Chapter 5

"Skylar… this is just… wow"

"Sky… how did you come up with this?"

With this last question I felt the blood run up into my face and my cheeks grew warmer in embarrassment as I thought back to how the lyrics had come to me, but I didn't want to admit how they had come to me, after all, would you? Instead I just gave them some stuff about dreaming in class then seeing a butterfly out of the window… anything to get them off my case. I don't really think it made sense, but it had the desired effect so they set about prepping their instruments for the practice. We only had a few more weeks until the Christmas concert, we couldn't afford to waste a moment more than necessary.

By the end of the sessions, I had the words drilled fully into my head and we all thought that this was going to be a hit at the live. The song rolled off of my tongue and the music filled the whole room with sweet harmonies. Every time the drum hit, I felt a surge of energy and my body felt like it moved by itself as I danced the choreography that Nadia had come up with. Needless to say, I loved it. We spent so long in the recording studio, caught up in our renewed passion for music; that the skies had already started to darken. We decided that if we kept at it much longer, it would not be safe to set off home anymore.

Out in the cool night air with the crisp breeze playing with my hair, the world finally felt right again. We were no longer hung up on the past, but facing towards the future, our confidence was soaring and the Christmas performance was just around the corner, this couldn't be better. After our recovery, the whole school wanted to hear us play, especially as none of them had ever heard me sing before, they were all curious as to the sound of Eclipse. In fact, there were many people asking about us.

I was in such a good mood that, when walking down the street, I almost passed by the gigantic posters without even noticing them, but not quite.

The pictures in question were all about "The new and rising angelic duo." Emmi's picture was central. It was an advertisement for their debut concert at the down town arena on the 20th of December, the same day as the school music festival. She would not even be there to watch us.

Anger coursing through my system, I stalked off down the street, pacing quickly across the pavement until I reached my house. Not in the mood for dinner with the family, I went straight to my room, slamming the door shut behind me. Inside, I fell onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

In the beginning, I had first met Emmi at a music school when we were both 8, she had been the strange girl that played the piano but never let anyone listen. If I'm talking truthfully, she was my best friend. When we were 10, we went everywhere together, we even went to our first concert and we both became hooked on music at the same time. We came from similar backgrounds so I thought that she was to only one to really understand me, but I had been wrong.

When we were both 13, her ambitions started to grow and her personality changed. From a sweet and innocent girl to a person that would do anything to get what she wanted. I didn't know the reason for the change, but I know that this was why we stopped being friends. We stopped talking after that and I nearly forgot her, but eventually, I met her again. We had applied for the same school.

Now that we were both musicians in training, I had hoped that we could be friends again, but she just treated me like a competition and, in a funny way, I guess I was now. Still, it would be my first time actually performing in front of a crowed without her there and it did feel pretty weird. Not that she cared, I bet that she was perfectly happy with the arrangement. She knew her dream and nothing else mattered to her.

For a while I just lay there, running through the new song, the chords, the tempo, normal tings like that, but after a while, the lyrics just began to run around in circles and a strange buzzing sound filled my ears. Deciding that tomorrow would be better, I climbed into bed and switched off the light. Tomorrow, the practice would really begin and, within the week, there was the chance that we would be scouted. If everything went well, the upcoming concert would hold the key to our future and we would finally have set off on the road of becoming musicians. The idea was kind of scary, but it also made me feel proud. In just one week, we would find out if we really were good enough or not.

With that happy though running through my head, I finally fell asleep.