Chapter 3: New Boy

That morning I woke up to the softness of blankets and the warmth of strong arms. I let myself lay there smiling to myself when reality hit me, I was going to be late for school and my parents were going to wonder where I had been all night. I quickly sat up and while doing so woke up my new boyfriend who's name I still didn't know.

"What's wrong," he asked groggily opening his eyes than bringing his hand up to rub the crud from his eye. I looked down smiling at him admiringly.

He looked at me with half open eye's, the crystal green showing his tiredness. I leaned down and kissed his forehead straightening out his bed hair. He sat there letting me, only half knowing what was going on. Finally, he put and arm back around my waist and laid down pulling me with him. I giggled trying unsuccessfully to move from his grip. I eventually gave up and snuggled into his chest, closing my eyes when something on the counter went off.

"Baby" I yawned watching him stretch over and grab a phone from his dresser. I ignored it laying my head on his chest and closing my eyes.

"Boo" I heard him whisper and reluctantly opened my eye's to look up at him. He gazed down smiling at me before sitting up pulling me with him. "Come on, time we get some breakfast"

"I don't want to get up" I whimpered and he chuckled lifting me up as if I weighed less than a pillow. I rested my head against his chest closing my eye's again.

"It's ok boo, you can finally meet my parents" He said his voice cheery and that made me open my eyes and look at him like he was crazy. "Don't worry, they probably won't mind after they hear the story" He smiled "They are very good parents, they listen and everything" I could only nod as I stood on my own and took his hand as we made our way down the rest of the stairs.

"Hey son, how was your night" Asked some guy in the corner witch I assumed was his father. "I thought I heard you shuffling around last night" he stopped and looked at me clinging to his sons shirt. He looked at his son than back to me with a raised eyebrow.

"Well hel- and who do we have here?" asked a ladies voice and I scooted behind him hiding from his parents.

"Mom, I would like to you to meet my boyfriend" He answered smiling big and trying to pull be back in front but I hugged his waist making him give up and letting me stay there. "It's a long story but I am sure your would understand it"

"Well go tell your father, and he can stay here and help me make breakfast if he isn't to shy" She said looking down at me but I hid in my boyfriends back.

"Boo stay here with my mother, she won't bite" He said getting a hold of my arms and pulling me away than turning and cupping my face in his hands. "I won't me long" He kissed my forehead than turned and hurried after his father who awaited on the front porch.

"Now, how rude he didn't introduce anyone, tisk tisk" Said his mother making me smile a little. When I turned to her she gave me a warm smile as she went back to cooking. "Hi my name is Angela, what's yours?"

"Hi, I am Blake...nice to meet you" I said shyly

"What kind of breakfast do you eat at home?" She asked

"I..i don't eat breakfast" I said right as my new boyfriend came up behind me sliding his arms around my waist making me jump. "You scared me" I said looking back at him. He gave me this goofy grin making me giggle once again.

"Jake, did you know that your boyfriend here didn't have breakfast" Said Angela

"Mom" Said Jake nuzzling my back. I smiled at the sound of his name but was shocked to see when he pulled my night shirt up(technically his) to show my stomach. I quickly pulled the shirt back down but it was to late, they seen my rib cage and my skinny ass. "He is sadly anorexic...he has a hard time eating" Jake added and I gave him a frightened look.

"Oh my!" Shrieked his mom making me back up into Jake more. He held me close still looking up at his mom. "Well we are going to have to fix that" she turned and started cooking more but said over her shoulders. "Since he isn't used to us you guys can eat in your room so me and your father can talk"

"Ok mom, call us down when it's ready" Smiled Jake than he took my hand. "I have to get him ready for school since he is already late" he quickly ran up stairs with me dragging behind and shut the door behind us.

"I love your name" I blushed

"I love yours more...but I think I am going to call you Blakey, or just boo" he giggled kissing my cheek. I flushed even more but watched as he sat on his bed welcoming me to his side so I joined him happily. "I love you boo" he whisper pulling me into his arms, allowing me to snuggle into his chest.

"I love you to Jakey" I said closing my eyes resting against him. I laid there and felt his fingers on my lips. I peaked an eye open at him and he gazed down at me biting his lip, debating if he should or should not.

He sighed and gave me warm smile, while stroking my cheek. I rested a hand on his cheek and lifted myself up to be stooped upon his lap. He giggled at me but stopped when I pressed my head to his almost closing the area between us. With a quick movement of his arms he had them fastened around my waist. I brushed my lips past his softly than avoided his eyes, flushing a soft pink. He kissed my neck but I turned just in time to peck his lip than hide in the safety of his shoulder.

