As I ran, Lucas kept coming up with jokes. It was getting on my nerves, but I loved him too much, so I didn't say anything. Other than "Who's there?" for his stupid knock knock jokes. I hoped we reached our destination.

Lucas, my fellow rogue, wasn't my mate, or even boyfriend. He wasn't my brother, but he acted like he was. Lucas, or Luke, as I called him sometimes, was my best friend ever. We probably couldn't live without each other. Even if we did eventually find mates.

Luke was 21, while I was only 17. He acted like an older brother, always teaching me things. Being rogues, I learned mainly fighting and survival skills.

Luke was supposed to be an alpha originally, but his father had tried to get him to help kill a few female rogues, and he had ended up helping them escape, going with them. They had been innocent, after all. He had the ability to create a pack, because of his bloodlines, so we could communicate with the others in our group. It was useful, but we greatly disliked pack 'wolves, and they often "mind communicate"" so we rarely did it.

Suddenly, Luke froze. "What?" I asked, annoyed that I had almost crashed into him when he had stopped. "Rose, oh great. They know we're here. The wolves. I smell them. You have to run." My eyebrows shot up, surprised that he would stay. "Lucas! They will kill you! I am not letting you stay while I run to where we're supposed to meet Jay, Quinn, Alex, and Chase. No way." Yes, I'm the only girl in my pack. I love them all.

"Ro-" His words were cut off when someone cleared their throat. I jumped dramatic ally, almost screaming. "You do know that trespassing on a pack's territory is illegal, especially for rogues, correct? Death penalty, actually. You know about that, rogues?" I turned around, while the dark haired guy laughed evilly at us. "Alpha Jace will be here soon to carry out the execution, unless you have anything to say for yourself… Which I highly doubt you do. Even then, not much could help you."

"I'm an alpha, actually. Alpha Lucas. My second in command, Rose here, was coming to assist me. We were just passing through, I didn't realize this was taken territory. I'm sorry, we'll just move a bit quicker, I guess." I almost laughed at his excuse, which was actually kind of true. He was an alpha, and I was practically second in command. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing, although I was extremely nervous.

"Yeah, well I've never heard of you. I have, however, heard of the famous rogue group, lead by ex- alpha, Lucas Tanner. You fit the description. Giving up, Luke just said "Well, I never had the chance to become alpha, actually. I still have the blood, though, and I'll have your blood too if you don't let us pass." I gasped, punching my friend's shoulder softly. He always made threats, which was why he was so well known. The guy chuckled, and my nervousness skyrocketed. He was dead for sure, now. Unless, of course, the alpha happened to show up soon, which I expected to happen. This would end bad; very, very bad.

I heard a rustling sound the next moment, followed by a lot of footsteps. "Run!" Luke shouted hoarsely. I took off in one direction, the one I heard footsteps from. Luke had to get away, he would be punished more than me. He sprinted in the opposite direction, and nobody followed him. They would probably torture me, trying to find him, later on. I was just glad he had gotten away, safe and sound.

I stopped running when I hit something as hard as a rock. Looking up, I got a tingling feeling all over. Staring into the dark green eyes of the most attractive, blonde guy I had ever seen. He looked almost exactly like Alexander Ludwig, the famous actor I had always liked. He was wearing a grey hoodie, and dark blue jeans, and seemed amused. Even though he was almost 6 inches taller than me, I instinctively learned forwards. The next thing I knew, his face was buried in my wavy, long blonde hair. His eyes were exactly like mine, the dark emerald green. Our hair was the same color. We looked like we could be siblings, even though he was much taller and tougher.

It felt so good, so amazing, to be close to him. He smelled like the forest. Or I could just be smelling our surroundings. Either way, he seemed amazing. A few short, enjoyed moments later, he pulled away, smiling. It made my insides melt, it was so… sweet looking I couldn't help it. "You're the famous rogue, Rose, aren't you? Your friend got away, but I don't really care. Mine." I leaned into his chest, then suddenly remembered his dark haired friend. Turning slightly, I picked him out in the group of men standing behind my mate. My mate. I wouldn't ever forget the moment I first saw him.

I walked towards the guy, confusing my mate. "What are you doing?" he asked frantically. I ignored him, and when I was close enough, punched the guy in the nose. He gasped, and blood began pouring out of his nose. He was shaking, but my mate stepped forwards and shook his head. My mate wouldn't let his friends touch me at all.

"What was that for?" the dark haired guy asked, angrily. His eyes, black before, got impossibly darker. I suddenly felt a little bit of fear. "You, you were the one who stopped us. You separated me from my best friend. I think that deserves you some pain. "Best friend?" My mate looked a little hurt, but I shook it off. "Lucas, he's my best friend, and now I might never see him again." My mate surprised me by saying "Well rogues are very dangerous, especially him. I'm doing you a favor, beautiful. " I narrowed my eyes, barely able to be angry at the person I was made to be with.

"I'm a rogue! I don't care if I'm your mate, I'll always be a rogue. I miss him already, you wouldn't want someone to take away one of the only people you loved. And no, we weren't a couple, he's like my brother. My best friend. I want to see him again, but you can't hurt him." My mate groaned, which was a surprisingly sexy sound. "Fine, later on though. You need to rest now. Already demanding things."

The pack walked back to the pack house, where the alpha, beta, third, and a few other wolves lived. Where I would live. I wouldn't get used to that any time soon. My mate introduced himself as Jace Snow. It was the perfect name. His beta, or second in command, was the dark haired boy I had punched. He said his name was Caleb, and that he was sorry about everything. He seemed a bit nicer now that we weren't enemies. Nothing lasts forever, though.