When I first saw her...

Her scent held the smell of crisp leaves and spice. Her amber hair seemed to hold every shade of autumn. She is like the fall wind, dancing and tickling the people it passes, calming them giving them joy. Her smile was infectious to those around her, filled with energy. She could be easily described as sporty and absent minded. But she was so much more than that. People are drawn to her brightness, she may act like a child but her mind is that of an adult. She is reliable care free, and strong. The content look on her face at the end of a long day is serene. But most of all, it was her eyes, those dark pools of orange held a spark that no one else had. A gaze that seemed to swallow you whole in their determination. Yes, that was it, no matter how carefree she was her eyes always held the strong determination, as if she was looking off into the future. As if she was walking on a road no one else could see. Her powerful, steady gaze, the gaze I fell in love with and the girl it belonged to, The day I fell in love with Nakamura Yuuka.


My eyes followed her every move. Everything she did was done with elegance. She made everyone around her feel safe, grounded. She could be easily described as calm, steady, and mature. But she was so much more than that. She is admired by all for her intelligence and kind heart, someone people go to when they are in need of help. Her beautiful black hair cascaded down her back like a silk curtain, complimenting her perfect milky skin. She was like the transition from winter to spring, the first flower to bloom from the melting frost. Her fragrance was that of black ice, a cool minty scent. But most of all, it was her eyes. Those sharp baby blue eyes. They held a faraway look, as if she was starring into the past, but I could see deep pain behind their soft color. Her gaze was always a soft one, filled with love and kindness. It made you feel safe and warm. Yes, it was then that I realized, I fell in love with that gaze and the girl it belonged to, Shimizu Saki.