"Where the hell is he!?"

That was the first thing that greeted him three days after his little...incident with Zane.

That, and a punch to his face that broke his nose and sent him reeling backwards, clutching at the injury as blood came from his nostrils. "What the heck was that for?!" Zack shouted to her angrily, stumbling and feeling the hard brick of the building behind him press into his back, but his mangled words probably sounded more like: "Wah de freck as dat or!"

Glaring at Kali, the street fighter tried to stem the flow of blood from his broken nose, eyeing down the team of Paranormals across from him. (Thankfully he was taller than all of them but the male – Angel, wasn't it?)

What the heck were they even doing here? Was there a reason they'd decided to come and turn his life upside down yet again?

After Zane and- A light flush decorated his cheeks, and Zack immediately stopped that wayward train of thought in its tracks, instead replacing it with;

What happened earlier,

Zack had only expected the blonde to come back, but he hadn't. And it was confusing and annoying and he hated it and it was just so-!

Kali – the short red head – folded her arms, glaring right back at him with her green eyes, her voice low and deadly as she slowly spat out, drawing every word from her throat as though to make sure that the street fighter understood her. "Where is Shadow?"


Goddamnit! He'd gotten over this! Damn it! Zack felt his cheeks tingle, and knew immediately that they'd flushed an even brighter red, which only intensified with his embarrassment over being caught blushing.

Kali's look of intense anger faded slightly, to be replaced with curiosity, then shock, before it flashed right on back to rage. Only this time it wasn't directed at Zack.

The red head turned to the cool-looking Renegade, who was standing next to her, and began to shout, gesturing widely. "You didn't take it off him!? I told you to take it off him! Why the hell is it not off him!? What the heck were you thinking!? You can't jus- why the hell is it not off him!?"

Renegade folded her arms, cocking her eyebrow, looking challengingly nonchalant under Kali's verbal onslaught of growling words, and Zack felt confusion invade his mind as he stared at the raging red-head and her partner. Angel snuck up close to him timidly, looking more like a mouse than a man, and Zack flinched back from the other boy, glaring at him suspiciously, though he kept half an eye on the two girls, who looked like they were about to jump each other, teeth bared and nails extended to rip each other's throats out.

"Don't worry about those two." The dark-haired boy said with a tiny shrug, concern on his features as he eyed Zack's broken nose, and the teen's fingers twitched minimally, the action still putting Zack even further on his guard. "Can- Can I heal that, please?"

The street fighter arched his eyebrow, staring at Angel sarcastically, but tentatively pulled his hand away from his nose, letting the shy boy look at his injury. Angel winced in sympathy, making Zack roll his eyes, but the fighter couldn't help but flinch and close his eyes when the boy placed two gentle fingers on each side of the break.

That same warm-bath feeling from when he ran through the sparkly wall invaded his senses, and Zack relaxed, an unbidden quiet sigh of pleasure escaping him with the release of pressure on his nose, and the weight that lifted from his shoulder for a brief couple of seconds, but Angel's cool hands pulled away from his cheek bones and the feeling evaporated.

Zack's eyes flickered open, and he blinked, giving his head a rough shake to get rid of the last dregs of whatever happy-gas was in Angel's fingers. When the unconscious movement bought no pain from his nose, the street fighter's eyes sprang open and his hand shot up, accidently brushing Angel and making the teen flinch and 'eep' jumping backwards, but Zack wasn't paying attention to that. His attention was fully fixated on his healed nose.

His previously broken and now fully-healed nose. Zack's gaze fastened on Angel, but for the second time in the past five minutes, his eyes widened in shock. The other teen, seeing his gaze fixated on his own bleeding nose now, offered him a meek little smile, trying to wave away Zack's concerns with one hand and a grin. Still, as the fighter watched, his former broken nose – now Angel's – straightened and stopped bleeding, leaving the normal-looking teen back in his place, albeit with blood coating his upper lip.

Scrubbing at the crusted blood, and still smiling through it all from behind his hand, Angel caught sight of Zack's horrified expression, and paused long enough to say, in his quiet soft voice, "It's okay, I'm used to it. I just take pain from others and heal myself, see?"

"But you-" Zack protested, his hand quivering as he tried to force it to rise and probe Angel's nose, and the boy stood patiently, letting him cautiously touch Angel's now healed nose.

