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Luke's POV

I stood in front of Rose, alongside her mate. He didn't seem that bad, but I still hated him. I was glad she had found someone to love other than my guys and I. Don't get me wrong, I still wish he had never met her, but I was happy for her. He'd protect her when I couldn't. I was glad she hadn't shut me out when she found her mate. I knew Rose still loved me.

I snarled, humanly of course, at the group of wolves in front of me. They weren't pack wolves, but I didn't know them. I knew many rogues, but I had never seen these men before. There were about 5 of them, against Jace, Quinn, Jay, Chase, Alex, and I. I wouldn't let Rose fight. Although it would make her mad, and she'd think I saw her as weak, I didn't want her to get hurt. I was a little worried; these guys looked strong. I rarely worked out. It looked like our enemy group worked out 24/7.

"Let's take this outside." Jace whispered to the guy in the front, and he slowly backed up. "I can't let you involve humans, so if you want to fight, we can do it outside." The leader of the group nodded, then motioned for us to go first. We all surrounded Rose in a small circle then exited the empty café. There was one waitress, but she was listening to music and washing dishes in the back. The place had just opened, anyways.

Once we were outside, we walked to the back alley, where no humans could witness giant wolves fighting. That would end badly. The cops would be called, it would be in the news, and then we would have to be extra careful for a while. The whole problem could be avoided.

The leader looked at Jace, saying "Are you the Alpha?" Jace glared at the man then nodded curtly. He kept his gaze steady, but I could tell he was talking to his pack inside his head through their pack mind link. The rest of their group would be here soon, and although I hated the fact, I knew it would be safe for Rose.

While I was watching her, Rose suddenly stepped forwards. I reached forwards to try to stop her, but she pushed me back and kept walking right through the wall we had created. Alex and Quinn smiled when they saw her walk to the front. I couldn't help but smiling, too, since she always just had to be ready to fight. That was why I loved being around her, because she was so strong and tough and brave, especially for a girl.

Rose's POV

As I stepped in front of Alex, he smiled at me, his mild grey eyes sparkling. Alex was always the happiest out of our group. He was a bit childish, and was always goofing off, but if he needed to, he could be lethal. Alex was always against the guys protecting me, since he knew I was just as strong as them, and that I could take care of myself. He would intervene if he knew I was in need of assistance, but he usually let me fight my own fights.

The leader stared at me, obviously not noticing me up until now. I held back a laugh. It would be inappropriate in this situation, and Luke would yell at me for it. I was satisfied with a smirk, though. He chuckled. "And just who are you, miss 'I think I'm so tough'?" I raised my eyebrows. "Excuse me?" I gasped dramatically, then laughed. "Why do you care? I'm going to beat you anyways. Who are you?"

The guy looked angry as he clenched his fists. Jace sent me a warning glare, but I ignored it and stared straight at the guy. "Why do you care?" I hated when people mimicked me. That was when I became angry. Not just because of his words, but because he had interrupted my life.

I stepped forwards, and vaguely heard Luke growling, but ignored them. I slowly pulled my arm back, then suddenly swung it forwards. I hit the guy as hard as I could, and it caused him to back up and hold his nose, which was most likely broken now. Suddenly, Luke pulled me back, and started walking away from the fight, dragging me with him. Jace and the others were all fighting now, ignoring the fact that we were leaving. "Luke! I was doing fine!" He rolled his eyes, while looking ahead to make sure no humans were around the alley entrance. There weren't any. "I know, Rose. I thought you did great, but your, well, your mate didn't think you could handle that man. Not me. He asked me to get you out of here." I sighed then hugged Luke, glad to see him again.

"How is this mess going to work out?" He peeked at me through his dark hair, looking a bit confused. "What?" I groaned, and then answered him. "You and Jace hate each other. He thinks you're a bad influence. You think pack wolves are stupid. You never stay in the same place, packs never move. I won't choose between you and Jace." He sighed, hugging me again. "Rosie, I- I don't like him, but maybe me and the guys can settle down now. Maybe we can try something new. We'll work it out. You're not going to lose us. Don't worry about it. "

I smiled, only partially reassured. Suddenly, I was pulled away from Luke. Jace pulled me up against his body, which I couldn't complain about, but I was upset he was so obsessed. I was just a normal wolf, not enough to obsess over. I guess I'd never understand guys.

I leaned into him, and he wrapped his arms around me. "Listen- I'm not going to freak about you two hugging, like I usually would. I know you two care about each other, and I'm okay with that. Just don't do it so much. "

I laughed at my mate's words. He was obviously jealous. I would never understand men. Ever.