I didn't know what she meant by 'draw something nice'.

So I drew a naked woman.

And she slapped me.

Her face was red, just like an apple's.

I only laughed. I admit it, she is simply just adorable.

Florence. Florence Carter.

How did I end up here again?...

It was windy, too windy.

Actually, there was a tornado nearby.

But I was far enough to be considered safe.

But I was cold.



I had no home to go to and everything I had was all gone.

Those art pieces I had took so long to draw in order to earn some money had been blown away.

I lied.

I got hungry and ate them.

Just when I thought all hope was gone, an angel appeared.

The light seemed to shine on her as she approached me.

The wind blowing newspapers around looked like wings she sprouted.

Beautiful, I needed to draw it.

And thus in the strangely odd and dangerous, I drew my most wonderful piece yet; an angel.

The woman in her mid 40s looked down and complimented on my drawing.

"What do you say? I would agree to adopt you, not for your art though,"

That's how I met Emilie Ashford, my mother.

I stared at Florence's red face, then looked into the mirror.

My face was red too.

Not from the impact of the slap, but from blood.

I think I am in love.

Author's Notes :D

I must write shorter :(

Credits to another friend for giving me plot ^^