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Her Eyes Chapter 2: Mutual Friends

Saki walked slowly down the dark hall, it was late after school and she hadn't had the chance to serve her "punishment". The sky gave a deep rumble that made her stop to look at it.

"Oh, I didn't bring my umbrella." she murmured to herself before continuing to her destination.


Yuuka leaned over the desk she was seated at, Jack-ass-sensei left an hour ago and never came back. She was starting to think that he had just abandoned her there. But she was too scared to get up and leave, plus the other student who was supposed to be here hadn't even shown up yet. She sat for another ten minutes before standing, she moved towards the door but stopped when she heard it open.

"I wasn't trying anything I swear!" she yelled before seeing who walked in. She had her eyes screwed closed but at the sound of light giggling she opened them cautiously, her eyes widened slowly as she saw the bent over form of Saki. She blushed furiously at the thought of how much she had just embarrassed herself in front of the girl she liked. Smooth move. Saki had finished laughing and straightened, "I forgot you were also serving this "detention" as well Nakamura-san." she said.

"O-oh, yeah well, I kind of messed up so...I'm surprised that you actually got into trouble..." Yuuka replied her heart hammering in her ears with every word. I'm alone in a dark classroom with SAKI! She squealed mentally at the thought.

"hmmm, nobody is perfect." Saki said walking over to the desk Yuuka occupied previously. "What did Watanabe-sensei say we have to do?" She asked taking a seat.

"Oh well Ja-um Watanabe-sensei just left me to sit here so..." Yuuka answered rubbing the back of her head. "Any-anyway, what were you doing before coming here?" Yuuka asked changing the subject.

"I had to complete extra work for the student council, and a few teachers needed my help." The black haired girl replied staring out the window.

"I didn't know you were part of the student council." Yuuka said a bit shocked.

"I'm not." Saki said not looking away from the window.

Huh? Ok oh don't let it get awkward Yuuka, think of something...something. "D-did, you watch that drama last night?" Yuuka blurted out, remembering what her other classmates would often say.

"No. I don't enjoy them." Saki answered disinterested.

"Oh, yeah..actually neither do I." Yuuka said sheepishly. Giving up she walked back over and took a seat behind Saki.

"I don't like the rain." Saki said suddenly. The other girl rested her head on Yuuka's desk and looked up at her, her hair slightly spilling over Yuuka's hands.

Nervously she began to ramble, distracting herself from the soft silk touch on her hands. "Really? I love the rain, only when it is cold though, I hate that humid rain like during the summer, it smells like fish and gets super hot-" Yuuka stopped there as she heard the other girl laugh again. "Was it something I said?"

"'s just, you were so serious about it, it was kind of cute." Saki said between laughs.

Cute..? She thinks I'm...cute. Yuuka threw her hands over her face, she could feel her face burning from the comment, it was all so embarrassing, she only hoped Saki hadn't noticed her flushed face.

"Did you bring an umbrella?" Saki asked bringing her back to the conversation.

"Huh?" Yuuka sat thinking for a moment. My umbrella.."AH! I forgot it! Look it's pouring! What an unlucky day!" Yuuka cried feeling hopeless. "If I can't get out of here, I won't be able to work."

"Oh my. I didn't know you had a job."

"Well..yeah I just...I work everyday and so today..." Yuuka mumbled.



"Even on weekends?"

"Even on weekends."

"What about holidays?"

"What about them?"

"Do you work, I mean?"

"Everyday." Yuuka answered. "Everyday means Everyday."


The two girls sat staring at each other for a while before Saki spoke again.

"How about we get out of here?" She asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I so happen to have access to a rather large umbrella for two." She said slowly moving over to the door. "Would you be interested in accompanying me?"

"D-definitely!" Yuuka replied a little too eagerly as she stumbled over to follow her. She couldn't help but to smile like an idiot, maybe today wasn't so unlucky after all.


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