Moral Tale

Krissie: This is another poem/tale thing that I wrote for my British Literature class. We had to write a moral tale that was in poem structure and rhymes. So this is what I came up with it. I hope you enjoy it. I'm very proud of it. I am curious to see how many can get the moral.


There once was a man

Well studied and scholared

He wishes to know everything he can

The knowledge books had him collared.

Once all those books were read

He sought out more to fill the stead

Too bad!

Too sad!

The journey was to be too long.

From Ancient Greece to China to Egypt

The scholared fool thought to encrypt

All the knowledge within his head

He even went so far as Rome

However, there was so much to be learned instead

Of staying, he chose to roam.

The world was a precious pearl

He wished to know and understand it all

From why the sky be blue to why hair curls.

One day, a snake, he stumbled upon.

Shackle was a devious serpent.

This vicious lizard was the king of cons.

Shackle von Shade was his full name.

His claim:

"I can summon all the knowledge of the Universe,

Trust me, I give not a curse.

This deal is as good as gold

And to you it will happily be sold

Just grasp that apple there

Take a bite and do not compare

And which all knowledge you'll comprehend

And won't that just be heaven send?"

Not thinking twice,

The man took hold of the apple and had his bite

The taste was funny

But he didn't care

After all, the world was sunny.

Then back he fell

Unable to contain, it burst

There were so many lights

So many colors in all kinds of hues

It was time this ignorant fool paid his dues

He wish to know and understand all

But even in death,

He could not know it all

For it is simply impossible to accomplish such a feat

It is simply best to admit defeat

Everyone knows not something

Everyone knows something

Everyone knows not everything.