Save Me From Myself

Rated: M

Introduction: "I love you, forever" were the words Blake and Jakey told each other but when presented with the challenge of...meeting new family...overcoming Blake's eating problems...Jakey's grandma dies...and the deadly truth of Blake's new cuts...will there forever be enough to save them when Blake steps on deaths doorstep.

Chapter 1: Challenged

I felt the warm sensation of his lips first and than the smoothness of his tongue as he entered my mouth playing with my own tongue. He laid over me using his arms to pin mine over my head and no matter how much I protested he wouldn't let me move. Groaning as his tongue glided along the roof of my mouth, I tried pressing against the restraints of his hands struggling but unable to move them. I looked up at my baby Jakey but instantly closing my eyes again, enjoying the kiss. I sighed wanting to give up but finding myself fighting more to win over this round. I was about to try something when he shoved his tongue deeper into my mouth making me gasp softly out in shock.

"Deep tonguing" pointed out Dona as she leaned against Dave and closed her eyes. My friends, baby, and I had all decided on the park for this summer day because there wasn't much we could do, in fact this was suppose to be a meeting but...well you get the idea of what happened.

"What the heck are you talking about?" asked Dave looking down at her but she simple shooed his look away and relaxed into his chest smiling happily.

"Simple, listen to them and you can get a clue...also because they do it everyday so you could really learn what they are doing in each others mouth" she laughed. I felt my face heat up but didn't get to long to think about it as Jakey deep tongued me again, once again I gasped in surprise.

"Sounds like Blake is surprised every time" chuckled Jade winking at me but I was to into kissing my boyfriend to acknowledge it.

I shrieked at the pleasurable pain as he grabbed my testicle squeezing them lightly to keep my attention. I squirmed under his weight but it was no use. I finally gave in giving him my full attention, continuing to kiss him with deep passion. I kept my eye's closed trying to concentrate on the kiss instead of my thumping heart.

"Hey Jakey looks like you got a little something" Said Jessica making Jakey lift up from me to look at her. I gasp for breath, breathing rapidly and trying to take deep breaths.

"Hey that was a lie" Said Jakey looking over himself than back at Jessica, "great your ruined our make out session" he turned back to me watching me take in deep breaths than kissing my lips again.

"Hey, he looked like he could use a breath, you guys have been sucking face for a half and hour now," pointed out Jasmine but Jakey just gave her a "so" look and went back to pecking at my lips. Each time was faster and more anticipated than before.

"Jakey give him a break to catch his breath, poor Blake has breathing problems if you have already forgotten" Said Yasmine giving me a concerned look but I gave her a warm smile reassuring her that I was fine.

"I guess I should" Sighed Jakey looking down and giving me a apologetic look but I pecked his lips nuzzling at his neck cutely, making him lift me up in his arms. "I am sorry boo, I didn't hurt you or anything did I?"

Instead of answering him I tackled him back to the ground, mulling him with more kissing. I intertwined our fingers together and holding his out so I could hold him down as I engulfed him with kisses. He seemed to keep up with my kisses easily and broke through my fingers wrapping his arms around my waist getting ready to flip me. I held onto his shirt with my fingers digging into the fabric feeling him tighten his grip. I shook my head pleading him with my eye's not to but it was to late. With a quick turn I let out a low whimper as he pinned me down under him deep tonguing me. Gasping I squeezed his shirt under my fingers I felt his tongue slide in my mouth again but this time I captured it with my lips and sucking on it slowly making Jakey let out a little moan.

"Sounds like Blake got Jakey this time" Said Dona pointing out "I am guessing you finally got his tongue and as of now is sucking on it"

"Dona, seriously how do you know this stuff?" asked Dave.

"Hun trust me I am an expert at these things" She answered laying a kissing right on his lips than pulling away and whispering "you were just my experiment that I used to work with"

Everyone gasp teasing Dave even though he didn't seem to mind While everyone was paying attention on that I started feeling dizzy but trying my best not to complain as Jakey broke past my lips sticking his tongue deep down my throat. I didn't know what happened much next but Jade yelling Jakey's name to stop than I felt him being pulled away. I laid there breathing in deeply and finally opening my eyes to see Jakey was backing away gawking at me. I frowned and reached out for him but he didn't come so Dona gave him a glare but he ignored her. I made my eyes water reaching out for him again and sniffling hoping this would work. Luckily, it did because he was at my side in seconds pecking my lips and apologizing.

"Boo I am so sorry," He said frantically checking me over which made me giggle a little. I squirmed a when he got to my ticklish spots but he seemed unnerved. "boo I feel so bad" He whispered cupping my cheeks in his hands making me look up at him.

"Baby I am fine" I smiled looking at him than reaching up meeting his lips but he wouldn't let me use my tongue. "baby" I pouted but he shook his head taking me in his arms.

