.

"Thanks" I said taking a swig and following her up the stairs.

"You welcome, um and I hope you don't mind but you might have to make a quick escape out the window when my parents get home again" She said giving me and innocent grin "I am not suppose to have friends over but you are a friend in need so I am here to help"

"Thank you, but if I get you in trouble I am not going to come here again unless its ok Missy" I said and we both laughed because we knew I would come back even if I had gotten her in trouble.

"Well the visit is going to be short because my parents are come home early" She mocked but than smiled and said "but come on we still have time to have our normal fun"

I laughed as we hurried down stairs getting ready to bake up some sweets, something we did every day which made her parents forgive her. I hopped up on the counter and grabbed everything we needed to make brownies since that's what we last decided on. While I got the stuff down she got all the utensils. With each others help and a giant mess in the kitchen afterward we finished up a clean batch.

"Ok that was awesome but now we might want to clean up and let the brownies cool" She said and I nodded quickly looking over the kitchen.

After what seemed liked hours we finally got the kitchen clean but right as we did her parents showed up and I found myself running up out the backdoor with her closing it behind me. This was our normal drills and I was able to use there trash can to jump the gate and make my way home. I hurried up the steps and when I got inside, I realized I had left everything there. I simply shrugged knowing Jade would get it back to me. I was about to go into my room when I heard my mom and dad screaming at each other once again.

"You!" Said my dad noticing me in the door way and I gasp looking at him more than a little frightened. "You were suppose to be home to help move furniture and paint" he screamed coming at me but my mom stepped in the way.

"Honey leave him alone, this is between you and me" She said but he seemed to ignore her all his attention was on me making me tense up.

"Do you avoid me just because I hate that your gay, or is it just because being gay makes you like this" He growled moving my mother out of the way and at that instant I was running up to my room locking the door behind me.

There was a loud banging and screaming from my father and soon from my mother trying to calm him down. I felt the tears come down my face as I ran to the bathroom grabbing my knife and holding it to my wrist until I heard the door being broken down. I looked over to see that he was breaking the lock so I ran toward the window and climbing down making a jump near the end right before he got into my room. I didn't bother to look back but turned and ran past my gate, past the neighbors and just kept running.

Authors Note:

Well here is chapter one, I hope you enjoyed it and remember that if you don't like guy and guy than don't continue to read because I have no problems with gays. Thank! Plz read and review.