Chapter 2: Pained

Jakey's POV:

I watched him scamper off, giving me one last wink as he rounded the corner to his house. I smiled watching till he was gone than turned and ran off to help my mom set up. I had to grab a hair tie and pull my long chest nut hair back into a pony tail. It had gotten longer during the school year and I refused to cut it because me and Blake were going to grow our hair out together. I stepped outside and started cleaning the pool as my parents cleaned a place for the table. I just finished the pool when my little cousins came and hugged me almost knocking me into it.

"Cousin Jakey," they cheered as I pulled them into a group hug.

"Jakey, where is that Blake boyfriend guy of yours that you have talked about so much?" asked Katherine and that's when I realized that Blake should have been back by now.

"Hang on," I said stepping past them and running toward my parents "Do you mind if I take the young ones to see Blake since he isn't here?"

"Of course it's only a couple of blocks," said my mom and I nodded.

"Come on guys we are going to go meet him right now," I said leading them out the gate and racing them around the corner. I made it to the back gate of there's hoping to scare Blake when I stopped dead in my tracks, Blake let out blood curdling scream. I quickly ran it gasping, feeling like there was a burning sensation in my chest as I looked at the scene before me.

Blake was leaning against the fence as his father held him there turning a blade into his side. Blake had tears coming down his face holding around where the knife was lodged in. He looked up at the sky with his eyes closed not noticing I was there. I turned to Katherine and handed her the phone letting her run off and call the house than I turned back to where my boyfriends was and screamed. The dad looked at me forgetting about Blake, giving him enough time to kick his dad in the balls and jump into my arms.

"Boo no," I cried holding him close, stroking his cheek softly.

"So you must be Jakey, Blake's pathetic boyfriend," laughed his dad making me snap up in anger, starting to see red, next thing I knew I had set Blake down and dived at his dad.

"," Blake choked making me look back at him. My gaze softened making me forget about his father for a split second till there was a heavy wait knocked against my chest. I gasp as his father held me in a head lock forcing me to look down at Blake. He looked at me with sorrowful eyes but attempted to get up failing miserable. I felt the wetness of my own tears as I looked up to see my father and uncle enter through the gate stopping when they seen me.

"What is going on hear," growled my dad looking from me to Blake than back to me. I watched as my uncles shooed the little kids out the gate than rejoined my fathers side. As for me I watches helpless, as Blake bled out on the ground, the knife still lodged in his side.

"Dad I beg of you, let him go," he looked up staring at his dad. Tears stained his face as he shook with fear or the loss of blood, "please, you can do what ever you want to me but just let him go," he whimpered.

"Boo what do you think your doing," I said, looking at him, but was cut short as his fathers arm tightened around my neck. I gasp trying to catch my breath barely able to keep up with it as I looked back at Blake.

"O really," smirked his dad. He had a wide grin on his face that I would have gladly slapped it off if I hadn't been in such a tight hold, "well you know what I have been trying to do for years but unable to because of the consequences."

"Dad are you being serious about this?" whispered Blake using the rest of his strength to grab the knife, pulled it out, and lift himself back up.

"Well unless you want your poor baby to be let go than I suggest you just get it over with," he mocked.

I looked back at Blake as more tears poured down my eyes. I could already taste them on my lips but ignoring them and everything around me, I stared at Blake. He put the knife to his wrist and started to slide it across, not even making a mark. I looked up at him terror masking my face, as I shook my head and pleading with my eyes practically begging him not to do what he was about to.

"Do it now or I will make sure your boyfriend here doesn't have another breath to breath," screetched his dad losing his patients. Blake gasp and slammed the blade down into this wrist a little to much. Blood poured from his wrist and when I looked at my dad he wore that same helpless look I did.

"Blake," I whispered in the weakest voice, "please don't do this for me...please no," I begged but he shook his head and with his shaky hand he took the blade in his bloody hand and slammed it down into his other wrist. At first he just stood there but than he knife fell to the ground as did he.

