So... yeah adding an Author's Note to this since it's some of my shittiest work ever. I've written and rewritten this so many times and I just can't seem to get it right so any feedback would be appreciated but it's not required. (Of course not)

Kiki looked at the street ahead of her; annoyed her brown red bangs had grown long enough to constantly get in her eyes. She didn't like being out in the open in an unfamiliar place and she headed between some buildings that created an alleyway; her feet kicked up dust on the wide but crudely beaten out street. She was more comfortable out of sight, but she still had a vague sense that she was being watched. She was curious as always and skulked forward, careful to be quiet. Her toes knocked into something and she heard it fall over. Turning she saw a vase of flowers laying on its side. She bent down and picked it up, careful to put the flowers gently back in. Someone must have died here, she thought thinking of memorial objects she had seen where the old blacksmith died from being crushed by a boulder. People would occasionally drop flowers there as a reminder.

She started to stand and froze when she saw that someone was standing in front of her. Cautiously, she straightened and met a boy's eyes. He looked around her age, 15, and stood a few inches taller than her. He smiled and she took a step back. Glancing behind her she saw another person through her thick long hair. She looked back and her green eyes met his dark brown.

"Do you want something?" she asked defensively. He looked at her to see if she could defend herself. His eye caught on something and he smiled.

"Yes," he said.

After a pause she responded. "What is it?"

"What do you have?" he asked smiling some more. He was a thief and his little gang would be too much for her to take on.

She pulled out the pouch that had the money Adam had given her before he had left her at the entrance to the village, Wardsbunk. Tipping it over, she dumped it onto the ground. The coins dropped into the dirt. There was more than she thought and the people around her hid their surprise.

"It isn't enough," the brown haired one in front of her said. He seemed to be their leader. She gritted her teeth. Another person had joined him and she could hear more footsteps behind her.

"What else do you want?" she spat.

"Whatever else you have." Kiki gritted her teeth more. The kid stepped closer until he was only a foot away. She felt fear begin to claw its way into her system.

"I don't have anything else."

"Are you sure?" he asked smoothly.

Her hand swept back to where her knife was supposed to be and found it gone. She heard them laughing. They had taken it. Anger clouded her mind but she didn't move. Something hit her ribcage with a loud crack. Her balance shifted and she lost her footing. They exchanged silent signals and formulated a plan to take care of her. She cursed to herself, she had sharp senses but they were useless in a situation like this. She was too slow to fend off a group like this. They had cut off any escape routes and were advancing for an attack.

Adam slid across the dry, dusty, ground underneath the bar. He had to keep himself flat against the ground and the dirt scraped into his skin as well as clung to his unnaturally white hair and basic shirt. The whole thing was elevated supposedly to help keep water from washing the building away when the spring streams or storms made water gush down the mountain side. They didn't want to put a deep foundation underneath it. However the truth was it was a way in and out of hell. Most villages had at least one unless there was another town close by. Adam had just come back from getting some money and information. As he stood up, he noticed he could hear a conflict somewhere close by. After a few seconds he figured out what it was. He cursed under his breath. How could she get into so much trouble? Turning his steps landed heavily on the dusty ground.