Viggo Mortensen and his friends gathered quietly in the ER waiting room. Their friend Sean Bean had been rushed to the hospital.

A doctor came out to talk to them " Please have a seat. I need to tell you something about your friend." The group quickly sat down and the doctor began " Sean is not doing very well. We did all we could and I'm so sorry to have to tell you this. There's a good chance he won't make it past this month."

Elijah Wood crumbled onto Ian Mckellen's chest. Domanic Moneham and Billy Boyd hugged each other tightly sobbing as Sean Austin put his arms around them.

Cate Blancet and Liv Tyler spoke softly to each other as David Wenham gasped turning his face away from them all. Viggo closed his eyes putting his arm around Orlando Bloom.

The doctor felt sad for them and sighed he hated being the bearer of such bad news. "I am so sorry."

Ian was the first to speak "Does he know?" Elijah looked up in worry as he clung to his oldest friend. " Yes. The nurses where talking to him when I left." The doctor said.

Cate passed out Scottie tissues to her friends as Liv Tyler touched Sean Austin's shoulder.

Orlando wrapped an arm around Viggo; as their friend David asked a question they all wanted to know but afraid to ask " Are there any time limits for visitation we need to be aware of?"

The doctor smiled sadly. "We are not restrictive when it comes to dying patients. However, we do ask that you let him rest every couple of hours."

Viggo, who had finally opened his eyes, thanked the doctor. "Sean is in ICU room 18." The doctor gave another sad smile as he got up leaving them to go do his other duties.

There was a long tense silence as the friends glanced at each other not feeling brave enough to make that painful first move. "Come on." Ian said quietly "Let's go see him."

The others stood up and followed him as Ian led the way.


As soon as they got to ICU room 18 Ian knocked on the door. "Come in." Sean Bean said welcoming them in with a gesture. They all stood beside the bed and he saw the worried expressions on their faces. "You don't need to be afraid to talk to me about me dying."

Elijah gave him a gentle embrace and Sean A. smiled sadly.

"Would you like me to do anything for you?" Cate asked.

"Could you put some more blankets on my bed? I'm freezing!" Sean chuckled. "They seem to want to make it a snowing forecast in here."

Liv chuckled to as she helped Cate with laying the extra blankets on their friend.

Orlando looked around the hospital room the walls were a light blue color, pictures of pretty meadows and cute animals hung on the walls and a small clock also hung on the far wall by the window.

David gave a sigh. " This is a pretty nice room."

Sean agreed. " Better than some of the rooms I've seen at other hospitals."

Viggo sat beside him on the bed.

"It was so fun doing Lord Of The Rings with you, Sean." Billy whispered.

Their comrade smiled and closed his eyes and they watched him closely.

"Reach in my bag there." Sean said.

Elijah did and gasped in surprise.

"Did you take all these?" He asked.

"Yes." Sean replied. "I want all of you to have 'em."

Ian smiled as Elijah passed each of them a pile of photos.

Sean A. whistled softly as he looked at his.

"These are very well done." David exclaimed in surprise even he had no ideal his friend was so well with a camera.

Orlando tucked his pile gently into his coat pocket he would look at them later.

"Viggo also took pics." Orlando said.

Viggo gave a wistful smile. "That was fun."

Sean chuckled. "I remember one time that you fell into the lake when David tackled you and Pete took a photo of it."

"Yes I also remember that too." Liv said. "You two were totally drenched!"

They all fell silent as they looked at each other their hearts ached and they longed to have Sean well again.

" I'm sorry I'm getting tired." Their friend said hating to end this moment.

" It's alright. We'll come back and visit later. Get some sleep." Ian whispered.

They all walked slowly back to the waiting room.


Viggo stood and stared out of the big window of the waiting room and the others sat on the sofa and chairs around the room.

Elijah and David went up to Viggo in concern.

" Vig?" Elijah asked softly touching his arm lightly.

"I'm so sorry." Viggo whispered.

"Viggo, it's hard for all of us, my friend." David responded quietly. "We will all miss him."

He placed his arms around his two friends and Viggo hugged both of them.

"I can't stand seeing him that way." Viggo started sniffling.

"Neither can we," Elijah whispered. "We all wish he was well again."

Viggo nodded.

"There's nothing we can do expectexcept pray and letting Sean know he is not alone." Cate said standing up.

"What time is it?" Billy asked.

"It's 6:19 p.m." Ian said and led them to Sean's room again.


Orlando sat on the bed beside their friend this time. "How are you feeling?"

Sean smiled sadly looking up at them. "As well as can be expected."

Dom touched his hand. "We are always here for you."

Sean nodded.

Ian helped to put another pillow in back of Sean when he asked for help.

Liv tucked the covers gently around their friend.

"We will see you again tomorrow, Buddy." David said when they noticed their friend was having trouble staying awake any longer.

"We love you, Sean. Good night." They said and Sean smiled and hugged them all before they left the room.