"Boo" he whispered by my ear and I looked up at him right as he flipped me to my back holding my wrist over my head. He was about to bend down and kiss me again when I whimpered and tried to get my freshly cut wrist from his hands. "What's wrong?" he asked and when I looked up into those eyes they were pained.

"I..uh...look at my arms" was the only thing I could think of to say. He nodded and before I could change my mind he grabbed my wrist and gasp. I looked to and was surprised to see that the cuts from the day before had reopened.

"Boo..." he said his eyes started watering. I immediately pulled him into my arms as he nuzzled my shoulder. He slipped his arm around me and pulled me off the bed with him. "Come on, lets go get them cleaned up"

I nodded and let him take me down stairs but as soon as we were there I was back to hiding in his arms. His dad was in the living room reading the newspaper while his mom was still cooking. I looked over at him but he didn't look at me so I nuzzled at his neck. When he did look at me there was that same pain hovering over in his eyes

"Mom" he said

"Oh, hey son, is there something you need help with?" She asked. Jakey grabbed my arm and pulled it out with such strength that when I tried to hide them again it was no use, I couldn't get my arm loose from his grip.

"He...he is a cutter" Jakey's voice was soft and hurt. I looked over to see he was about to cry so I kissed his cheek trying to make him feel better. He looked at me and shook me when he said "Why would you do such a thing to yourself.

"I am sorry, I have been so depressed lately and..." I stopped not even wanting to bring up the subject of home.

"Come on you two we need to get those cleaned up" Said his mother than she turned to her husband and said "take over breakfast real fast so I can get him cleaned up"

"Let's go boo" Said Jakey holding my waist in his hands and moving me toward the bathroom. When I looked at him he looked more than upset but didn't bother to look at me as we stepped in. "Go sit down on the toilet lid and I will be right here" he said but I had a different plan.

"How?" I asked and he got up still not looking at me and put the toilet seat down sitting on it. He was about to speak but I already sat down in his lap putting his arms around me and cuddling into his chest. He chuckled holding my tight right as his mother came in.

"Aw, that's nice of you to hold your boyfriend...even if it's just through this" She said making Jakey blush while I just simply smiled.

"Yeah, sure" replied Jakey kissing my cheek. I blushed hiding my face in his neck biting my lips at the sting of alcohol reaching my cuts. I let out a little whimper meeting Jakey's eyes "concentrate on me, not on the pain" I nodded looking at his lips.

"Done" said his mom before I could lean in.

"Thanks mom" Said Jakey picking me up bridal style and fallowing her out the bathroom. Before we headed up to his room I said my thanks.

When we got up there it was dead silent and no one spoke. I kept looking at him but he would never look back at me, soon enough I couldn't handle it so I got up. Still not looking at me he continued to look down and even though we just met it hurt to see him ignore me. At this moment I wanted my knife more than anything and than I seen it in the corner of the room. I walked over quickly to grab it when Jakey tackled me to the ground holding me there. I struggled to get free and seen him grab the knife holding it up from me. I thought he was going to stab me with it so I coward into his arm squeezing my eyes shut. When I opened them I seen that he had tossed it out the open window and was now staring down at me.

"What do you think you were going to do with that?" He asked but his voice was a deep growl. I watched as his hand came down on my chin to my throat pressing lightly down.

"Nothing, I was going to give I to you so that you knew I would never do it again" I said holding his arm with my hands giving him pleading eye's.

"You better hope it was that" He sneered making me whimper back. I felt his hand press harder as I began to cough struggling to gain my breath that was slowly fading away. I coughed more feeling the warm liquid spill out my lips. "" he stuttered looking at me wide eyed than letting me go.

"Baby" I reached out to him feeling light headed. He crawled back over to me lifting me in his arms where I felt safer. "I..i will be fine" I stuttered hiding in his shirt making sure I didn't get blood on it.

"You are so fragile" He whispered kissing my cheek, then adding "I am so sorry" his breath was a soft whisper as he lead us from the floor to the bed.. He then disappeared into the bathroom than reappeared back coming toward me with a towel.

"Baby, I am sorry" I whispered letting him wash my hands and face off.

"No I am, it's just that even though I just met you I feel a deep connection like we have known each other for years" He said putting his hands on my shoulder squeezing them lightly. I put my hands lightly on his hips smiling at him.

"I know how you feel baby, I feel like I can trust your already...and I can come to you for anything, you know things like that" I whispered softly.

"Thanks, and it hurts to see you do this to yourself...why?!" He seemed to be screaming as his eyes watered. "Why do you cut, is it because you met me or is it maybe something at home. Why did you turn to it when there had to be something better" He was shrieking now.