"I can't believe he would do such a thing for love," laughed his father tossing me onto Blake's limp body. I was clinging to his shirt crying into it unable to hear his heart beat any longer. Soon enough my uncle was at my side lifting me up from Blake's unmoving body but I refused to move.

"Jake we were to late, come on we have to go and get the cops," said my uncle rubbing my arm and pulling me away against my own will. I screamed and thrashed against my uncles grip refusing to let go of Blake's shirt but was unable to as he dragged me away setting me against the opposite gate, "Jake you need to think straight about this."

"Uncle why?!...he didn't deserve any of this," I sobbed, holding my head in my hands. I felt my uncle hug me gentle rubbing my back, "he didn't do anything wrong," I whispered

"I know Jake but sometimes the people with the biggest hearts have the hardest lives, and they get what they don't deserve but there isn't much we can do now, he is dead," replied my uncle making me sob more.

"James, the police are on there way," interrupted my father and my uncle nodded getting up and pulling me up with him. We walked over to my dads side, but I didn't meet any of there eyes till there was a light touch on my arm. I looked up to see my father staring down at me, concern filling his eyes, "son this is where you have to put on your big boys pants," he said and I nodded still unable to grasp that the one person I loved could be dead.

He patted my back and let me leave and start walking home. I looked down to see my cloths were covered in Blake's blood. I felt more tears well up in my eyes and slip down my cheek. I knew I couldn't go home, not like this, so I turned the opposite way and was about to run when I heard Blake yell my name. I ran back into the fence to see everyone had frozen. I turned to see Blake's body was still laying there and as I stepped over to it my uncle shook my head.

"I thought I heard him yell my name," I whispered looking down.

"Jakey go home, your just tired and it has been a long day," said my uncle and I nodded and was about to turn back when Blake called my name but this time when look over, I seen him rolling over to his side coughing.

"BLAKE!" I screamed and ran to his side lifting him up and looking down, happy to see he was alive. He looked at me and gave me a faint smile than rolled into my chest, "but how?" I asked him, crushing my lips to his than instantly pulling away so he could keep his breath.

"Look at my wrist baby," his voice was rasp and barely above a whisper making me lean down to hear him. I nodded holding him but lifting his wrist up to see they were both clean, not a single scratch. I looked at him confused, when he said, "I put fake blood packets on my wrist before I left the house and got cornered...I was going to trick you into thinking I was cutting."

"Well I am glad you did that," said my father coming up behind me, "I don't know what I would have done if Jake didn't have his boyfriend around."

"I was never much for gay marriage but you two are to cute," added my uncle.

"J...Jakey," whispered Blake and I turned back to him, "the cut on my side is not fake..i...I feel so dizzy," I gasp picking him u bridal style, nodding at my uncle and dad. I ran out the fence and toward the house were I burst into the living room where everyone was moping.

"Blake is alive," cheered Katherine getting up and running over hugging my leg. When I looked down at her I seen she had been crying by the redness that puffed up her eyes.

"Hey babe am I suppose to be able to lose my vision because I can't see anything," said Blake rolling his head down making me have to support it with my arm.

"Mom can you help him please," I begged, looking at her and she nodded running into the bathroom with my aunt to get the medical stuff. I sat Blake down on the island holding his hand tightly with mine. "Its ok baby they are going to clean you up and fix you up just as good as new," I whispered kissing his knuckle.

"No baby she isn't going to help me," he replied making me look at him in shock. He gave me a sorrowful look than closed his eyes resting his head against the counter.

Blake's POV

"Baby what do you mean they aren't going to help you, of course they are," Jakey said but his voice betrayed him. I smiled squeezing his hand, or at the least attempting to.

"Boo go listen to them in the hall than come back and tell me what they said," I replied and he nodded getting up and going to the hall listening closely. I turned to Katherine and handed her my phone, quickly saying, "Ok in my contacts should be someone named Yasmine, what I need you to do is call her and tell her to come quickly that I have been hurt."

