My first love poem

Gone away to find you, but you left me in your dust.

Your kisses so sweet they were almost bloody, like a love gone amuck.

I held your hand, but you dragged me to the ocean and threw me inside.

You knew I couldn't swim so I couldn't understand why.

I still hope for your love like some sort of sweet poison,fatal when chosen.

I'm not a masochist, but you're a parasite and I've let you infect me with your unnatural highs.

I didn't dare fight back as you killed me and took away all that I had,

And here I am wishing you were still here to secretly kill me in my nap.

One day you will actually love me, but not now though I will still try,

To find hope in my crazy fascist love life, that I hope to save without the use of a knife.

One day you will stop coming back to cut me down, One day I will refuse your over all lockdown.

But that's not today and probably not too soon, you know I'm passive so you always choose.

All my friends hope I will find another, to clean up all the destruction you have caused my brothers.

Yet I still yearn for you, like an addict who is going through withdrawal.

One day I'll be able to tunnel through and forget this all.

That day will come but it's just not today,no not at all.