This is the author. And this is a biography… about me… (lies)

Honestly, I wrote this for fun. And like my profile says, only stalkers need information.

First up, let's start off with the day I was born… I was born.

Now let's go into my first birthday… I celebrated it.

How'd about my first Christmas, it was good… I ate turkey.

Remember your first day at school? Well I remember mine… I went to school.

Then you met a great friend… She was great.

And then your first friend betrays you… She betrayed me.

And something bad happens… It was really bad.

Then you graduate and go off to a new school, must have been sad… It wasn't.

And you meet newer friends… I met more people.

Then you felt happy again… I am happy.

And that life changing moment, was the best… It changed my life.

Man, this life sounds pretty bad…

But honestly, I love it.

So now, as an extra, I'll speak to those who reviewed my stories.

I've got awesome reviews, guys and girls. The Timothy ones touched and motivated me. But… Broski? I went to google it and… Something about brothers and stuff like that for guys. GUYS. Thus I learnt a new word, sort of.

The guest called Guest is a friend of mine, she was so kind to read it. Thanks so much for being such a great friend and being under the column of those awesome people who changed my life.

Still have many reviewers but can't say about all cos… I'll have to keep adding with each new commenter etc etc But you guys are awesome.