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Dragon Soul Act 1: Beyond the fear rest the true

Prologue: The dragon Slayer vs a dragon

The village of Agricultura is a peaceful village who's be lucky enough not being attack by dragons very often compare to other village. One of the reasons is because the Dragon Slayer academy is near the village and gives them some security by the authority which possesses the Slayers.

The young dragon flies high in the sky so he won't be seen by the villagers for a while...watching if anything dangerous could hurt him. When he sees that the village doesn't have too many weapons he decides to strike fast and efficiently to obtain food. Little did he know that his plan will meet a big obstacle.

Pascal reaches the village of Agricultura not to search for a dragon, but to obtain some foods at low price. He begins his shopping with non-perishable foods since he will travel far away from the academy. After obtaining what he needs, he decide to eat the famous food of Agricultura; corn.

He was about to enter buy corns when a lough shout was made. Pascal immediately knows it was a dragon.

"Well, guess I'm lucky today." He draws his sword and headed outside. He sees the dragon passing fast in the sky and the villagers and tourist immediately hide inside.

"Watch this for me, I'll be back." Says Pascal as he left his stock inside and prepares to meet the dragon. He decides to hide and wait for the dragon to act first, knowing he'll need to land if he wants anything.

The dragon indeed lands and looks around for some food.

Pascal watches the dragon. The dragon was a biped one whose 20 feet's tall. His scales were black on his back, white on his belly and his neck and the rest of his body was blue. He has 2 big wings when they weren't expanded were half of his body sides. He also sees his long and blue tail moving in excitement thought he didn't know why. His eyes were clearly searching for something and he begins to use his nose. Last detail Pascal sees is that the dragon was a little overweight by the round belly of the dragon.

He takes out his sword, ready for a sneak attack. He walks slowly and quietly from behind the dragon. He also checks the wind which didn't blow to the dragon direction. The dragon also seems to drop his guard so everything was on Pascal side. When he was closes enough, he was ready to cut his long neck when the wind suddenly changes sides and the dragon smell the slayer. The dragon suddenly opens his wings to fly away.

"No you won't!" Shout Pascal when he jumps on the dragon's back.

The dragon knows the human was on his back and tries anything to make him fall but Pascal hang up. He knows his sword was useless for now and he puts it back on his scabbard. He then climbs, scales by scales until he reaches the dragon wings. The dragon does a few barrel rolls and tries to make the human fall but that didn't work. The dragon knows something bad will happen so he drops the attitude he was flying and was closer to the ground. He was right, Pascal suddenly hang one of the dragon wings and incapacitates it. The dragon can't fly any longer and fall on the ground which may save the dragon's life for now since he was close to the ground. After the landing, the dragon suddenly stands up and Pascal cast a spell do the dragon wings won't make him fly again at the same time of being thrown away from the dragon's back.

The dragons tries to fly, but he realise that his wings didn't obey his command.

"You can't escape my spell." Says Pascal.

The dragon realises he has no choice, but too fight him. He takes his battle stance while Pascal did the same his sword out. The dragon takes a heavy stone and throws it at Pascal who dodges it by the right and charge at the dragon direction. The dragon tries to punch him, but the dragon slayer evades the attacks, jump and swings his sword. The dragon was cut at his chest, but now deeply enough to be grave or fatal. He was bleeding, but he wasn't willing to give up the fight. He takes a deep breath before throwing fire at Pascal. Pascal blocks it with his sword when the Dragon Soul reacts to the fire of the dragon. The sword absorbed the flame and stay around the blade. The dragon looks at the sword completely take out by surprise. Pascal feels what must be done next and decides to trust his instinct. He swings his sword and the flame stock around the sword is thrown at the dragon and the flame cut and burns him. He falls on his back and has difficulty to breath. Pascal walks slowly at the dragon direction. The dragon sees him and begins to step away. He tries to back away from the humans but the human move closer. The dragon sees the human climbing on his chest. He was ready to pierce the dragon's heart when:

"Please, spare me." Suddenly speaks the dragon.

Pascal stays still for a few second took by surprise. The dragon actually spoke. Pascal never knew a dragon can talk. Not only that but he also have the weirdness voice of the world, a voice that was the perfect opposite of mighty, dangerous and threatened. Pascal couldn't help but laugh at the voice, loudly.

"What is so funny?" Says the dragon exasperate at the human laugh.

Pascal immediately calms down and regains his serious.

"Your voice. It is ridiculous...Sorry for laughing." Says Pascal. "It is time to die dragon."

"I say wait...I didn't do anything wrong." Says the dragon.

"I cannot trust a dragon." Answers Pascal.

"B-but it's true." Says the dragon. "I do not lie. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!"

