Under the moonlight,

You gaze up at the stars.

Wondering where we are.

When we will we get you.

When will the creatures of the night come?

When will we make you scream?

You pass by a haunted house.

You gaze at it marvels.

All the horrors that may lurk inside of the house.

You wonder if the creatures are there.

Should you run for your lives?

Are the creatures near?

Today is All Hallow's Eve

The day that the creatures should rise from the grave,

This is the night your fear gathers.

For it fears the creatures it shall never understand.

The creatures filled of fright.

Where are the creatures of the night?

I am a creature of the night.

I have been deceiving you from the start.

The creatures are here.

We are real.

You should run on this night.

For we will get you.