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"Sand, sand, and more fucking sand! Where are the 'Great places' that were mentioned in the brochure?! And why is it so God Damn hot?!" Marco heard Eli yell. Personally, he was enjoying their vacation. Ever since he was little, he always wanted to travel to Egypt. But it seems that his boyfriend wasn't enjoying it as much as he was. Eli complained about the plane being late, but it was due to a snowstorm. He complained that it was too quiet and yelled at the stewardess(?) about the food and the internet connection. Marco understood that the poor girl was new and couldn't help that much. To him, the trip was nice. He got to meet new people and hear their stories of other places they visited. Like one couple was headed to Paris for their 12 anniversary and they told Marco about the Eiffel Tower and how Paris really was 'The city of love'. A woman gave him a post card from Spain and another gave him one from Russia. People gave Marco so many post cards and pictures, he had to buy another bag just to hold them all. Eli didn't talk to them or even look at them. He would always call Marco back after a certain amount of time had passed. And now here they are, in the beautiful but deadly desert, heading to Cairo. Marco took pictures of everything. The extraordinary sand dunes that no artist could paint, the clear blue sky, the people of their group, and the animals they had. The guide kept a beautiful Hawk that he'd send over head to help them with the navigation. A couple brought their dog, there were pictures of the camels and horses they rode on. 'Now I have my own pictures to give!' Marco thought as he took another picture of the Hawk. "The city is straight ahead, should be there in two more hours." The guide said. "Can you believe it Eli? We're almost at the city! I better start snapping more pictures before we get there, say Cheese!" Marco said as he held the camera up to his eye. "Enough pictures. I'm not trying to sit still in the sun." Eli replied as he climbed back on to his horse. Marco lowered the camera. "Um ok, I should save the film anyway, there will be more to see at Cairo." But he knew Eli wasn't listening. So they continued the journey.

Just like the guide said, they made it to Cairo in exactly two hours. Marco was snapping away, taking ictures of the people and the different things they were selling. It was so beautiful! They had some street performers too. Luckily, Marco was able to record it. "Isn't this fun Eli?" he asked. Eli turned his attention to Marco. "Oh, uh, yeah. This is fun. Finish taking pictures." he said as he turned his attention back to whatever it was that caught his eye. Marco frowned slightly but then went back to smiling. He danced with the dancers then began to play with the children and the animals. He was having so much fun but Eli didn't look like he was. "Are you sure you're having fun?" He asked. "Marco, if I have to say it again, yes I am having fun. I'll be at the hotel, go have fun." Eli said. Marco cringed at the tone of Eli's voice but went back to taking pictures. 'Nothing will ruin my fun. maybe he needs some rest?' but he knew that this wasn't the case.

Marco bought alot of stuff for himself, the children, and the rest of the people in the city. He even bought a dog and named him Ra (one of the children's ideas). He traveled to a bunch of shops and the last one he came up to had charms and necklaces. "This give you good luck." The salesman said as he held one up so Marco could see. "I don't want luck... What about that one?" he asked, pointing to a Gold, Blue, and White charm that was in the shape of a hawk. The man hesitated. "Not for sale. Very sorry." he said trying to quickly put it away. "Please let me have it! I've bought so much stuff for me, I just want to get something for my boyfriend." Marco begged. The man looked from Marco to Ra to Marco then back to Ra then nodded. "Fine, I give. No pay. Gift from me." Marco thanked him then returned to the hotel with Ra. "Hi did Eli come back?" he asked the woman at the front desk. She blushed and stuttered then was silent. "I'm so sorry..." she sighed. Marco shrugged and headed over to the elevator. "You're gonna love Eli, he's nice." he said to Ra. Tears stung behind his eyes.

When they got in front of the room door, there was a faint moan. Ra looked up at his master in concern. "I'm OK. It's OK." Marco said. When he opened the door, he placed the bags he had with him on the floor, then locked himself in the bathroom. When he turned on the shower, he let the hot water turn his skin lobster red as he cried. This happened almost every where they went. It was always better in the morning, wasn't it? He felt something heavy on his chest and remembered the the charm. He took it off and got ready to hurl it to the ground but then shook his head and put it back around his neck. He just couldn't do it. Eli has been there since they met in elementary school. He was there when Marco was disowned for being gay. This man, this lying, cheating man Marco has fallen in love with, was all he had. He put a roof over his head and bought him clothes. And with every cheat, Eli always made Marco happy in the morning. After the shower, Marco refused to let anyone into the bathroom except Ra and ended up sleeping in there the rest of the night. In the morning, he slipped on his favorite Blue T that had a storm-like design all over it, and a pair of Black shorts that had red flames at the hems and blue droplets of blood (the design of course) on the rest of the remaining black, as he did, he read a note Eli left. He said for Marco to meet him in the cafeteria.

