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(Chapter Title….. ?)

"Do something!" Ivy screamed.

Skye seemed near tears. "I can't."

"What do you mean?" They were running away from the tornado, but it was following them, almost as if it knew they were there.

"I've… I've never used my powers before."
"How did you know you had them then?!"

"Because," Skye sniffed, "that was the last thing my mother told me before she died."

"I'm so sorry! I had no idea!"

"It's not your fault. Look, I'll try to stop it. Just keep running! No matter what, keep running!" And she let go of Ivy's hand and ran toward the tornado, expecting to never return.

Ivy couldn't help but look back while running. Skye jumped, arms open wide, into the middle of the tornado.

Harmony was still racing Rayna. She was winning, but not by much. She yelled a teasing remark about her being faster but was shocked to hear nothing. She stopped and waited for Rayna to catch up. Harmony pointed to her mouth and roughly signaled the problem. Then she had an idea. She thought of the sound barrier they were in. Harmony thought about it breaking, shattering like ice. And, it did.

"What was that all about?" asked Rayna "I asked for you to slow down, but I couldn't hear my own voice."

"I don't know. We'll just have to be on our toes. We should probably start searching for clues."

They searched for hours until they reached a cliff.

Fawn and Luna trudged onwards. Soon it became dark above them.

"Look!" said Luna "The sky is only dark above us. There's light everywhere else".

"I bet it's a test. You have to…" but she was interrupted right there, as a meteorite came crashing down landing on top of Fawn.

"No!" shouted Ivy. Tears sprung to her eyes. But she remembered Skye's last words. She would not waste this precious gift, this self-sacrifice. There was nothing she could do now. So, with remorse, Ivy kept running.

Skye ran forward and embraced the tornado. She spoke to it in a calm, whispering voice, begging it not to destroy, but to help. It obliged, seeming as it had no choice on the matter. Skye was its master, and that was that.

Scarlet wiped her brow. "That was exhausting!"

"How do you think I feel, whisking us from place to place? It does have a draining effect you know."

Scarlet rolled her eyes. "I know. It must being tiring for such an old man," she smirked.

Magistrate raised his eyebrows and pretended to be offended. "I am not old! I am experienced. Maybe even a bit loony, but not old."

"If you say so."

"I'm glad you agree. Now, let's teleporphate south to Harmony and Rayna.

Harmony and Rayna blinked. Magister and Scarlet had surprised them. One moment they weren't there, and the next they were.

"Why are you guys here?" asked Harmony

"Yeah,." said Rayna.

"We thought you might need some help," said Magistrate.

"Correction! Magister dragged me here. I have nothing to do with it!"

"We don't need any help!" Harmony said defensively.

"We gladly accept your help," Rayna said at the same time.

"Whether you like it or not, we're helping," said Magistrate

"Suit yourself." Harmony turned up her nose and turned back to face the cliff.

"What are you doing?" asked Scarlet.

"I am watching, looking for a way to get down. The cliff is forty feet deep and completely straight and there are no foot-holds."

"Hmm… Seems like we'll have to think of a solution."

Luna screamed. "Fawn!"

"I'm-all-right," Fawn grunted.


"I think you pinned the meteorite in midair. There's only a foot between me and it. Do you think you can help me wiggle out?"

"Fawn! You're alive! I thought I had lost you!"

"Yeah… Thanks for that."

"You're welcome," Luna smiled. "I'm glad I could be of assistance." She moved over and put her hands under part of the meteorite. She closed her eyes and the meteorite shifted a little, allowing Fawn to escape from its clutches.


"You're welcome. Do you think you could summon a camel?"

"Uh... I guess."

"We're gonna need it."

"OK. How about we head south after I call it? Maybe we can meet up with Harmony and Rayna."

"Ivy! Wait up!" Was it? Could it be? No, Skye was dead, she couldn't be here. A hand reached out to Ivy. "I...I...I harnessed it. I actually harnessed it!"

Ivy slowed down. "You what?!"

"I commanded the tornado to stop, and it listened. I'll give you the details later. We might as well report to Magistrate."


Harmony was the first to spot the camels. "Look Magistrate!"

"It's Fawn and Luna!" squealed Scarlet.

"Yay!" shouted Rayna

"Did you guys find it?" asked Fawn.

"Nope." replied Luna.

"How do you know?"

"They would have showed it to us by now if they have it."

"Oh. What should we do now?" asked Fawn.

"We wait." said Magister.

"Where are they?" complained Skye.

"Usually I can sense were my father is easily, but I can barely sense him today. I think he's just beyond that sand dune, though."

"Finally!" said Skye.

They trudged to the cliff, exhausted and beaten, hoping against hope that the key had been found.

"Before you ask," said Luna "we don't have the key."

"But," put in Rayna "we do know where it is."

"We do?" asked Harmony.

"Oh… I never told you! I just saw the key at the bottom of the cliff, but it's impossible to get to."

The girls looked crestfallen, not meeting each other's eyes.

"Nothing's impossible for the creator," Magistrate tried to cheer them up.

Suddenly Harmony shouted, "I have an idea!"

"What is it?" asked Fawn.

"What if we had Rayna make water rise up under the key, sending it up to us?"

"I already thought of that." said Magistrate. "The key wouldn't float; it's made of heavy ivory."

"What if I used vines to get it," suggested Ivy.

"Vines wouldn't be long enough," said Magistrate.

They argued about what to do for some time and didn't know when Skye slipped off. She returned a short time later yelling, "I got it!"

"How'd you get it?" asked Magistrate. "You're the youngest in the group. How did you get it when none of us could? Prove that you have the key!"

Skye uncurled her hand, showing an elaborate key. "I walked down the cliff on air, grabbed the key, and climbed back up. It's as simple as that." She smiled, "I'm just glad we can go home."

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