Confession in Physics

I. Weak

your gaze on mine:
these little loose&fragile things. i can't
help but smile in the face
of frictionless conversations tasting
like salted caramel. the easy motion
of your hands distracts; i forget
how to speak (or how not to say it).
this is the derivative of breathless.

II. Strong

your hands are so much larger than mine;
i want to press them palm to palm
and measure how you could keep
me warm. atlas should have taught me
not to rest the sky on one man's back, yet
you lift my day so effortlessly. towering:
my eyes rise to yours, your laugh
leaves me in the atmosphere, weightless.

III. Gravity

bright as comets: you pull me in
to orbit when you're near. we're close
to alignment, path unpolluted by
treacherous stars (your eyes are
the only light). you are my anchor; keep me
from blowing away (like a hot air balloon).
my ribs collapse into a singularity, heartbeat
thrumming louder until every flutter
fills me to the brim: magnified.

IV. Electromagnetic

charge: every glance sends a current
pulsing in my veins. i am electric, wired
and warm like the inside of
a light bulb. you fill me with sparks, popping
electrons spiraling into you: nuclear fusion.
we are atomic. i could live under your magnetic
field, watch the auroras blossom
with you.