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The Earth's Guardians

Harmony opened her eyes and sat up, alarmed. She was sitting on a bed with crisp, white, sheets in what appeared to be a hospital room. Three identical beds were on either side of her. The bed's occupants appeared to be sleeping or unconscious, and Harmony couldn't see their faces.

"Where am I?"

"You're awake?" A man with baggy eyebrows, a long, shaggy beard, white hair, and clear blue eyes came over to her bed. He was wearing a long, red robe and big, circular glasses. He looked the picture of Einstein.

"Why shouldn't I be awake?"

"Hmm. Interesting, very interesting."

"You haven't answered my questions," Harmony pointed out.

"Oh! Sorry. I've been quite busy."

"With what?" asked Harmony, curiously.

"Taking observations," said the man, poking and prodding Harmony's arms and legs.

"Of who?" asked Harmony, with exasperation.

"You." The man said it as if it explained everything. He smiled and held out his hand. "My name is Magister. Pleased to meet you."

"Uh… Pleased to meet you too," Harmony stuttered. "Why am I here?"

"Because," the man said frankly, "I kidnapped you."

"You what?" Harmony was completely alert now. She jumped out of her bed and ran down the white tiled floor trying to find a way out while yelling, "Help! Help! I've been kidnapped!"

"That won't do you any good ,dear." the man said in a kindly, but reprimanding voice. "This room is sound proof and element proof."

"What's element proof?" asked Harmony, calming down a little. She knew there was no use yelling unless she wanted to get a migraine and lose her strength.

"It means you can't use your powers here.

"What powers?"

"Don't play innocent. You know exactly what I'm talking about."

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