Buried deep inside

Are the hopes, dreams, and desires

That belong to me

Even further down than that

Are my screams

That I keep so tightly bottled up

And I fear

That if I open my mouth

They will escape the chains

That I have bound them in

They will fly out of me

Wild, untamable, and free

They shall wreak havoc

On anyone within their reach

Knocking them over

Echoing violently inside of them

Rattling their souls

And shattering their hearts

My screams

Yes, my screams is what wakes people up at night

My screams is what causes their hearts to shake and cry in fright

"Why won't she leave me alone?"

"What did I ever do to her?!"

They cry out constantly

They're afraid of going insane

Afraid of never ever being the same

Afraid of what has happened to her

Scared to hell that her screams that constantly follow them, haunt them, and shred their hope to pieces

Is her way of saying that their souls have now been claimed

So why don't you listen with me

To the shrieking of the innocent souls

Who are scared

And afraid

Those stupid people are too busy being scared

Of the simplest things like

Shadows and clouds

Bushes shaking and twigs breaking

People walking and objects moving

To realize why I'm even screaming

I need their help

But they can't see where I am

Or why I'm calling out to them

Now, I guess I have no choice but to die

I guess this is my end

The end of Elizabeth

The end of her legacy

Her life

Her lover

Her future

Her feelings and her pain

Her losses and her gains

Her family and friends

This is the ending to her beginning

I've tried and I've tried

To get someone's attention

But it's a hopeless feat

To attempt

Because everybody is just too blind

Too what is standing right in front of them

So tell my family and friends that I love them

That I'll miss them

That I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever meant to hurt them

I'll tell you goodnight

Because this is my end