"You got it," she soluted, taking the phone and hurrying outside calling Yasmine right as Jakey came back in arguing with his family.

"You have to save him or try to please," he begged.

"Son you are going to have to grow up and face it," said his mother sounding a little more than annoyed yet concerned at her son, "he has lost to much blood and even if we did stop it from bleeding and fix him up in time with all that extra help with things like eating is going to get in the way and he would eventually die."

"How can you say that," he shrieked returning to my side with tears running down his cheeks. He put his head into my chest crying deeply apologizing over and over again till there was a knock on the door.

"Ok everyone move out of the way," said Yasmine coming in and taking control, "Jakey quit crying and get him up stairs and into your bathroom," she instructed.

Jakey looked up a little shocked at first but that hurried in scooping my limp body up and running up the stairs. He ran into the bathroom and sat down on the table thing before the tub and pulled my shirt off, I screamed. He kissed me gentle wiping away some tears that fell down my cheek. I sniffled kissing him back and clung onto his arms.

"Does coming this close to death really have to hurt so much?" I asked in a whispering laughing , letting my head fall to rest against his chest.

"Jakey your going to have to leave while I do this," said Yasmine stepping in and setting a bag down beside us as she slipped some gloves on pointing to the door, "you and Katherine can wait outside and I will come and get you when I am done."

"Please hurry," said Jakey leaning down and kissing me one last time before pulling away and setting me down even though I protested wanting him to hold me. I gave up and finally just laid there in pain as Yasmine poured some cool liquid down my side. Soon enough everything was numb and I could relax a little.

"Blake this stuff will help you numb your body while I go through this, now just look straight up and don't look at me but just talk," instructed Yasmine.

"O...K," I stuttered, coughing a little but stared up and started talking, "are you going to be able to save me?"

"Yes, I should be able to save you without a problem and when I am done you won't be able to move on your own for a couple days till the blood you lost returns, and also when I am done I am going to give you some medicine that will make you kind of loopy but you will have a big headache afterward," she responded.

"Just as long as I can live for my baby," I said sitting still and letting her finish in silents. It seemed like hours before she stood up and and started packing things up,"are you done?"

"Yes," she said opening the door and poking her head out "Jakey, I am done would you come in hear so I can explain some things to you?"

"Gosh, you scared me," he said coming in and running to my side. I smiled feeling his warmth again, letting him lift me back up into his arms. I closed my eyes finally happy to get some rest when Yasmine struck me with some medicine, making me feel a little...loopy?

"Boo," I giggled poking him in his cheek than laughing from it, "you know I really love you," I said making him give me a fresh kiss, planted right on my lips. I smiled at the stinging sensation they left behind but pouted when he pulled away from me.

I reached up for him but he lifted me up putting his arms around me, leaving me to squirm under than weight of his arms. Once in a while he would take a minute to kiss me before turning back to Yasmine and talking about whatever they had going on. Finally, I passed out but was soon awakened by the warmth of water on my bare skin.

"Baby what are you doing?" I whispered groggily sounding a little more like myself than before.

"I am going to give you a bath to get the blood off than we are going to go to bed," he whispered and I nodded tiredly as he joined me, setting me on top of his lap. I laid into his bare chest letting him scrub the dried blood off, than watched as he did himself. I sighed running my hands down his chest until I was at the start of where his dick began, than giggled.

"Baby," I smiled, giggling when he looked at me, "I wantz to play with it," I said cutely. He leaned over and kissing me, then shaking his head as if that medicine had really gotten to my head. I grinned taking that as a yes and grabbing a hold of his cock, making him gasp a little surprised.

"No baby, bad, that is not something for you to play with," he protested, trying to pull away but I gripped it harder making him stop, "boo let my dick go," he said sternly but I shook my head in protest, refusing to let go, even when he moved his hands to mine.