"Jakey! Let him go now" Said his mother standing in the doorway. I looked at her to see she was looking at me frightened. I turned back to Jakey to see he was crying now.

"Baby" I whispered as he started shaking me fiercely.

"I don't want to see you cut, not ever" he screamed shaking me harder. "Never! Do you hear me" I nodded gasping as he gripped me tighter. "If I catch you cutting I swear on my life it will be your last time"

"Son let him go your losing your tempter again" His father was lightly pushing his Angela out of the way to make his way toward his son.

I looked at Jakey as he kept shaking me unaware that his father was coming right at him. I didn't know what to do but I found myself pushing past his grip lightly pressing my lips to his. Instantly he stopped shaking me sliding his hands around my waist. I placed my on his cheek pressing harder and deeper into the kiss. When I pulled away Jakey had turned to his normal self, while his parents stared a me more than a little shocked.

"Baby, I promise I will never cut as long as I have you" I whispered kissing him again and wiping his tears before pulling him into my arms, letting him crying into my shoulder. "I swear, on my own life that as long as your mine I will never cut" I whispered more and each time he kept nodding.

"Boo, you promise you won't?" He asked looking up at me with those teary eyes of his making me feel a deep tare inside me.

"I promise baby" I pressed my lips softly to his and he returned the kiss pulling me closer. I held the kiss till finally we pulled away and I remembered that his parents were watching. "Uh...sorry" I said to them.

"No it's quiet ok, you guys are adorable" Said his mother grabbing her husband and leading him out of the room. Jakey hid his face in my crotch and I knew he had been blushing.

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to do that to's just ...well...I have anger problems" He mumbled and looked at me "You are the first person to stop me from seeing red"

"Well I am glad I was able to stop you and I will always be here so it won't happen again" I cuddled close to him feeling his strong arms wrap around me. "baby don't we have to get me ready for school since I already missed like half of it?"

"Oh, yes" He agreed pulling me to my feet and hurrying to the closet pulling out some cloths for me to change into. I took them graciously and let him brush my hair as I made a quick rush to get ready. When I was done we worked on him but soon enough we were both ready and headed down stairs.

"Don't worry about my bag, my friend Jade has it for me" I assured him.

"Mom, we are off to his school now" He yelled to his mom and added "I am going to be with him for the rest of the day and will come home straight afterward"

"Ok! Be careful" she called back.

We ran out the door and I lead the way to our school. It wasn't that far but with Jakey party distracting me we got lost a couple of times. Finally, when we did get to the school it was lunch time and I found my friends in there normal spots, by our favorite tree.

"Well look who finally decided to show up" Said Jade tossed me my bag and a bag of brownies from our baking the other night.

"And he has a curtain someone with him" pointed out Dona.

"Aren't your going to introduce him?" asked Yasmine

"Guys calm down I just got here and yes I am going to introduce him" I said sliding my bag over my shoulders than grabbing Jakey's arm pulling him closer. "Everyone this is Jakey, my boyfriend"

"Go Blake, that's my boy" Said Dave

"We taught him so well" commented Zane

"He is growing up so fast" Said Jaeger making it look like he was wiping fake tears from his eye. That time everyone burst out laughing, even Jakey joined in laughing.

"Anways, that's Dona, right there is Jade, over there is Silver and Yasmine, than there are Jessica and Jasmine" I introduced.

"Hi" Jakey said

"Well hello there" they all said but each in a different kind of tone. I rolled my eye's before turning back to the boys.

"Right beside Dona is Dave, than Jaeger is the one holding Silver, Zane is with Jade right over there to do there daily race, Jacob is up in the tree with Yasmine, Paul is with Jessica cuddling, and Quill is the one tickling his girlfriend Jasmine."

"Hi" they said bluntly

"Nice group you guys" Jakey said turning to me and I nodded in agreement.

"Yes they are" I replied

I grabbed Jakey's hand and led him over to the spot where I usually sat. There he sat down pulling me into his lap while doing so. He leaned against the tree as I cuddling into his chest, his arms going around me. I didn't realize my friends were gawking at us till Jakey chuckled and poked me.

"Well, well does Blake finally have a boyfriend?" Asked Jade more sarcastic than a question. I stuck my tongue out at her before snuggling close to Jakey.

"Yes, he is my perfect boyfriend and even though we just barely met I love him to death" I said going and hiding under his shirt. I hid my face in his wash board abs slowly closing my eyes.

