Woot! Another MACC story!


So, this one is based on my really good friend, Laura (AKA Lorax), who makes comics and passes notes with me during Math.

So much fun.

This story's about Laura, who turned her back on the world when it needed her most. So now, she hides in the MACC class, trying to escape her magical past and the people trying to find her. All of this changes when a new kid comes to class, who Laura suspects is someone looking for her.

So, in the story, Justin was never in MACC and Ethan left.


Laura's POV

I pass the paper back to Sarah who looks over it and smiles. It was Self Paced Math and Sarah and I would always make these little comics About Super Lorax and Super Kirby. Super Kirby being Sarah and Super Lorax being me. Wait, how rude of me! I should introduce myself.

My name is Laura Evans. I'm 2386 years old and I'm in Gr. 6. Now, you must be wondering, how are you 2386 years old? Aren't you supposed to be dead? I though so too. You see, I'm immortal, and magical. I'm a part of Sky and Earth (SE for short), a special program for kids like me. We're suppose to help society and 'save the world'. If you didn't know, Superman was made by someone who's in SE. All superheroes were made from people in SE. It's strange. I'm hiding from them. While everyone else was fighting, I turned my back and hid. I couldn't show my face to them anymore. They're still looking for me. The deadly 6th grader in the MACC Class.

I'm not the only one hiding though. My friend Deeandra (DD for short) is also part of SE. That's why she doesn't hit back. Because she'll actually hurt them. We're hiding in the MACC Class. We took a vow never to use our abilities in front of Mortals, people who didn't have powers. The pure people who didn't have to worry about this stuff. I envy them.

Sarah passes the paper back to me, drawings of fire and phoenixes scattered across parts of the paper.

If only she knew phoenixes were real.

I was tempted many times to tell Sarah my whole life is a lie. That I'm lying to everyone in the class right now. That I should be dead. I keep it a secret though, because of the Heads of SE finds out I told her, they'll take her away. Wipe her memory clean and throw her out into the streets. They had no care for Mortals.

There's 7 billion more Mortals in the world. Changing one won't do anything.

The Headmaster's voice rang though my head. He never showed his face. He always wore a dark cloak over his snow-white skin. Sometimes I think he doesn't have a face, like Slenderman. He'll be there once second, the next, he's gone. To catch him is like trying to catch smoke, with your bare hands.

The world is ridden with phoenixes, unicorns, and dragons. Mortals can't see them. They pass though them like air. I have suspicions that Sarah has the sight to see them as she walks around them, yet but then she would have to be a sorcerer like me. Or she could have been given sight by the Master Phoenix, Azura. I haven't crossed that option out yet. I look towards my pet phoenix, Ebony, at the front of the class. Ebony is a tall, dark purple fire phoenix who follows me everywhere. He was a gift from the Headmaster. I bring him to school on my shoulder and he waits at the front of the class for me.

The lunch bell rang and my class cheered since that signaled Math was over.

The Next Day

Third Person POV

"Alright class, we have a new student." Mr. A said as the class settled in their seats. "His name is Felix."

Felix waved stiffly at the class before taking his seat next to Mikey.

"Mikey," He introduced, holding his hand out. Felix nodded and Mikey awkwardly drew his hand back. Laura looked at the new kid in confusion. The name 'Felix' rung in her head several times. She could've sworn that she'd seen him before.

But where?


Anyways, I came up with the name Felix because 1. It sounded Asian and a lot of people in the class are Asian 2. It's my friend's name 3. Because I couldn't think of anything else

Woot, K' bye.

~ Sarah