Zack is a street fighter - strong, fast and completely independent. He doesn't need anybody. Still, when his old gang comes knocking at his door, trying to get him to rejoin The Winged, it appears he may have bitten off a bit more than he can chew...When you add in a teenaged team of paranormal hunters, a boy with cat-whiskered scars who keeps kissing him, and the leader of his old gang trying to shoot him every time they meet, you can see why Zack isn't a very social person. CONTAINS SLASH.

Settling an Argument

He snapped his foot up fast, and it connected with the other's stomach. His opponent let out a grunt as the air in his lungs rushed out. Responding quickly, the opponent grabbed his foot and spun it. To his surprise, the foot and body connected to it twisted easily – much too easily. The right foot was bought up from the ground, and knocked him in the side. Instinctively, and unsure of where this new attack was coming from, the opponent let go of the left foot in his hold. The fighter rested his weight on his hands and pivoted the other way, slamming his previously held foot into the other teen's side before he had a chance to blink or change where he was guarding. Reeling backwards and tripping over an overturned rut in the road, the challenger landed hard on the ground, while the winner chucked his foot down against his windpipe.

"Yield!" The challenger croaked, and the teen did so – though with obvious reluctance as he stuck his hands into his pockets and the man got up from the, massaging his sore throat. "God, you never let up, do you Zack?" The brunette said hoarsely, while the teen, now known as Zack just grinned and shook his head.

"Hey, how else would I live, on the quiet side?" He joked, barely looking out of breath in his grey Nikes and baggy jeans. Grabbing his shirt from where he'd placed it before the fight, Zack pulled it over his head and started to walk off, tucking his hands into his pockets again, just as something came flying through the air and hit him in the head. "Ow!" Zack protested, rubbing his head as he turned and picked up the wad of cash, "I know you're a sore loser, but really Matt?"

Matt shrugged, waving away the fighter he'd sent to challenge the younger teen and coming in from out of the shadows, "Hey, I'm just convincing myself that you're human and not some insatiable fighting demon." The new ring leader of Zack's old gang was dressed in a dark crimson dress shirt, jeans and a white bandana sown into the bottom of the jeans, with a black trench coat that had fur on the collar chucked over the top – a good indication of how well the drug trade had been going for The Winged.

"Hilarious." Zack said, rolling his eyes and peeling of the cash before counting it. Seeing that Matt was still standing there Zack glared at him, "And the answer's still no!"

"Aw co'mon, you know you want to~!" Matt wheedled, putting on a sulky pout.

"I said no, and I still mean no. I'm a fighter now, not a gang member."

"Is there really any difference?"

"No, except one of them gets shot at more often."

Matt laughed, the rich tenor echoing through the dusky alleyway. "Look, this time I didn't come to ask. I came to order."

Zack bristled, eyes narrowing. "Can't order a cat, can't order me."

"Can shoot a cat, can shoot you." Matt said back, bringing one hand out of his pocket to summon the other members of the Winged, who quickly entered the alley, guns all pointed at Zack threateningly. The seventeen year old, easily outnumbered by the gang that he used to lead, quickly raised his hands into the air.

"Care to rethink our offer?" Matt asked mildly, inspecting his nails with a calm demeanour.

Zack pretended to think, mind racing a mile a minute to come up with an idea to get out of this one. Taking a few steps towards the nearest gunman, the teen opened his mouth to speak, and what came out was most certainly wasn't what Matt was expecting. "How about we let this decide, hm?" The instant the words left his mouth, Zack jumped into the air, somersaulting at the gang member he'd moved close to. Landing on his face and driving the man into the ground, the people closest to him moved in to attack Zack and he quickly spun out his elbow, catching one of them in the nose, before pushing his palm forwards and striking the one in front in the chest and making him reel back.

The others, who'd clustered in a large circle to prevent Zack from running anywhere, immediately moved inwards, and their former boss struck, fighting like a demon, punches and kicks flying everywhere as it turned into a mad scramble to land a hit on the elusive street fighter. Someone bought a gun into the mix, and the occasional shot could be heard, as well as a cry of pain.

"Move out you idiots!" Matt ordered angrily, and though it took them a little while the crowd expanded to show a panting Zack and unconscious bodies littering the street around him. Dropping to one knee and clutching his shoulder, one of the stray bullets that had flown through the mess imbedded in his shoulder, the top left side of his shirt started to turn red, and a droplet of the liquid made its way past his hand to land on the pavement.

Grabbing a gun from one of his cronies, Matt levelled it at Zack. "Any reconsiderations?" He asked, gaze cold and hard.

"Sorry, my first answer's still the final one." Zack shot back, his grin having faded into more of a grimace. Suddenly, his gaze was caught on something – more specifically, two someones – standing on the rooftop. As Zack blinked, the taller of the two saluted him, before he vanished. As in, literally vanished. Zack's eyes went even wider, but Matt was too preoccupied to notice.

Then, next to Matt, a dark spot formed in the wall and the person Zack had seen on the rooftop hurtled through, kicking the gang leader in the face violently in the face and landing on him, driving him further into the ground. "Oh, sorry!" The mysterious person, he looked around fifteen to eighteen, said confidently with a smirk, "Did I land on your face?"

Stepping daintily off the gang leader, while the gunmen stared at him in shock, the teen then cracked his knuckles. "Right. Who's next?"

As if they regained their sense of mind, the previously shell-shocked gunners opened fire on the teen but he simply yawned, the bullets vanishing into those weird dark-spots before they reached him. "That all you got?" He challenged, now grinning wildly, "Guess it's my turn."

Zack couldn't see what happened then, but a person in the crowd started screaming, and, as though it were contagious, it spread across the rest like wildfire.

Breaking apart, one of them grabbing Matt and hauling him up over his shoulders to get out of there, the Winged was gone in less than a minute, the only signs of a fight being the splatters of blood around and the unconscious (thankfully, only unconscious) bodies.

Stretching his arms over his head, the white-blonde sighed, before cracking his jaw and yawning again. "Man. Rescuing damsels is so boring."

"What!?" Zack yelped, glaring at the figure angrily, "Damsel?"

Zack saw the teen blink and turn his grey gaze on him, looking innocently curious – it reminded him of a cat, really – especially with those three whisker-like scars on his face. "Oh hey," The cat-boy said cheerily, a smile on his face, giving Zack a one-handed wave, before shouting out in an almost military-voice, "BLUR! You forgot one!"

A distinctly female voice answered him, shouting back, "Who says, you idiot?"

That was the last Zack heard before a sudden wooziness overtook him, and black flooded his vision.

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