"By the way, you probably only know our codenames, which is kinda funny I guess….But I'm Lucas, that's Henna, and that's Kali. I figure that you already know Zane, cause of their argument…" Angel sighed, and rubbed at his throat, as though it were causing him pain, and Zack noticed the long, deep gash across the teen's vocal cords, but Angel – er, Lucas – quickly pulled up his shirt collar and smiled disarmingly again, turning his attention back to the two arguers. "But Henna, anyway, she's a controller type. See, that's why they're fighting. Zane trumped Henna up a couple months ago, and she took revenge by making him kiss any guy he met after a couple of hours of hanging out with them, or if he felt like gettin' his flirt on. And Kali, she's Zane's partner first and foremost, so Henna putting a command on him…Well, she wasn't happy, and ordered Henna to take it off, and she said she did, but she obviously didn't, if you're acting all blush-happy, I guess…Zane's pretty good at kissing, ain't he?"

Zack to had turned to face the fighters, and Lucas' faintly Texan accent filled his hearing as he observed the verbal argument, and the light feeling of…

Well, he'd never really felt it before, but it felt like….like a mixture of longing and disappointment, as though he'd failed someone else and wanted to try and salvage his pride, but upon hearing the other teen's last couple of words, Zack jolted all question as to what the unlabelled emotion was going straight out of his head, eyes going wide as he turned around to stare at the lightly blushing Lucas.

Pause. Calculate.

Does not compute.

"Wait, what!?"

The healer offered a sheepish smile, ducking his head as though he'd been physically hit, and his cheeks flushed even redder. When Lucas next spoke, his Texan accent was thicker than before, and a slow stutter invaded his speech. "W-well, you blushed when we mentioned him, an- and,"

"No, after that!"

"Oh. Uh…" Lucas' blush deepened as Zack stared at him in shock, and he fiddled with his fingers desperately, fastening his gaze on the rooftop opposite them. "W-well I k-know that he's technically a demon and I'm a' Angel and all but-"

Thankfully for Zack's brain, and Lucas' immortal embarrassment, Henna chucked her hands up in the air, glaring at Kali defiantly before spitting out an angry, "Fine! Fine, okay, I'll freakin' take it off him!" Folding her arms over her chest, Henna turned her angry, crimson gaze on Zack, making the usually fearless fighter gulp slightly; what had he gotten himself into?

"Now all we need to do know is find him." Kali said with a slow nod, also turning to face Zack, and he couldn't help but narrow his eyes and suspiciously glance between the two.

"Look, I told you I don't know," Zack spat, shoving his hands deep into his pockets and fisting them,before giving a half-shoulder shrug. "Okay, well, I didn't say that, but I was dealing with a broken nose at the time."

Kali clicked her fingers, green gaze cold and hard as she glared at Zack, but Henna, who was slightly behind her merely arched her eyebrow delicately and rolled her eyes. There was a long awkward pause as Henna shifted on her feet, and Zack couldn't help the grin that threatened to slip on his face, and snorted slightly in amusement, making Kali growl and spin on her heel to fasten her threatening gaze on Henna, making the miniature female shrug innocently.

"Henna, will you just – for once – cooperate? We have a missing team mate here, a powerful sub-demon ruling the drug rings and a human with knowledge of the Paranormals – who, also thanks to you – will find it easy to disobey us."

Drug ring? Zack frowned, his memory sparking, and if it was possible a light bulb would've burst to life above his head as all the dots connected. Matthew making a pass for revenge on Zane, and by extension Zack while under the false assumption that they…liked each other, and a demon – oh God, was it a sign of him going insane that those thoughts didn't bring any disbelief with them? – ruling the drug trade, possibly hoping to get revenge on a Paranormal Hunter? "I know where he is! Possibly."

"Oh, that's convenient," Kali spat snarkily, stiffening her arms as though she were trying to hold off on punching something (or, more accurately, Henna or Zack) and the red head heaved a taut sigh, rubbing her forehead before turning back to Zack. "Where?"

"The Winged's HQ. There's a whole bunch of places that you could keep a teenager if you didn't want him to leave..."

"Lead the way then, human. We've got a team mate to rescue."

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