An essay that I wrote for my Geography work. Please don't steal (I don't see why you'd want to, but you never know!).

The impact of Comic Relief since it began.

Comic Relief was set up in 1985 by comedians who wanted to use comedy and laughter to let people know about poverty in the UK and Africa and to raise money to help them. The first broadcast was live from a refugee camp in Sudan on Christmas Day on BBC1. Since then, over £377 million has been raised for the poorest people in the UK and Africa.

Comic Relief has had a huge impact on many people - especially children and adults alike who live in Africa who are at risk of malaria; over 1,275,000 mosquito nets have been distributed. Malaria is the biggest killer in Africa, and, as this disease has been around so long, since the Roman era, it's a time we put a stop to the huge numbers of people dying from this killer as soon as possible.

Between August 2010 and July 2011, money raised by Comic Relief gave 52,000 people access to clean drinking water – a necessity that many of us take for granted here. Dirty water can carry deadly diseases; Comic Relief's help has saved thousands of lives.

Also between August 2010 and July 2011, nearly 164,000 children were given an education. Education is vital to get a kick-start into life. Being able to read and write means that people can get decent jobs to feed their family and live a decent life out of poverty. Getting a good education can mean the difference between life and death.

As you can see, Comic Relief has had a huge impact on people in Africa and the UK alike – amongst other things, Comic Relief supports young people with mental health issues such as depression in the UK, which I think is really great, as people treat others with mental health issues as if they have highly contagious diseases. People need to be more aware; and by Comic Relief, a charity everyone knows, supporting young people like this, awareness will get out and people will be helped.

The public are becoming more and more aware about what is going on in Africa; aware of how serious the problem is, and how it needs to be addressed. But Comic Relief and Children in Need use a special technique; they raise awareness for the poverty in Africa and UK through humour. Somehow, this makes these charities, who do so much to help the poor, have the biggest impact on the lives of the 'mere mortals' we are.

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