the day, decided
when love quietly took its seat;
midnight in early june
her hand pointing to meteors
dashing across our clearing,
brief glances and mere grazing of skin building
a deliciously voracious anticipation
persistent in its longing.

september found us, bodies entwined
pinned again, to her favourite oak,
she explained it as an insatiable fire
constantly licking her heels -
amongst a chorus of trees
their leaves clinging vainly
in the biting wind that echoed
last summer's frequent deluge;
when her lips met mine
wet and laughing.

in bright october sun
she came to dance with me,
her drawling heartache
heavy in her throat -
so she laid her head on my shoulder,
pressed a kiss to my neck
and began to slowly sway.

what choice did i have
but to love her?