"Did you really have to bring the mutt?" Eli asked as Ra sniffed around the table. "Ra's a good boy." Marco said as he pet the dogs head when he came around to him. "Whatever. Look, I booked us a tour of the Pyramids to make you feel better, and so you can take more pictures." Marco jumped up. "Really Eli?! We're going?" Eli rubbed his temples and nodded.

"Stupid brat is loud."

"And that mutt of his is annoying."

"Quit your complaining, we didn't come here for vacation. We came here to find the City of The Gods and make a profit." Marcus said to his siblings. "But the city was destroyed thousands of years ago. What makes you think we can do anything with a barren wasteland?" his sister Manda groaned. "Listen you Twits! Legend has it that this amulet, when it comes in contact within the Pyramids, will show us the location of the of the city!" They laughed. "Wait, how do you expect to get the amulet since we don't have it?" growled Gregory. "A 'contact' of mine, has assured me that the amulet is here in the city. Ring Ring Speak of the devil."

"It's gone."

"What do you mean it's gone?!"

"The man that had your amulet, sold it."

"So you're telling me, that because of your carelessness, I won't have my amulet?!"

"You were the one that told me to leave it with him! ... He said that the person he gave it to is still in the area. That they begged him and that it is dishonorable to deny someone of beauty and innocence something they want."

"Honor?! There is no honor in money! Tell him to describe the person or it's your life you see?"

"Hold on, hold on... He says it was a kid, and-and he had short blond hair, innocent green eyes. He had a dog with him... Called it Ra. He says that he isn't traveling alone and are staying at the Lotus hotel. Name was Marco or somethin like that."

The three of them directed their attention at Marco and Eli. They spotted the charm around Marco's neck and smirked. "I think I see this person."

"He tells us not to hurt him or we'll be punished."

Marcus chuckled. "Give him his punishment."

"With pleasure."

There was a laugh then a loud popping sound. "We'll meet up with you later." Gregory and Manda kept their gazes on Marco as he danced around the table with Ra. "So what's the plan this time?" Manda asked. "We follow them of course. We'll get to the city without ever having to lift a finger. They're going on a tour of the Pyramids remember?"

Ra stopped playing and stared at the group of people at the next table as they laughed. He narrowed his eyes and growled, getting ready to bark. "Thanks Eli, you're the best!" Marco exclaimed as he hugged said male. "Yeah yeah, now come on." Eli said as he pushed Marco away. Marco looked hurt but then was happy again. He finally got to have some fun with Eli on this vacation.

Marco and Eli had to go to the next town to start the tour. Marco ran around as usual snapping pictures and buying snacks for him and Ra. "Your friend, his happiness is contagious no?" The guide named Shamu said to Eli. Eli pushed past him with a frown. "No." he replied. "Come on Marco, we gotta go." Marco stopped running. "Can't we stay just a little bit longer?" he begged. "Is no rush. Can wait." Eli shook his head. "Let's go!" Marco paid for the fruit he ordered then walked over to the truck. "Come on Ra. Come boy!" Ra hopped into the truck, then Marco got in after. You'd think going through the dessert, nothing there is interesting except sand, but with the blue-purple-green sky meeting the sand on the horizon, the patterns, the way the sun shined down on them, it would be an insult to try to paint them and thats why Marco took so many pictures that he had to replace the memory chip so he could take more. "Calm it down with the pictures back there!" Eli shouted from the passenger seat. He refused to sit in the back with Ra. "Sorry. I'm just so excited and the scenery is so pretty!" Marco said as he snapped one last picture. "My cousin Rami, you have same thoughts. He ask me to take him to big city, I tell him, what about home? But he say, I want picture to send to my American friend. He always take picture. You make me smile, both of you. Why your friend here grumpy all time, I never know." Marco chuckled. "He's just having a bad day but he'll feel better." Eli rolled his eyes.

