My rationale is drifting through the clouds,

my heart drowning in the deep,

you'll never know what bliss,

follows the decision to make that leap;


I'm such a good actress,

so they all say,

with my bright lips and smile,

no one suspects the price I must pay;


For my skin is my road-map,

and my razor is my car,

with each slice that I make,

I hope to go far;


There's one thing people refuse to understand:

my razor is my best friend,

the only thing I've got left in this fucked up world,

until the very end;


Besides, I control the burn,

I control the pain and the depth-I get to steer,

it's the one thing in my life,

that I do not need to fear;


It's my beautiful addiction,

my moment in ecstasy,

as it brings me the fleeting taste,

of being free;


I know that eventually I'll return,

to where I was before,

but for now I relish in feeling numb,

as my blood hits the floor.