Pascal remembers what his master say: «A dragon will do anything to kill you or to survive. They are liar, manipulator and will try to sweet talk you, but thankfully they are dump so their lies are easily detectable. »

"I want to live...I didn't kill anyone in the village." Plea the dragon.

"Can you prove it?" Asks Pascal. He decides to give him a chance. He didn't know why, but he wonders just how much he's going to lie to survive and kill him. If they are dump, this dragon will seal his doom by himself.

"When I fly over the city, I didn't hurt anyone. I just did that so they hide inside the building. I didn't kill anyone." Says the dragon.

"..." Pascal gives him a warning look.

"I don't have blood on me. I didn't hit you so only the blood of anyone else would be here but as you see...I'm perfectly clean without red blood." Says the dragon. "Except my own blood which is black." Adds the dragon.

All what he says was true but one thing remaining.

"Why did you attack the village?" Asks Pascal.

"Well..." Then the dragon stomach made a deep sound. "I was kinda...hungry. No villager of course." He adds quickly. "I want to eat some of their possession."

"You are a thief then." Says Pascal.

"I was hungry!" Says the dragon.

Pascal looks at the dragon eyes for a few minutes before moving closer to the dragon neck.

"Please...Don't kill me." Says the dragon one last time before closing his eyes. Then he feels the human getting down from his upper chest.

"I'll take the risk." Says Pascal. "I'll spare you this time...Stay here. I'll bring you some food."

Then Pascal returns to the village. The dragon tries to fly, but the spell was still on.

"I'll stay here. Only you can end the spell anyway." Sighs the dragon.

A few hours later Pascal returns with food, the dragon was very hungry by then and he looks at the human.

"You take lot of time." Says the dragon talking more with his stomach than his head.

"It's a little far away. Anyway, I brought you some food." Then Pascal gives a part of the food to the dragon.

"Thanks." Says the dragon. He then opens his mouth and eats the food, taking time to taste the food. After a while, he finishes eating his diner and the human too. "Hum...So good to have a full stomach."

"Then you have no more reason to attack the village right?" Asks Pascal.

"Not for now. It's a poor season for hunting so I was reducing to thievery." Says the dragon in shame. "But I am ready to anything to survive."

"...I see." Says Pascal. "Like I say, you can go now, but never steal anyone again."

"...You are a dragon slayer right?" Asks the dragon.


"Then why can you use the Dragon Soul?"

"?! What do you mean by that?" Asks Pascal absolutely didn't know what he was talking about.

"The dragon soul is a weapon design to be used only by human who befriend a dragon or being the ancestors of a human who befriend one of us." Explains the dragon. "That is why you were able to block my flame and use it for your own desire."

"That is impossible. You are our worse enemy. They are no way a human will befriend a dragon. I only took pity of you." Says Pascal.

"Maybe it wasn't your destiny to became a dragon there any member of your family who have a link with the Dragon Soul?" Asks the dragon.

"I don't think so...It was my master who gave me the sword and he didn't know anything about his power." Says Pascal.

The dragon examines Pascal for a while. Pascal has brown and short hair. He was 6 feet tall...very small compare to the dragon. He was wearing the official armor of the dragon slayer, a silver armor covering his whole body with blue line around his armor. The red sword, Dragon Soul, was at his back in his black scabbard.

"I think I'll know someone who can help you." Says the dragon.

"I don't need a dragon to help me." Says Pascal. "It's time for you to go away before I change idea." Then Pascal broke the spell.

"I can't let you go...You can use the Dragon Soul." Says the dragon.

"You are a dragon and I am your enemy-" But he was cut.

"I know what to do! I'll take you to the old one. He knows what to do and what to say to you." Says the dragon.

"The old one? Sorry, but I'm not interested." Says Pascal.

"Come on. I'll take you to him and he'll explain everything." Insisted the dragon.

"I say I'm not interested. You're lucky enough I spare you. Don't push your luck." Warns Pascal.

"*Sigh* You have to know our version of the event. You are hunting dragon because you believe we are evil, cruel, etc. I know you want to find the true." Says the dragon. "To prove it to you, smell me...I don't stink."

"...I don't want to figure that out...But...You deserve a chance. I'm kind...maybe too much." He adds with a smile.

"I don't smell bad." Whine the dragon. "So you're coming?" Asks the dragon. Pascal nod positively. "Thank you! I'll show He'll show you that we are not evil." Says the dragon. "So...Do you prefer climbing on my back or be in my claw for the fly?"

"You back without hesitation." Says Pascal. He then climbs on the dragon back.

"Well...Destination, the old one home." Says the dragon as he rise in the sky.

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