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Chapter 3

"Aw come on Sky, you know it will be fun!"

"No, not happening!"

"Yes, you know you want to."

"I refuse!"

"Look even the guys said yes so…"

"If you try and get me to go one more time little pixy, I WILL rip your head off!"

"But why though?"

"I don't sing!"

The thing that was the basis of our argument today was, of course, our new friend Nadia who had (after hearing our whole story) decided that the best way to cheer us all up was to go to a Karaoke booth in the middle of town. Now, unfortunately, there was no way in HELL that she was ever going to get me near one of those booths 'cause I don't sing. At all! Not a single note! So why am I holding a microphone, in a karaoke booth, with my band?

Against my will I had been dragged down here and forced to listen to a mutilated version of "Spread your wings" by Lewis and then had to plug my ears though what ever song Dale had attempted. Both of them could sing however, you seriously can't get into performance school if you are tone death, but they both liked to play. A lot.

Still, while they had monopolized the machine I had got off Scott free and had quietly been sipping my drink in the corner of the room ( a place that I would have been more than happy to remain in might I add) when little miss fan girl Nadia had realised that I hadn't said anything the whole time. Now she had decided that it was my turn, and as I already said, the boys like to play around…

"Come on, be a good kitty and get on the machine!"

"Yeah, we wanna hear the cat sing!"

For a brief second I was spared their pestering while Nadia asked them the story behind my nickname (which I abhorred by the way) and they obliged, explaining to her about the time my little sister Rye had slipped her teddy cat into my school bag without me noticing… but then it was right back to the begging.

I want to say that I managed to stand firm and weather this torment, however, I didn't, so I can't. In the end I decided that it was not worth all of the annoying comments and voices (Dale originally wanted to be a ventriloquist) so I gave up and started flipping through the book of songs, looking for the shortest one on the list. Unfortunately, I wasn't even to be allowed that one concession:

"Oh no, little kitty cat, we already picked out the song for you, go up and find out!"

Ooh how I wished I was able to kill people with just my eyes, but in this case I simply had to settle for giving the giggling twits a dirty glare before snatching up the microphone and storming over to the console, mind set on singing in a flat monotone, or way off key just to annoy them, but as I read the title, all the blood drained from my face: Moonlight by Leanne Rogue.

Noticing my reaction, the others stopped in their laughter long enough to ask what was wrong, but they stopped caring pretty soon after I just gave them a half hearted shrug. I wanted to punch someone, but this situation made it impossible. Unless they knew something that should have been secret (and probably still is), they chose this song for me by pure chance, without knowing how much I hated… well, never mind, I might as well just get the ordeal over with.

The music started and I began to sing, the familiar melody brining to mind many old images and the soft words tripping off my tongue, I was so immersed in the music that I didn't actually notice the idiot trio on the bench fall silent and stare at me, not until the last chord melted away and the room was filled with silence instead. My back was to the others because of the angle of the screen in the wall so I had no idea that their faces were a mixture of surprise and awe, so I got defensive:

"Oh come on, I'm not that bad!"

"No Sky, you're not that bad…"

"You're brilliant!"

Their praise made me blush slightly as I turned to face them, I was half expecting the lads to be joking around again, but for the first time I can remember, they both had serious faces. As if this wasn't strange enough as it was, none of us were expecting the squealing fan girl in the corner:

"Yes, you can do this! All this worry about disbanding cause you don't have a singer, yet you have HER! What else do you need? Just make a new band! Then you can get back at them"

We all looked at Nadia, silenced by shock. What was she on about? In response to our blank faces, the tiny girl jumped to her feet and slammed her hands against the table before looking at us individually.

"Look, I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but from what you said earlier, you sound like you really want revenge on Emmi, and what better way than challenging them? If you can surpass them, it will be striking those two where it hurts the most!"

"But they have the support of Solar recording companies, they've already been scouted. We CAN'T surpass them!"

"What a pointless argument, so what if they are backed by the sun? We can burn brighter! If they believe that they are stars, then we can be greater! We will show them our true strength, we will Eclipse the competition!"

The outburst seemed to surprise all of us, including Nadia as she suddenly realized what she had said. Immediately she tried to correct herself:

"I-I mean you… you can surpass them…"

At this I shook my head, intrigued by this new idea and new way of thinking:

"No, you were right the first time… If we are going to do this, you're playing with us! After all, we will need a new guitarist."

I said the last bit with a grin, gesturing to the black case in the corner that Nadia carried around with here everywhere.

"It's a deal!"

Little did we know at that time that our one decision was going to open up so many new doors, but then, you never really know the importance of events until they have passed. As it was, this was the birth of "Eclipse" named so after our goals, the birth of an excellent friendship and the beginning of a movement that would touch the whole world!