"No I want to play," I complained, lightly yanking on it, making him come forward into me. I started stroking it softly with my hands. Jakey let out a soft moan leaning against the tubs edge as I climbed over him stoking it more.

"O gosh baby," moaned Jakey. I grinned leaning down licking the tip of it, than sliding my mouth over it bobbing my head back and forth on it, "," he moaned.

"Hey Jakey will you guys be much longer, I have to patch Blake up than I would like to go home and get some sleep," called Yasmine. Jakey groaned and got up, pulling me away from his dick and wrapping me in a towel. Cradling me carefully, he dried me off, then, dressed me in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt.

"Baby," I pouted reaching for it again but he shook his head shooed my hands away before getting dressed himself. He than took me by the waist, leading me back to the bedroom.

"Sorry Blake here was having some person things he wanted to do to me," grinned Jakey, giving me a warm smile. I squeezed his hand than huddled under his arm allowing him to hold me.

"Why don't you lay him down so I can talk to you in private," she suggested.. Jakey nodded and lead me to the bed where he laid me down and kissed my forehead. I reached out for him when he started to walk away pouting.

"Boo I will be right back," he whispered and walked back over to Yasmine.

I laid there rolling around in the bed trying to get comfortable. It had been a while since I laid in a bed myself because I was so used to having Jakey. I closed my eyes trying to get to sleep but I kept struggling to keep my eyes closed till I seen Jakey, walk back over to me. He slipped on the other side and pulled me up into his arms than leaned down and kissed me. I gratefully kissed him back as a wave of sleep took over me and I collapsed into his chest going into a deep sleep. I laid there sleeping peacefully until I heard some voices in the hallway.

"I am sorry, but Blake got hurt, and I want revenge," came Katherine's small cute little voice, "no one should ever have to go through that much pain, so your in it with me or I go alone."

"Ok, ok, I am with you but I just hope we don't get caught," said Rachel, the other one. I heard them go down stairs, as I lifted myself off the bed, careful not to wake a sleeping Jakey.

I walked down stairs a little slower than the young ones, one because I wanted to hear what they were saying, and two because my side was killing me, making it hard for me not to cry out in pain or go back and have Jakey sooth it. I heard them walk out the door and soon I fallowed with the night air blowing past me. I seen them start to run across the yard and hurried after them, pain striking my side with each step. Finally, they came to a stopped and I seen why...they were being trapped by a huge dog.

"Katherine what are we going to do now?" asked Rachel. Her voice was shaky letting those around her know that she was scared to death at the moment.

"I...i don't know," she said beginning to cry and right than the dog decided to make its move going after the girls. They scream but I jumped in the way letting the big dog jump on me. I screamed I pain but looked at the dog, making sure he was staring at me and not the girls.

"Girls get home now, you should have never come out here," I said still watching the dog.

"BLAKE!" screamed Katherine but made no move toward the big dog but in fact followed my directions and ran behind the fence with Rachel.

"Blake please be careful," cried Rachel.

"Guys please go home I got this," I said but they seemed unconvinced so I added "and go get Jakey," they nodded but only Rachel took off.

"I am not going to leave you Blake," she said facing me but I just shook my head knocking the dog off to the ground.

"Just make sure you don't get in the way, I don't need you to get hurt," I said going to attack the dog but Katherine being her stubborn self came and got into the middle of the fight. "Katherine no!" I said grabbing her and picking her up as the dog grabbed my leg, biting deep down. I kicked it and turned the other direction running back toward the house forgetting about my pains.

"Blake its coming after us," Katherine stuttered so I ran faster until we were in the yard and I had to slow down. There lights were on as Jakey's dad stepped out with a wide awake Jakey behind him, "uncle!" cried Katherine, moving from me and ran over to him hugging his leg.

"O my gosh Blake," Jakey said sighing in relief. I gave him a faint smile before crumbling to the ground. Instantly he was right there lifting me in his strong arms and carrying me towards the house, "it will be ok, we will get you help just stay with me," he whispered stepping into the house.

