Dragon. This word always means trouble, pain, suffering and dead.

A dragon is a vicious being which threatened any living being on the land of Silulam. They are killer, stealer, kidnaper of pretty princess, powerful, gigantic, they breathe fire, and they have a powerful and dangerous voice. They stink, have a bad breath, dump and are disgusting. They do not wear any clothes.

Those beings are so dangerous that dragon slayer were born. They are destined to slay all dragons of the land. They are train to kill dragons and protect the citizens of Silulam.

300 years after the creation of the dragon slayers, 10 000 dragons have been killed by the slayers and they are known all over the land. Dragon slayers were extremely popular and lots of children dream to became one of them and slay some dragons. But only a few select people are chosen to be a dragon slayer.

Pascal was one of the lucky one who begin his training as a dragon slayer. He enters in the circle when he was 8 years old and he finishes his training when he reaches 18 years old. He was finally ready to slay his first dragon.

When he finishes his training, his master gave him the Dragon Soul, a unique sword which possesses unknown power.

Pascal begins traveling city to city, village to village; to find a dragon he will slay and officially be a true dragon slayer. He was walking to the village name Agricultura.

A young dragon was flying in the sky when his stomach begins to grow. He was hungry and he watched around. He knows it is dangerous to fly around because the dragon slayers are powerful and dangerous, but he was willing to take the risk and fly to the village he spotted.