Chapter 1: Somebody I Used to Know

The skies were grey, as they usually were in London but it was an especially dreary day for two young girls. It was the day they were putting their parents to rest. Abigail and Melissa Devereux held hands, staring at the two caskets in front of them. They weren't even aware of the crowd of people around them, paying their respects. It seemed like they were the only ones there. Even though the family moved to America when the girls were young people still knew the Devereux family, and were devastated to hear that Edmund and Victoria had been murdered in their home. Their neighborhood was in a slight state of panic knowing it hadn't been solved yet.

Abby looked up hearing the preacher stop talking. Closing his bible he walked over to shake her and her sister's hand. "I'm sorry for your loss." He whispered.

Both girls nodded their heads, keeping their eyes on the caskets as he passed them. Feeling a few raindrops on their heads they reluctantly walked to their family car. "Home please," Melissa sighed closing the door behind her.

As the black car drove down the gravel road three men stood in silence, watching as the rest of the funeral procession headed to their vehicles. "Any idea who did it?" The youngest of the men asked, his green eyes looking at his brothers.

The eldest shook his head, his dark hair shadowing his eyes. "No, I think the police are afraid to get too involved."

"Think they'll do anything else?" The nineteen year old asked, hoping his brothers would finally tell him a little bit more about the family business.

"I don't know, Nathan, but we're keeping a look out. Now come on, lets get out of here." Tom grumbled walking over to driver's side.

The next day Melissa was sitting in the living room of her family's home sorting through the mass of flowers when she heard a knock at the door. Running a hand through her raven hair she hopped over a few stray arrangements scattered on the floor to head into the foyer. Opening the door she noticed her father's lawyer standing there, his briefcase in hand. "Hello Miss, I need a word with you and your sister." He explained pushing up his thick framed glasses.

Melissa nodded her head, stepping aside to let him pass her. "Come in," She sighed closing the door behind him. "Abby! Come here!"

Abby bounded down the stairs, her blonde hair flowing behind her. "What is it?" She asked.

"Dad's lawyer is here to talk to us." Melissa explained, her voice sharp. "I thought he would show up before the funeral but he decided to make a house call."

Abby knew her sister was on edge so she decided to stay silent and head into the kitchen to see what he wanted. "Hey Mr...?" She chuckled realizing her father never actually mentioned his lawyers' names.

"Kennedy." He smiled placing his briefcase on the kitchen table. "I'm here to discuss your father's estate with you both. I have his will here." He explained pulling out a file with their dad's name on it. "He left everything to Abigail."

Melissa clenched her fists, sure her sister was older by a year but she wasn't there when they got the call. Melissa and her parents moved back to London two years prior but Abby stayed in America to go to school. When Melissa decided school wasn't for her Edmund and Victoria refused to let her stay with her sister and forced her to return to London with them. So while Abby was living it up in sunny California Melissa was forced to work as a waitress to gain her own independence away from her father and his money. "Of course he left it all to you." She snapped rising from her seat.

Abby's mouth dropped watching as her sister stormed out of the room. Glancing at Mr. Kennedy she whispered 'Excuse me,' before following her sister into the foyer. "Melissa, wait."

"What? What can you possibly say right now?"

"We can figure something out," Abby sighed. "I-I'll talk to Kennedy and see what we can do..."

"No forget it," Melissa grumbled slipping her boots on. "I'll be at my apartment, the one I paid for without daddy's help."

Abby winced as she heard the door slam. "Is everything all right, Miss?" She heard Kennedy ask from behind her.

"Um yeah, she'll be fine...I'm just gonna let her cool off for a little while." She sighed stepping back into the kitchen.

Fuming Melissa pulled out her cell phone to call her boyfriend. As soon as he picked up she went off. "He left everything to her just like I knew he would."

"He didn't leave you anything?" Joshua asked.

"No, he left the whole estate to her! She's only been in a different country for the past two years, wasn't even here when they died!"

"Babe, calm down, we'll go out tonight and get your mind off of all this."

Melissa smiled. "You know exactly what I need. I'll see you later, baby."

