Travel through the fleeting nights and passing days, finding what you lost along the way.

I begged you, but I knew you couldn't stay and play along with my humorous games.

Travel on and on saving lives with your grace, I hope you see the world in a whole new state.

My eyes were taken by my naive mistakes, so when you return show me all of what you could take.

Travel free and understand what I could not, Let your heart grow and feed this world your endless love.

Wish I knew how to be more like you; it's infuriating to see my overbearing past confuse you.

Travel faraway and find your beloved place, I know they will accept you in every way.

I cannot leave this old forsaken town, for in this distorted world I wear the monarch's crown.

Travel with your commanding light and leave me astray in the darkness so I can learn how to fight.

All hunt for you in the stir of my contemplations so seize control of my unwinding nation.

Travel back along my broken roads and find my deserted soul, there you can finally see me as a whole.