I woke up and found myself in a hospital bed, wearing one of those hospital 'dresses'.

And a bandage at the part I was bleeding.

I'm alive! I can't believe it! I'm alive!

I was so happy I nearly jumped off the building; luckily I was saved by a nurse.

Then Mom and Florence came.

Florence looking guilty.

Tears ran down Mom's eyes life sweat do and she ran and gave me a huge hug.

It hurt.

Florence looked up at me and then apologized, again.

I smiled and laughed,

"Don't worry."

I really think I'm in love.

Then she said something. Something that changed my life.

"I need to go to the toilet."

I was exaggerating…

When she came back, the three of us had a wonderful chat.

"And she ate the bread!"

"Oh gosh! Are you serious?"

"I'm always serious! But she loved the bread."

"As much as I love cheese?"

"Yes, son"

"As much as I like your son?"

"Yes, Fl…"


"I said, as much as I like the Sun?"

"Don't lie to me Florence! I heard it!"

Mother laughed a little.

And we went on arguing.

I think I really love Florence.

END. The outcome is for you to decide :)

Author's Notes :D

I have the urge to write something shonenai or yaoi :D