A criminal with no criminal deeds in the past...

In year 3000, humans were already living a modern technological life. Criminals with utmost deeds were confined. They were isolated in a confidential prison without being known to the public. Monochrome is a virtual world invented for those people. The criminals were put into a deep sleep and they connect their minds to that virtual world. This is where they will spend the rest of their lives. A world where their true names are forbidden to be spoken of.

This story's main character, Crimson is a young resident of this prison. Together with his sister, Frice, they were trapped in this world without even knowing their violation was. As time passed by, Crimson learned about how messy this world has become, he decided to join an uprising group, Bichrome. In Bichrome, they were given special weapons and trained as assassins to take over Monochrome.

Will he someday found out the reason for him being in Monochrome?

File 00: Prologue

"Set us free!"

"You cannot defeat me."

"Do not underestimate us!"

WAIIIITTTTT! I demand this to be stop right now! For heaven's sake, STOP SPOILING THEM!

Whew...Er...Sorry 'bout that...You guys still aren't meant to know that. Let's just pretend that you didn't hear that okay?

Well, first of all, (Whew...I sucked at this job. Being the main character, I always need to do the narrating part. Ugh.)

Ehem. Umm...take two. (I'm gonna be serious this time. Promise, no more interruptions.)

So where we are again? Oh yeah...As I was saying, In year 3000(whoo...that's a long way to go. What? O-oh interruption. Sorry, I forgot), the world was now in a state where technology and economical fields progresses. The typical surroundings that you will see are several high tech machines, advance robots(and by "advance", I am pertaining to the modern robots nowadays which are now TOO close to being a real human.), 6D cinemas(you should try it especially horror. It will literally make you run for your life. I will keep the reason as a surprise), holograms (ooh...I love playing video games there. It's not childish. Do not argue. You won't win), virtual or robotic pets (I have a dog on each kind), and plenty of other machines. Also, environmental problems have been taken care of so this is the most advanced age that ever existed (If prehistoric age has a hundred feet tall mechanical T-REX, I will personally change this statement).

But we didn't lived long to see those. Wait! I just want to clarify that we are not dead! I mean... (Here comes another round of explanation.). We are just sleeping (oh yes we are slackers if you want to put it that way. You'll change your mind later anyway.) We were asleep for almost 8 years.

The technological revolution was accompanied by a huge amount of crimes. Theft, Murder, Salvage, and other else. Name it, you got it. Soon, the authorities were losing their control over these cases. That's when they finally decided to make a special organization that will handle other cases.

It gave birth to CPH or Confidential Prisoner Hunters. They were composed of ten brilliant people gathered to capture criminals with brilliant minds. They are like shadows. They are just around the corner and keeps on watching but it is nearly impossible to get in touch with them. Their job is to hunt down, capture and send those prisoners to a special prison, Monochrome.

Monochrome is a virtual prison where criminals who were given life sentence or even death penalty were kept. Those prisoners are being taken to a specific place (don't ask me where because no one knows either). They are put into a deep sleep and then their minds are being connected to a virtual prison where they will be interrogated, tortured and punished (Imagine, they will have to endure that for the rest of their lives). It is also forbidden to state your true name here. They live by codenames and alias.

But one rebel managed to make a separate world from Monochrome. It was a city like world that he secretly created piece by piece while he was in jail. After several months of brainstorming and strategic planning, he finally finished the one that will help prisoners like him to get out of Monochrome. He soon spread the news so that everyone can accompany him (It will be dull to live alone on a huge world after all).

Though on the fateful night of their escape, a traitor spilled their plans and as their resistance continued, many prisoners were killed on the process (and of course, it led to their deaths in the real world). The good news is, 60% managed to flee from the hellish jail. Including the creator, the prisoners managed to survived and build a new life in Pastel, as the creator called it, where they cannot be reached or disturbed by the CPH(Someone kind from the real world has took the privilege of transferring the bodies of the prisoners. How he did it? I dunno).

But soon, the creator died from an illness that was caused by the drugs that was given to him on his stay in Monochrome.

Before he died, he established a group named Bichrome(Instantly sounds contradictory to Monochrome right? Its deeds do the same thing). He gathered and trained a group of people who will defend the city and take revenge to Monochrome. These people will also be in charge of protecting Pastel and its citizens' safety.

We were still young and innocent at that time and we are totally clueless that we will be taken to that forsaken world. We're still kids by that time but we doesn't remember committing any crime for us to be worthy of a cell in Monochrome. Either if it was our own fault or if it was inflicted by other people, I will surely find it out. The crime that led us to this fate

Let's go to the time where it all started shall we?

To the time where it all went wrong...

Unveiling the chaotic events that happened 8 years ago...

Who am I? Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I am one of the best aces of Bichrome. My Monochrome name is Crimson.

This is my story...Crimson's history...