"Blake what are you doing?" He asked me

"Sleeping on you" I replied

Everyone laughed as I came closer to Jakey. Even though I was hidden under his shirt he place his arms around me and ever once in a while looked down into his shirt to see how I was doing. The whole time I had slept, till the sound of the bell rang through my ears making me grumble in protested. Jakey fidgeted a little but I groaned not making a move to go to class.

"Come on baby, time for you to go to class" He whispered pulling his shirt from me. I looked up at him pouting but managed to pull us both up off the ground.

"Are you going to stay with me?" I asked

"Of course, I didn't come for nothing...I just hope your teachers don't mind a visitor" He said smiling lightly.

"I know I would want you in my classroom everyday" I whispered brushing my lips against his before grabbing my bag and hurrying of to my next class, Jakey following me at my heals.

Since it was after lunch gym was next so I hurried of and got changed while Dave let Jakey barrow some extra cloths he had. They were big on him but he shrugged and made it work to fit him. As we hurried out to the floor they were already starting there normal morning warm ups. As we joined in the coach appeared at the door and noticed Jakey beside me getting ready with us. He didn't seem to notice coach walking toward us but kept stretching.

"Well who do we have here Blake?" He asked turning to me.

"This is Jakey, my boyfriend" I said

"And someone who might join our school if he likes what he sees" Added on Dave making the coaches head snap toward him. "Yep, he is new in town and they haven't put him in school yet because they are still looking for a good one"

"Welcome to our school, please feel free to ask anything and I am sure Blake can help out to since he is your boyfriend" Said Coach than added "And if your going to make out at least do it in the closet so we don't have to see"

"Alright coach" Said Jakey giving him a thumbs up as he walked out. I blushed but carried on with our normal warms ups, than we went on to what was assigned that day.

"Since Jakey doesn't have a group he can be with us" Said Dave and I nodded stealing Jakey's hand leading him with us.

"You will be in our group" I told him.

He smiled over at me than kissing my cheek as he slid his hands over my waist. Lucky for me the bullies were to busy doing there assignment to come bother us. When we finished we took a shower and changed than were off to my next class science. The teacher didn't mind that there was a new kid checking out the school and tried his best to settle down the class but it was no use. Everyone was laughing and joking around as they messed with the teacher. Zane, Jade, Jakey and I were all in the corner talking and enjoying a drink out of the teachers fridge. Finally, last hour there was a whole argument about Jakey but with Dona in that class with us she convinced the teacher very easily to let him stay.

"Well that is quiet a school you go to boo" Said Jakey as we walked out onto the steps. The rest of the group surrounded us chit chattering about there day.

"Yea...I guess" I replied as he tugged on my arm pulling me toward the side of the school. "Um I will catch up with you guys later" I told my friends letting Jakey lead me to where he wanted to go. As we made our way around the building it reminded me of my dream but this time it was real and not a blur.

"I can't take it anymore, I want you" He said pressing me against the school building. I looked at him disappearing in those deep blue eye's of his. "I am sorry but" before he finished he pressed his lips to mine and I returned it with great pleasure.

I slid my arms up his chest to around his neck, gripping him closer. He had his hands placed on my hips pressing lightly up against them. I shivered a little groaning with delight. He licked my lips so I opened them just a little but enough for him to slide his tongue in. He licked the roof of my mouth than for a couple minutes we tangle our tongues together. He slid his tongue away from mine bring it deeper into my mouth making me whimper softly but hold him there wanting more. He pulled away and smirked at me. I turned away blushing than felt his lips on my cheek.

"Why do you do this to me" I whispered

"Because I can't help myself, I just want you" He whisper back making me look at him and kissing me on my lips again. "Also to see if you would reject my kiss"

"I would never, it would be impossible for me to" I said and a smile spread across his face. I felt him entangle his fingers with mine and start to lead the way back to his house when I remembered...I had to go home. "Baby I have to go home, my mom is probably worried sick"

"ok boo, I will walk you home and than I will go home...and if you want I could come back with you tomorrow" He said a little hope entering his voice.

"Of course you can" I said kissing him again. He returned the kiss than we started walking talking about some of the funny parts of the day. We started to walk past his house but I stopped and pointed at it. "Baby, here is your house"

"But I want to take you home" He pleaded but I simple shook my head.

"Maybe another time but for now why don't you go in and get some sleep, I will pick you up in the morning" he nodded sniffling a little but than kissed me. It was long and meaningful but we soon had to pull away.

I made sure he was in his house before turning and heading toward mine, which I certainly wasn't looking forward to. When I entered the house it was quiet except for my father had fallen asleep on the couch and my mom was resting her head on the counter with red rimed eyes and a tissue in her hand. She stared blankly at the wall not even noticing I was there.

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