"Baby..." was all I could mumble, letting him set me on the couch, laying over him. His mom started cleaning up the blood wound. I didn't wince I was to numb with pain that it made no difference to me, "I love you," I whispered to him.

"I love you to boo," he smiled down at me putting his lips softly to mine. He hand his arms around my waist arching me up. Our arms and hands were entangled together as I fainted. I felt him squeeze me close but other than that everything was tuned out but him.

That morning when I woke up, it was already late afternoon and Jakey was still sleeping with me in his arms. I laid on top of his chest but the instant I moves I had to lay back down. Pain was like a shock coursing through my body and no matter what I did it was never ending. I whimpered holding my side as Jakey started to stir and seen me groping my wound in pain.

"Baby!" he cried holding me up I bit down on my tongue as the movements made the pain increase, "I am so sorry, are you ok?" his voice was frantic with worry but I simple nodded.

"Just sore, you know I am not going to heal over night baby so no need to worry," I smiled leaning up ad kissing him. He returned with such grace trying to be careful not to move me to much even though it wouldn't work anyways.

"Come on baby, let me get you some medicine," he whispered and I nodded letting him lift me up bridal style in his arms and carry me down stairs. I had already fainted by the time we made it down stairs, the pain had been to much for me body.

"Blake, wake up boo," came a familiar voice but I ignored it. Soon it came again, "baby, wake up it's time for you to eat something," this time I slightly opened my eyes to see Jakey staring down at me. He had a warm smile, as he gently lifted me up, "there we go, about time...I thought you were never going to wake up."

"Boo," I whispered groggily than leaned up pressing my lips to his. He returned the kiss softly, I smiled nuzzled into his neck and closing my eyes. He chuckled lifting me up in a blanket they had put around me than walked over to the table sitting down with me in his lap, where I started purring into his neck.

"He gets stabbed in the side and saves the little ones but manages to be so adorable," said his aunt but I ignored her closing my eyes and purring more into Jakey's neck.

"Yea, he really is something...something Jakey can't seem to let go of," said his mother.

"They're even adorable when they make out in front of everyone," teased Rachel and Katherine, giggling in the corner together. I felt Jakey move and opened my eyes just in time to see him through a stuffed animal at them.

"I am going to take Blake to my room so we can eat," said Jakey lifting me back up into his arms. He headed up the stairs ever so carefully but fast enough so he could come down and get the food. "Boo stay right here and I will be back," he whispered and I nodded getting comfortable on his bed.

"Ok boo," I whispered tiredly watching him go downstairs. I sighed and sat up not feeling as much pain before. When I looked down I seen I had new bandages around my wound and that there was absolutely no shirt on me, only the shorts he had given me. I sighed and stood up wincing a little at the pain in my ankle but continued on to the stairs, deciding to help Jakey with the food.

"Guys, we have to be careful with Blake, he has a lot of issues that need to be taken care of," said his mother, "he has such a weak body right now but it hasn't stopped fighting."

"Mom, what are we going to do...i can't lose him," said Jakey sounding like he was on the verge of tears. I wanted to go down and comfort him but I knew I was unable to, especially if I wanted to find out what was going on.

"Son, we need to know all that is wrong with him so we can help," said his father. I took a step closer watching from the shadows, seeing that Jakey was looking down even though his fathers hand rested on his shoulder.

"Well we know for a fact, that he is anorexic and a self harmer," informed his mother. There was a lot of soft gasp and whispering going around the room.

"And he has bad breathing breathing problems and he is an ex self harmer" pointed out Jakey.

"Yes I remember that," said his father, adding on, "when he doesn't getting enough air he coughs blood,"

"What a poor boy, don't his parents take care of him?" asked Jakey's grandma putting a hand over her heart like she was going to fall over and have a heart attack at any minute.

"Sadly, his father beats him just because he is gay and could care less about his sons life," said Jakey's father, "he was the one who stabbed Blake"

"Oh my," she mumbled.

