They say it's easy

But it isn't

"Don't think too much, just try your best but don't push yourself too hard"

It's easy for them to say

They don't have to sit there

Final year in school before it's time to choose the first step in what you will become in life

What to choose, who to be

It's not like it used to be when they were young

It was easier for them, they didn't have all these choices, all this pressure

They didn't have to become the best because it wasn't like this for them

They know this

And yet they pretend that it isn't like this

That this is some fantastic fairytale

Despite the fact that everyone knows that they're lying

They say it's easy

But it isn't

Mum, dad, why do you think that I take this toxic?

Have you ever wondered why you keep finding me gone from reality in some ally one in the morning?

Why don't you ever ask me about the scars on my arms?

I need you

But all you do is to keep up the lie about your perfect fairytale

That it's easy

But it isn't