Nathan panted as he finished his boxing lesson. Both of his older brothers thought he needed to bulk up so he tried his best to hit the gym twice a day. Grabbing his towel he wiped the sweat from his brow, looking out the window to the streets of London. He noticed a few people walking but one girl caught his attention. Immediately recognizing her from the funeral he muttered. "Abigail Devereux."

"What did you say, mate?" He heard a new voice enter the gym.

"N-nothing, hey Jay," Nathan whispered tossing his towel aside.

"Who are you looking at?" Jay asked walking over to the window.

"No one, what are you doing here? Did Tom and Max send you up here to check on me?"

"Nope, came on my own, you don't think I get these..." He smirked flexing his muscles. "by doing nothing do you?"

Nathan laughed slightly, Jay and their friend Siva were the muscle heads of their group. Their muscles definitely came in handy in certain situations. "Where are Max and Tom?" Nathan asked sitting down on the weight bench.

"Uh, I think they were meeting with a few people, probably to talk about the Devereux murders." Jay explained spotting his friend as he lifted the weights. "Want to go out with us tonight?"

"Yeah...its not like I have anything better to do." Nathan cringed as he did one more rep.

"Well we're not just going to dance, Nath." Jay sighed. "Tonight is when we can count on some guys from the Romano gang to be out drinking. Tom wants to scope them out, see if we can get them on our side as allies."

Nathan sat up on the bench, stretching his arms out. "I'll go, I haven't had a night out in I don't know how long."

Abby sat down in Starbucks, looking down at her cell phone. "Ab?" She heard someone say getting her attention.

Abby's eyes lit up. "Lydia?" She smiled standing up to hug her friend. "I still can't believe you're here, especially when you said how terrified you were of flying."

"Oh God, I was a nervous wreck on the plane." Lydia laughed sitting down across the table.

Abby laughed thinking back to all her and Lydia's conversations from their dorm room during their freshman year. Lydia was her first friend in college and they kept a strong bond the whole time Abby was in California. When she told her what happened to her parents Lydia said she would be in London as soon as she could. "So how are you doing? You still look gorgeous even with all..." Lydia waved a hand not knowing how to word the rest of her sentence.

"Well...its not easy..." Abby muttered running a hand through her hair. "We were finally allowed back into the house yesterday, I can't even go into the office."

"That's where they were found?"

Nodding her head Abby looked down at her lap, blinking away tears. "Lets change the subject. How is work going?"

" are you coming back to California?"

"I-I don't know...I was named the head executor of dad's will so I can't just up and leave right now. There's too many things going on here. I'll just have to start going to school here."

"Well before all that, how about we have a night on the town? I did not fly across the pond to just sit in a Starbucks for my whole trip."

Finally Abby laughed. "Ok, ok, I guess it'll do me some good to get out for a little while."

"There's my old roommate, even though you were always the one to practically carry me back to our dorm."

"Yeah that's how it usually went."

Melissa looked over her appearance in the mirror one more time. Her long dark hair flowed down her back in loose curls, she fixed the hem of her bandage dress so it rested mid-thigh. Her red lips formed a smirk when she felt satisfied with the way she looked. Slipping on a pair of black pumps she walked out of her bedroom into the living room where Joshua was waiting. His dark hair was spiked the way he usually had it, he wore a black V-neck so the tattoos on his neck were visible. "Damn babe," He whispered walking over to her.

"I know, now lets get going." She chuckled grabbing her clutch.

Joshua nodded, taking her hand to lead her out of the apartment. "Some of my mates are gonna meet us there."

"Whatever just as long as they don't get us kicked out again for starting a fight." She sighed, rolling her eyes. Joshua and his friends were tough guys who like to start brawls with anyone who they say 'looks at them funny.' Tonight though Melissa just wanted to forget about her parent's deaths, her sister, and everything else she had going on in her life. She just wanted to try to have a little bit of fun.

Nathan rolled up the sleeves of his black button up as he waited for his brothers to finish getting ready. "You would think they were girls." He mumbled running a hand through his brown hair.

"Max doesn't even have that much hair to work with!" Siva laughed from the living room.