"His mother is to small and weak to do anything to help him," joined in Jakey, "if you seen her, you would know why. I seen that she has tried to help Blake but there is nothing she can do with what she would be up against."

"Well I just hope you guys have enough money to help this poor boy," griped his Great Grandma, "I mean I don't see why he just don't come and live with you guys since he is here most of the time."

"Hey! You know, even though so many bad things happen at home he refuses to leave his mother because she has been the only supporter beside his friends at school," Jakey snapped.

"Well I am just saying that maybe he is better off dead, doesn't seem like life is treating him to well anyways," she grumbled, "and I am tired of always hearing about 'oh Blake, o Blake this' and crap like that, especially when you two kiss in front of everyone."

"Shut up, just shut up," Jakey was raising his voice.

"Grandma zip it, Jakey is having a hard enough time with having to deal with what's going on with Blake," said his mother coming to the rescue, "why do you have to be such a thorn in our side, can't you see that Blake is very special to him."

"I am sorry Jakey, but I am a crabby old women, even you should know that by now," she snickered and added, "you know I am right, this boy isn't worth the time...sounds like he doesn't have much longer to live"

"Blake, "came a small whisper from behind me and I turned to see Katherine. She looked around me to see them talking than realized what was going on, "oh heard the conversation didn't you," she whimpered "I am so sorry" she said

"No, maybe she is right," I said going up the stairs leaving Katherine there to listen but what she did surprised me.

"You guys are idiots!" she shouted

"Katherine go back to you room there are matters we need to discuss here," said her father but she ignored him grabbing my hand and pulling on it.

"You guys didn't even notice that Blake was right here in the shadows the whole time listening when all he wanted to do was come help Jakey," she said and they all looked at me shocked but the only person I looked at was Jakey.

"Blake," he said barely above a whisper but I turned away walking back up the stairs not even bothered by the pain that sprung with each step. I heard Katherine follow me as there was a bunch of yelling about what just happened. I could make out Jakey's upset voice through them all.

"What are you going to do now?" asked Katherine.

"Do you know where the scissors are?" I asked her looking at my wrist and she nodded, "can you get them for me please and I will meet you in Jakey's room."

"You got it teddy," she said and I giggled at the nickname she gave me, watching as she skipped into the bathroom. I walked into Jakey's room and sat on the bed right as Katherine came running in, "here you are."

"Here, I am going to hold my wrist you think you could cut the bandages off?" I asked her. She gave me a nod so I held out and watched as she cut each bandage off.

"W..what are those," she asked pointing to my cuts that lined my arms. They were now old scars that stuck out from my skin and could easily be opened if I so pleased.

"They are my scars, this is what self harming is..or a type of self harm," I replied. She took my arms in amazement and I smiled watching her. Her hands were small and soft as she traced each one than she looked up with me, curiosity floating in her eyes.

"Does it hurt? And what do you plan on doing now that they are free?" she asked.

"Well I don't know and to me they didn't hurt. They were a form of relief for me but I haven't done it in a while for Jakey," I answered giving her a warm smile and leaning down while holding my side to pick up the scissor she had dropped.

"Blake what do you think you doing?" asked Jakey stepping into the doorway. Some of the other family was behind him watching curiously, "don't you even dare"

"Dare?...O you mean this," I lifted the scissors to my arm making sure they could all see me. Jakey's eyes widened in shocked but I pulled the scissors away tossed them onto the bed, "nah, I promised you I wouldn't cut again so I am not going to"

"Good," he said, stepping toward me and as soon as I looked away I felt pressure against me. I gasp as Jakey's lips pressed against mine, "I am sorry boo... but in order to make sure I don't lose you I am going to have to," he whispered looking down. Before I could ask him he pressed on my wound. I yelped in pain but soon passed out from a shock wave of pain. The last thing I seen was Katherine hiding under the bed and holding the scissors. Jakey caught me in his strong arms where I blacked out.