No, I won't grind with you at the dance

Why do you? You're only thirteen.

No, I won't cuss because you want me to

We're only eight.

No, I won't wear whore's clothes on TV

I'm only four.

I should be learning to live.

I should be learning to read.

I should be learning to love.

Not show myself off, be ignorant of life.

'Cause if that's the way, I won't get far.

In the end, the world won't care

In how many languages you knew how to swear

Or how high your heels were

Or how broad your ass was

In the end, we're all worm food

So make something that lasts.

A treaty, a building, a best-selling book

Don't waste your time letting all the boys look

At your legs, at your breasts

Or taking a look at who's got the best

Record of marriages and divorces in Hollywood

Really, are we that shallow?

This country's gone from "We the People"

To "I whip my hair back and forth"

From risking life and limb for freedom

To seeing how short we can make skirts for two-year-olds - Why?

If they're dressed that way,

Are they to climb in bed with a child molester?

No, because that would be wrong

Well, seems like we encourage it

Cognitive dissonance is the order of the day.

Here's my words to society: Go Away!