Nathan smiled, Siva could always be counted on to make a joke at the right moment. Whenever he was introduced as his brother people didn't know what to think. With Siva's dark skin and hair, with matching eyes it was hard to believe he and the others could be related. Looking at the family fireplace Nathan looked at the line of pictures going across the mantle. His eyes landed on one in particular. It was taken right after his parents adopted Siva and Jay, he was only five at the time, Tom and Max were ten so it was odd for them to welcome two new boys into their home. It worked out soon though. After a week it was like they had been there their whole lives. "Tom! Max!" Jay yelled up the stairs. "The car is here!"

"Coming," Max said as he and his brother walked down the staircase. "You boys ready?"

"Been ready, we've been waiting on you two." Nathan grumbled grabbing his jacket.

"Watch it, Nath," Tom warned. "Look we're going here for a specific reason, we don't need any altercations, got it?"

Rolling his eyes Nathan agreed. Feeling an arm wrap around his shoulder he looked up to see Jay. "But the beer is a bonus." He laughed shaking out his curly hair.

Tom chuckled. "Come on, lets get going."

Abby ran her fingers through her long hair, fluffing it out the way she liked it. At first she was all for a night out but now she wasn't so sure. "You ready?" Lydia asked, stepping into her heels.

"I don't know...maybe I should just stay home." Abby muttered pulling down her bandage skirt.

"Ab? What are you talking about? You look great, you're already ready, I'm already ready, and the car is outside."

Sighing Abby grabbed her clutch. "Then I guess I don't really have a choice now do I?"

"No, you don't." Lydia smiled. "Now come on, show me what a night out in London is all about."

Bounding down the stairs the two girls headed outside to their waiting taxi. When the driver started making his way down the street Lydia turned to her friend. "So Ab, when was the last time you got any?"

Shocked, Abby turned to Lydia with wide eyes. "Really Lydia? We're gonna talk about that right now?"

"Oh come on, the only guy I've seen you date was David and that was during freshman year. So did you two ever..." Abby rolled her eyes. Lydia always the type of girl to say whatever came to her mind, whatever came to her mind.

"No...we didn't. He tried but I said no and know what happened after that."

"Do I? I wanted to beat his ass when I heard about that." Lydia snapped.

Abby noticed the driver looking back at them through his rearview mirror making her feel even more uncomfortable. "Yeah can we move on please?"

"Wait, I remember you telling me you had never done it before period so if you and him never..."

"You guessed it," Abby whispered so the driver couldn't hear. "I'm a twenty year old virgin, so now can we move on?"

"Wow...I'm proud of you though, some girls don't have that kind of willpower. So I'm guessing you're not looking to get laid tonight?"

"No," She laughed. "No I'm not."

"Well...I'm not a drunken make-out I'm not ruling that out just yet." Lydia winked as the driver stopped in front of the club.

Abby paid the driver before hopping out of the car with her friend. Lydia waved at the bouncer who instantly let the two girls in without a problem. Tossing a lock of brown hair over her shoulder Lydia surveyed the area. She noticed a few attractive men standing around the bar. "Lets go get a drink." She yelled over the music.

Nodding her head Abby followed her through the crowd of people, the smell of alcohol and people bumping into her made her instantly regret coming out. She had never really been a party girl. 'This is gonna be fun,' She thought.

Melissa sat on Joshua's lap, drink in hand, scanning the crowd for any familiar faces. So far she hadn't recognized anyone but then one girl caught her eye. Lydia? She remembered seeing the girl in pictures Abby would send from California but if she was there then that meant...? "Hey I'm gonna walk around for a second." She said in Joshua's ear.

He simply nodded his head before turning back to talk to one of his friends. Melissa rolled her eyes as she walked out of their booth. Making her way through the crowd she completely forgot about her sister when she spotted him. Across the way was Jay, she would recognize that curly head of hair anywhere. Memories of when she first moved back to London immediately flooded back. One day she went to the park to go for a run when she saw him standing in the middle of the path, talking on his cell phone. She was about to yell at him when he made a joke and she completely forgot about being angry. He was the only one that could make her smile, which sometimes she missed.

