There's this… CHAIN to how I work.

I don't know why but I want to list it. :D

Coming up with story plot: 3 sec – 2 days

Thinking about whether it is good: 10 sec – 7 days

Naming system (Characters): 10mins – 1 day

Writing it down: 1h – 1 year

Naming system (Title): 30mins – 1h

Publishing on Fictionpress: 1min – 7 days


Naming is hard, you'd want those good names for characters and titles so that people would find them "unique" and remember the story every time they hear something close to it. Like Tom.

Apparently I came up with too many stories in that 3 sec – 2 days time and had to come up with the Nagira thingy.

Confession: I use Nagira as my own name sometimes

Nagira: HEY!

Confession: None of my stories are ever real. If they are, some stuffs would be changed so that it doesn't clash with reality and I can easily change it from "Tom went to work" to "Tom clench his fist and hit the wall, resulting to the fall of the building and death of many innocent citizens". Yeah!

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Random Kid: Mom, the channel is boring now!