Piece after piece I was assembled to be a product. A product made for the human kind. Looking through the glass I could feel I was being stared at. White machinery attached arms to my limp torso. I could feel my glowing heart beat against my new empty shell of a body.

"Do you know what you are?" A loud buzzard voice echoed into the glass like room.

"I am here to please," I said automatically. My new eyes glistened as I saw the light shine in my eyes. I blinked, I breathed, and then I repeat.

"What is your purpose?" the buzzing monotone voice asked through the glass.

"To do as they say."

"Who are they?" They questioned.

"My masters," I said but hesitated for only a moment.

"What happens if you disobey?" The voice darkened. My body was fully attached as simple cloth rapped around my body.

"I will be dismantled and thrown away." Fear edged in my voice as I looked down at my unusual body.

"Stand in line and wait to be purchased, 01623." The speakers screeched before a loud beep. The floor moved without my consult leading me towards a row of…me. All had very little difference, we all looked so similar. Some had freckles, some had darker skin. And some are lucky enough to have green eyes instead of blue.

With a start a long glass tube boxed me in as if I was doll inside a plastic casing, ready to be shipped off. All of them looked on with blank stares, but all I could do was look back. Why was I so scared?