Jay took a sip of his beer, barely listening to what Max was saying. As he placed it down on the table he saw her. She was looking at him with an evil glare which made his heart clench. He remembered all their late night phone calls, the flirting, everything up til she told him she couldn't see him anymore. She never gave him a reason but he was sure he knew why. The way she was looking at him sent a chill down his spine. She watched him for a few seconds before slinking off to go sit on a guy's lap. Jay's jaw clenched seeing her kiss his neck and whisper in his ear.

Nathan seemed to notice his friend's anger. "Mate, you all right?" He asked placing his hand on Jay's shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine...she's just not the same anymore." Jay whispered walking away from their table.

Nathan understood what he was talking about. He thought back to when Jay was like a happy school boy, he talked about this girl Melissa. They had so much in common it was almost sickeningly cute. Then one day it all changed. Nathan found Jay in the gym, beating up a punching bag so hard his knuckles started to bleed. Whenever he had asked him about it Jay just said he didn't want to talk about it and brushed the subject off. Now Nathan knew what girl he was talking about. Melissa Devereux. Jay had refused to go to the funeral the previous day because he didn't want to see her now Nathan was worried about his friend since he had seen her under these circumstances.

"I'm going to go find Jay." He told Siva before heading away from their table.

Scanning the crowd he looked for the tall curly haired man, but there was no sign of him. Looking over the heads of the people he didn't find Jay but he did spot the other Devereux daughter.

Abby awkwardly sat on a barstool giving herself fifteen more minutes before she would leave. Lydia was flirting with a guy, knocking down shots like they were water. "I have a feeling I'm gonna be carrying her out of here." She sighed stirring her barely touched drink.

"They seem like they're having fun." She heard a deep voice say behind her.

Spinning around on her seat she came face to face with a rather good looking gentleman. He had blonde hair, with striking blue eyes. "Yeah, you can say that." She laughed looking at her friend who was almost on top of the man she was talking to.

"He's my roommate." The blonde man shook his head. "I'm Finn Henderson."

"Abby Devereux, nice to meet you." Abby smiled shaking his hand.

After she told him her name he seemed to be more interested. He leaned in close to her, making her feel uncomfortable. "Well Miss Devereux, can I buy you another drink?"

"No thank you, I haven't finished this one."

"Well then..." Finn smirked, placing his hand on her bare thigh. "Lets just talk."

Abby gently pushed his hand away. "Uh, no thank you, I was just getting ready to go."

"Why? You look like you're in need of a good time." He kept moving forward until he was right up against her.

"Could you please back up?" Abby asked as she tried to keep her voice from quivering.

He didn't take the hint, instead he kept trying to move closer. Abby held her arms up, trying to push him back but it didn't help matters. "Hey!" They heard a voice yell.

"What?" Finn snapped but was knocked down by a sharp punch to his jaw.

Abby's hands flew up to her mouth watching the man fall to the floor. When she looked back up her blue eyes connected with a pair of emerald green orbs, they were solely focused on her. She searched his handsome face for any sort of emotion but she couldn't read him. "He won't bother you anymore." The gentleman said, his fist still balled.

Before Abby could ask him his name he had ran away. She was about to go after him but she felt someone leaning on her. "Abby..." Lydia slurred. "I'm drunk..."

"I know you are." Abby sighed hopping off the barstool to help Lydia up. "Come on, lets get home."

Nathan shook out his hand, still feeling sore from that punch. He didn't know what came over him but he couldn't let some punk do that to a girl. "Nath!" He heard someone call.

"Jay, there you are, I've been looking for you." Nathan grumbled.

"Yeah, I'm sure you were. The way you took out that guy it really looked like you were looking for me. Come on, everyone is ready to leave."

Nathan nodded his head, as he started walking he heard Jay whisper. "It was a damn good punch though, I'll give you that."

Ok so this story is loosely based of The Wanted's new video 'I Found You,' I recommend checking it out cause its awesome. And I just didn't feel like changing the boy's names so that's why I'm using the member's names. Hope you enjoy :)