Well, this is the crack version of my friend's story Rainbow Stone.

I hope you enjoy it! And you know. The normal version.


There was a world filled with magic and stuff. You know, like flying unicorns with rainbows attached to their flanks and dragons that eat carrots but not tomatoes. The world was called the Land of the Rainbows because everything was rainbow colored. The plants were rainbow colored and the sky was rainbow colored. Even the food was rainbow colored but then everyone got food poisoning.

Legend dictates that the Land of the Rainbows was created by a rock. Not just any rock. A special rock named Rocky. Rocky was made by four magic wizards with pointy hats and three magic scientists with lab coats and foaming beakers of explody things. The four magic wizards brought Rocky into the world with their magicky magic. With their help, Rocky created the eight lands in the magical world. The three magic scientists covered Rocky with magical science goo and Rocky created the magic rainbow colors, which flew around the land painting the land fuchsia. The four wizards and the three scientists became known as the seven dwarves. No seriously. They were short. But they were also called the seven creators of the land, even though Rocky was the one that created everything.

Rocky became angry when he learned that he didn't get any recognition. He started to paint everything weird colors. He turned the sky blue and the grass green, and things just weren't supposed to be like that. The seven creators decided to make a magic being like them. The new being appeared exactly like a normal human being except it had an empty soul because it hadn't found its one true love yet. Rocky saw the new being and fell in love, causing the being and Rocky to get married. When the two were wed, the being and Rocky sparkled like diamonds. This was the beginning of a new leader of the world known as the Diamond King.

The Diamond King was extremely close, if you know what I mean, with the seven creators. He divorced Rocky, causing Rocky to split into eight pieces of stone because that's what divorce does to a person. Ruby, red as a strawberry, Aquamarine, blue as a blueberry, Sapphire, blue as another blueberry, Peridot, green as a lime, Citrine, orange as an orange, Zircon, yellow as a banana, Amethyst, purple as a grape, and Diamond, clear as something clear. Each stone held a rainbow fruity power that kept the land in harmony. If anyone put the fruity stones together, the balance of the Land of Rainbows would fall into Chaos.

In the Royal Library of the Diamond Castle in the Land of the Diamonds...

"..." A girl with blond, shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and a white flowing dress put down the book she was reading onto the table next to her. "What the fudge?"

"Is there a problem, Princess Lazura?" A minion put a teacup decorated with diamonds on the table.

"That book was weird... Tell me that's not really the legend of the beginning of the world." Lazura turned to the minion.

"I'm afraid that's the true legend, Princess."

Lazura sighed. "If that's true, how come no one has ever put the fruity stones together?"

"That's because only the rightful heir to the Land of Diamonds can revive the fruity stones, which means you're the next one to search for them, Princess Lazura."

"I'm the next one?" Lazura asked.


The room was silent, until…

"I'M GOING ON A JOURNEY!" Lazura jumped up and yelled, her hair flowing behind her and the sun shining on her face.

"EH?! P-PRINCESS?!" The minion was completely surprised by the sudden outburst.

"That's enough sun and wind. Minions dismissed." Lazura said.

The two minions with the lamp and the fan picked up their respective items and left the room.

~Time Skip~

The Princess was now wearing all black like a ninja.

"So, are you going?" A man's voice was heard.

"Yes, father!" replied the Princess.

King Rafael reminded her, "Don't forget your pet penguin, Pororo."

A penguin landed on Lazura's head out of nowhere and pecked her head.

"Of course I wouldn't forget you, Poro!" Lazura gently petted the penguin's head.

"Yeah right." The penguin murmured in German and pecked her head again.

"I'll make you proud, father!" Lazura announced as she grabbed her knapsack and immediately dashed out of the castle like Mario when he's going to save Princess Peach.

"Good luck, my child!" the King shouted back to Lazura.

This was the start of an exciting adventure for the Princess and her pet Pororo.

Somewhere in a Forgotten Land...

"Hm~ I spy an little creature on a journey." A young man with black hair and bloody red eyes smirked as he watched the Princess running out of the castle.

You see, it's the crack version. So some might be a lot different and some might be a bit same.

Anyways, I update when she does so keep an eye out!

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