"We're here." Ra was the first one out as he jumped over Marco as soon as the door opened. "Wait for me!" By the time he caught up with the crazy dog, they lay tired in the sand when a shadow formed of him. "Hello little boy, I'm Manda, these are my brothers, Marcus and Gregory." Ra growled at the woman while Marco held him back. "I don't know what's gotten into him, he's really friendly. By the way, my names Marco, Marco Wright." he said as he shook the woman's hand. "Marco, come on!" Eli yelled. "Um, thats- that's Eli, it was nice meeting you." Marco then returned back to the truck. "Are you ready?" self pat down. "Ready!" Ra and the guide led the way into the pyramid. Everything down there, Marco snapped a picture of. "They say that the city wasn't destroyed but was transported to an era of Egypt to where the Gods live. They love the city so much that they took it with them when they died." Shamu said. He read the hyrogliphics and explained some of the archways of the Pyramid. They soon came to a wall that held a giant picture of the pharoh with a hawk on his shoulder. "His name was King Mu..." Marco said out of no where. "Uh, exactly. How did you know?" Shamu asked surprised. Eli on the other hand, was searching the ground for gold or any type of treasure. "I didn't. I read the hyrogliphics." Marco answered simply. "How were you able to read?" When Marco tried to answer, it didn't come out in english but in a strange language that Shamu said was lost and forgotten in the city of The Gods. Then, the charm around his neck began to react to the picture, dragging him closer to it. Ra sat and watched what happened with curiosity. Marco was scared to death. He tried to take off the necklace but it wouldn't come off. "Eli, help!" he cried, but it again came out in a language he didn't understand. As soon as it came in contact with the wall, a bright light washed upon them.

"Ra?" Marco called as he sat up. He was lying in a bed that was very soft. Curtains were drawn around it but they were see-through. The whole room was lit by candles that were in every roof corner of the room. "Ra?" he called again. The dog soon appeared and jumped up on the bed. He was surprised that the dog could understand the weird language he was still speaking. "I was getting worried... Where are we? And where did you get this?" he asked as he felt the silky gold collar around Ra's neck. Ra barked then jumped off the bed. Marco also got off the bed and followed Ra. The dog led him outside where Shamu, Eli, Manda, and her brothers were watching people dance. Shamu saw him first. "My friend, you are awake! Come, come join. The dancers, they are beautiful no?" Marco nodded. "Sit. Enjoy show." Shamu said as he sat Marco down. "Where are we?" he asked. Another person he never met translated. "He is asking where we are. We are in the Pharohs hall in the city of The Gods." he said. Everybody looked up as the music stopped and the dancers sat. "I present to you, the chosen of the Gods, King Mu!" There was dead silence as the Pharoh entered and took up his spot on the throne. "Thank you. I understand that we have visitors." he said in a deep voice. The translater translated for everyone else since they couldn't understand the language. "I request that the one who speaks our language, speak the names of you and your party." There was something about that voice that sent shudders down Marco's spine as he stood up. "My name is Marco Wright. This is my dog Ra, my Boyfriend Eli Huff, our guide Shamu, Manda, and her brothers Marcus and Gregory." The Pharoh nodded. "A boy your age must be terrified." he said. "I'm 22." Marco stated in a shaky voice. He couldn't look the Pharoh in his eyes. "My apologies. Please enjoy the rest of the evening." The music started up again and food was brought out.

"The Pharoh seems to have taking a liking to you all. Please, stay as long as you wish." the translator said. The high priest appeared and whispered to the translator. They both talked for a while, occasionally looking at Marco. "The Pharoh would like to see you in his chamber. I apologize for my rudeness, I am Akin rei. Please follow me." Marco stood up. "Can Ra come?" Akin nodded. "If you would like." Marco nodded. "Ra! Come." The dog jumped up and happily followed his master. They were led to a brightly lit room. It was way bigger than the room Marco woke up in. Ra barked and ran to the balcony. Akin nodded then closed the door. "Hello?" he called. He followed Ra's path to the balcony and there the Pharoh was, looking over the city. Ra was lying on a big gold pillow asleep. "How do you like my city?" The Pharoh asked. Marco stepped next to him and scanned the city. "It's beautiful!" he exclaimed. "Sometimes I wonder why I was chosen to rule over something so beautiful. Nothing bad really happens, being that I'm a great king but, I feel that theres something wrong, something missing." Marco sighed. "I feel the same sometimes when I'm with Eli. Mu glanced at Marco. "Eli, is he important to you?" he asked. "Well, we're together but sometimes I wonder if he really loves me. I love him alot but I wonder is it worth getting hurt all the time. I know Eli loves me deep down so I stick with him."

"He doesn't seem that nice if he has you feeling like this."

Marco shrugged. "I love him though."

Pharoh shook his head. "I will never understand your love." he said as he continued to look over the city.

I love Marco, well, I hope you enjoy it.