Everyone was silent for a couple moments then Viggo spoke up,

"I would like In the Arms of an Angel because I believe that an Angel comforted our friend while he was dying."

Ian wrote the song down and got ready as all the others gave theirs.

"I would like Go Rest High on that Mountain because I see a pretty mountain and Sean is resting up there and enjoying it."

Billy looked over at the picture of Sean.

"I would like who you'd be today because I think it's unfair he died so young and yet we all know we'll be with him someday."

Dom smiled sadly putting his arm around Billy.

"I chose Hero because in my eyes he was a hero even when he was so ill."

Cate nodded silently as Ian wrote that down.

"I would like Into the West because it reminds me that Sean is at his real home in Heaven."

Cate smied sadly as she told them that.

"I chose I Will Remember you because this song holds the promise that we'll never forget him."

Elijah answeared softly.

"I would like Brother Up in Heaven because that is what I feel about his death."

David choked out and they hugged each other.

"I want to have the song One More Day because I keep thinking what if we all would have one more day with him."

Orlando whispered and Viggo touched his shoulder.

"I chose Precious Lord take My Hand because he trusted Jesus to take him home."

Ian added and wrote that down. Then Sean Astin spoke up.

"I would like Streets of Heaven because that was my prayer for our friend."

Ian wrote that down than put the pen and paper on the table and smiled sadly at them.


That Saturday Ian drove his friends to the funeral home.

On the way Viggo stared out the van's window he was sitting in the passager seat in front.

His mind was raceing a mile a mintue and he felt like he was going to go insane.

Liv, Cate and Dom where talking softly about their friend.

Billy was playing a Pokemon game to try to keep his mind off of what was happening it wasn't really helping that much though so he saved it, turned it off and put it away.

Elijah was writing in a journel and Sean A. was trying to rest.

David and Orlando where sitting together not talking either it didn't really matter cause they had no ideal what to even talk about.


Once they all arrived at the funeral home the ushers greeted them and lead them to the room where Sean bean's body was kept.

David gasped when he saw their friend and Viggo put his arm around him to give him comfort.

"Let's find a seat." Viggo whispered and lead David to the first row of seats and helped him sit down.

Viggo stayed with him as he felt too shakey himself.

Cate went to them in concern. "Do you need me to get you guys a drink?"

Both of them declined as the rest of their friends sat beside them.

"There will be time to go up to the casket later." Ian told them all softly as he passed around the guest book.

As they wrote their names in the book the other seats filled up with all the rest of Sean's friends but no family came.

Elijah felt ill inside to see that he wondered if Sean's family even ever cared at all! He knew that Liv had called them so their was no reason for them not showing up!

"Well at least his friends are all here!" Elijah thought as he passed the book to another of Sean Bean's friends. The funeral service was very sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.

Viggo tried to be strong as both David and Orlando wept onto his shoulders, Ian had his arms around Billy who was weeping into the older man's shoulder, Elijah was dabbing at his eyes with a tissue, Dom had his hands balled into nervous fists, Billy and Sean A. held each other's hands tightly, Cate and Liv sat their silently.

The other friends also responded in diffrent ways too.

After the pastor shared her message she stepped down and one of Sean's friend's stood up and sang a song called Lead Me Home.

It was very beautful and touching.

Viggo closed his eyes and bit his lip as the song washed over him and he felt someone hugging him tightly.

He felt his whole body starting to shake with sorrow as he felt his hair being stroked gently.

After the song there where more speeches and then the music on the tape started to play.

Viggo opened his eyes and saw that Sean's friends where filling past the casket.

Orlando and David where both sitting there by him. He saw them looking down at him they where both crying and he shook his head.

Orlando stroked Viggo's hair gently. "This will be the last time we ever see him on earth."

Viggo slowly stood up and went towards the casket then he stopped in the aisle he didn't think he could do this.

Ian came up to him and touched his shoulder.

"Do you want to go up there?"

Viggo stayed silent and glanced at the ground.

He felt like he was going numb again. "Right now..I can't..."

Orlando stepped up to the casket and stayed silent as the other friends told Sean goodbye.

Orlando sadly glanced at his friend's body. Sean was wearing one of his favorite outfits it was a blue striped shirt with blue pants.

When it was his turn Orlando softly stroked their friend's cheek. "I will never forget you. You made us laugh so hard with your pranks and more than that you where a great friend too!"

He felt a gentle touch on his shoulder looking up he saw Peter Jackson.

"Pete.." Orlando's throat closed up.

Peter just gave him a sad smile as tears dripped down his own cheeks.

They heared slow footsteps and turned around.

Viggo was stumbleling towards them he didn't look like he felt good at all his face was all red but looked milkish white too.

When Viggo got there he leaned against the casket like he was ready to faint.

"Viggo, are you ill?" Peter asked gently.

Their friend didn't answear but lay his head onto his arm.

David and his friends had gathered around the casket as well and they had all saw Viggo's reactions during the funeral and now it looked like their friend had gotten ill.

Billy touched Viggo's arm gently.

"Will you be ok?" He asked.

Viggo nodded. "I...I'm...o..ok..." Their friend stopped speaking and they saw his shoulders shaking.

Peter touched his shoulder. "Would you like some time alone?"

Viggo shook his head. "D...Don't...l...leave!"

They all grew silent and after a couple moments Viggo turned to face Sean.

Elijah could see that Viggo's hands where treambleling as he touched their friend's neck and chest he realized what Viggo was trying to do and so did everyone else.

"You won't feel a heartbeat, Viggo." Peter said softly. "He is really dead this time. No acting, my friend."

"I..." Viggo couldn't continue.

He stared down at his friend he felt something wet roll down his cheek.

Peter and Orlando both rubbed his shoulders they where crying too.

"He was just too ill, my friend." Dom whispered.

Viggo leaned his head against his arms as the tears came harder and faster.

"There was nothing the doctors could do." Liv said gently.

David was weeping hard too as Cate hugged him.

He could understand what his friend was going through because he felt the same way.

What had happend to Sean felt so unreal and so painful that he couldn't seem to bring the two confuseing emotions together, but he couldn't stop crying either.