"I love you boo" He whispered

"I love you to baby" I said back and smiling whispering "don't worry, we are just learning how to coop with my breathing" I reassured and he nodded moving to his lips back onto mine which I gladly accepted.

"Come on baby en-" he didn't get to finish as sliding my tongue quickly into his mouth. I held his shirt tight hoping he wouldn't pull away but instead he slid his hands onto my waist holding my kiss. "Baby" he whispered finally pulling away.

"Yes baby" I said sticking my lip out a little. He smiled kissing my pout and nuzzling my neck as he lifted me up bridal style carrying me to the others. I hid in his chest smiling against it and closing my eyes letting out a little yawn.

"We need to figure out our weekend plans, especially since my family is going to come down for a whole weekend" He said and I groaned nuzzling at his chest.

"Let me guess I won't be able to come to your family reunion and have to wait for you" I stated looking up at him with hurt eyes but he shook his head.

"Well you are considered part of the family, since you are my soon to be husband" He whispered making me blush a deep red and hide deeper into his chest. "Baby do you think your mother would let you come over for the whole weekend"

"I bet she would, she loves you for helping me so much" I said pecking his lips. He returned it and smiled, it was than I realized that we had an audience making me blush a deeper red.

"Good because I don't want to have to leave you for a minute" He smiled down at me than looked at his phone letting out a big sigh. "Baby, it's lunch time"

"No" I grumbled

"Yes you need to eat" he proclaimed picking me up again. I tried to pull away but me being as weak as I am I was unable to do much but make him chuckle at me. "See you guys later, I have someone to feed" He told our friends.

We said our goodbyes and waved as we left. As usual Jakey "had" to carry me back to his house so I got stuck getting a piggy back ride. I nuzzled at his neck kissing his cheek making him blush slightly. I giggled nomming against his cheek feeling him squirm a little but still holding me tight as we stepped into his house. He set me on the couch and laid over me kissing me deeply. I gasp kissing him back and closing my eyes, feeling his hands on my hips.

"Now Jake, Blake needs his face to eat don't you think" said his dad. Jakey gasp and fell off of me to the floor.

"Aw did you catch these two in there little make out" teased his mom stepping beside his father. I grinned innocently but when looked at Jakey he was covering his face with his hands trying to cover a blush. I grinned and rolled off the couch, flopping onto his chest.

"O gosh baby" he said looking at me as I laid myself across him. I looked down kissing him making sure my now long hair covered his face so his parents wouldn't see him turn red. "Boo!" he complained but kissed me back slipping his tongue into my mouth. I felt his tongue go deep into my mouth and had to squeeze his shirt not to moan.

"If your guys are done, lunch is ready" Said his mother. Jakey gave me a little nudge so I got up giving him my pouty face hoping it would work so I didn't have to eat. He shook his head and grabbed my arm leading me to the kitchen.

"Come on boo we are having pizza" he said cheerfully and suddenly I collapsed in his arms from feeling weak kneed. He caught me looking down at me a little concerned. "Babe you can do it, I know you can" He said giving me a warm smile.

I nodded throwing my arms around him and letting him carrying me to the kitchen chair. I sat there and grabbed a piece of pizza just staring at it for a minute before looking back at Jakey. He nodded so I turned back and took a bite setting the pizza down and covering my mouth with my hands slowly chewing. Jakey slipping an arm around my waist kissing my cheek. I swallowed the next bite and ducked into his chest shaking my head. I heard him sigh and reach over grabbing my piece taking a bite but instead of eating it he made me look at him and kissed me shoving the pizza deep in my throat. I clutched onto him finally eating the pizza pulling a little away taking a deep breath. He took another bite of it kissing me again and doing the same with each piece. Each time it became harder and harder. Finally, we finished it but ended up with him holding me tightly in his arm nuzzling my neck.

"Thank you baby" I whispered resting against his chest.

"Anything for my baby" he said kissing my forehead and lifting my head, kissing me more. I held his kiss happy to feel his tongue against mine. "Baby, I got something for you" he pulled away leaving me to pout. He kissed my pout than pulled out another cell phone handing it over to me.

"W...what?" I stared at the device than at him.

"You know how to use one since you love to use mine but there you go, my parents thought since you were so close to me they would get you a cell phone so we would never lose contact" He smiled happily playfully tackling me to the ground kissing me. Whispering against my lips he said "Use it to get a hold of us anytime"

"I will baby"

"Good" he nuzzled me than lifted me up. "Baby I have to help mom get things ready, will you be fine with going and getting your stuff for this weekend alone?"

"Of course baby, and I have your number if I need you" I gave him a reassuring smile pulling us both up. He walked me over to the door but before I could turn the nob he pinned me against the wall raping my lips. I whimpered a little but kissed him back with delight. "OK, I will be back baby"